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Kidbay's Memories
« on: April 16, 2024, 02:15:52 pm »
Kidbay's Memories

Okay, so I'm gonna get to posting some old and new pictures from my days of FH!
Some of these pictures may jog memories for older players, anyone who knew me or just simply give you something enjoyable to look at :D

A self drawn image of my character Anju. I tried my best.

Recognize our beloved Red, anyone? :)

An old one of my character Ruva in my own map that I was making.

Her brother Ruin, in the same map

Rixa relaxing alone

Alpha Raziir, miss this boi

Amaryllis in one of my maps

Ofirino, my little queen

MurderClaw, one of my first WC OC's <3

My old friends <3 I miss you all

More of my old friends who I miss dearly

I loved this roleplay and these two characters made the perfect couple

I love this picture <3

Why if it isn't Red again <3

My dragon boi

Zennie who had a genetic problem that made him cry blood <3


You starting to see a pattern here? XD

Miss my character Kiko. Kiko and Kanto where such sweeties. Definitely a couple of love birds

Easy to recreate so may have to make him again but, I love him

Anju as an adult :D

Back when I ran with TWGM

Guess who? XD Hi, Red

Anju and his friend Hina c: Not gonna share their username, they know who they are and that's down to them if they want their username sharing, I respect their privacy :3 Much love to you, Hina.

I will add more to this when I have taken more but enjoy, for now :D
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Re: Kidbay's Memories
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2024, 04:31:12 pm »
Woop woop. Cute screenie^^
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