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Request/Find Meshes / Seeking Someone who can convert meshes.
« on: May 07, 2018, 07:57:14 pm »
Simple request (I think?), I have these here meshes that I would LOVE to have in my map. If someone could convert them with texture and all preferably that would be fantastic!

This. This, and please, keep it enterable if possible. This. This~ and, this.

They're links to free .obj downloads of the meshes I would like.

Request/Find Meshes / Custom Item request
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:21:13 pm »
I'm looking for someone to make a rabbit's foot necklace for the large canine model, please. Not a lucky rabbit's foot necklace, but like a hunter that collects the feet of their victims and displays them around their neck. Similar to how this necklace looks: CLICK.
Would be cool if there could be variants like one with bones and/or shells, things like that, and maybe matching bracelets. But what I'm MOST INTERESTED in is getting the necklaces that fit on the LARGE canine model. Thanks c:

Request Maps / Taking Map Requests
« on: March 15, 2018, 03:49:43 am »
So I feel like being creative in my spare time and I kinda dabble in making maps anyway, Nothing super highly detailed, as I've learned many computers just can't handle it, and even with my new graphics are and upgraded RAM (my computer is pretty beefy lol) sometimes I go overboard and even cause IT to lag. THAT ASIDE, I'll take about 1-2 map requests as they take time. Keep in mind that I'm not selling these, but I'm looking for trade perhaps. Maps for Art, something along those lines. If you can't manage art, do not despair, I'll probably still take your request anyway. I've just finished up a rather large map project for a RP group, so I'm open as of now. Fill out the form below and we can discuss things c:

Purpose: Personal, or RP
Size: Small, Large, GIANT [Giant maps will have to be split up into multiple maps as filling overly large maps causes TONS of lag]
Preferred Hightmap/Mask: A Viable link will do, please don't upload fullsize images
Tip?: A "Thank You" is an acceptable tip <3

Code: [Select]
[b]Preferred Hightmap/Mask:[/b]

Miscellaneous Tutorials / How to access dead Sites
« on: March 15, 2018, 03:08:00 am »
Let me start by saying that I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct board, however this purpose of me making this thread is to help users obtain meshes from websites that may no longer exist.

First things first is go go to this website:
This website provides and explanation of what it does on the site, but TL;DR - it will allow you to search for logged pages in internet history.

so for instance if you enter Burnsight's website url, which held many very lovely WOW meshes that are now no longer available due to the website's url no longer being maintained, you can now access the pages that hold those urls/downloads!

Voila!! <3
Hoped this helped some people complete some tiresome searches. c:

In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / Onyx Claw Horde
« on: December 22, 2017, 05:53:55 am »

Onyx Claw Horde is a dedicated, Moderate to Advanced, semi-realistic / realistic, and mapped RPG within the Feral Heart community.
We have our own Religion, plotted stories, and unique, tagged, ranks. Members of this pack dedicate
themselves to their roleplay and inclusivity ; we are loyal and respectful and believe in being nice to those who
join us but do not hesitate to bring down the hammer on those who are disrespectful / disregard rules.

This is not a ONE day, ONE-time thing. Please remember that.

➤ active 1-3 times a week - while it is a requirement to be active, the amount of activity is a recommendation, we do understand and encourage you to put your real life or important priorities ahead of this roleplay
➤ realistic pelt / coat colors only
➤ no horns, wings, weapons, etc. - We do allow items, but please keep them realistic / natural to the characters
➤ being  mature roleplay the recommended age is 16+
➤ join our website - it is the only way to keep up with information and obtain downloads
➤ availability on Discord:
➤ please post at least 2-3 sentences; it's not a heavy requirement

A B O U T  T H E  R P

The Onyx Claw Horde originated with the demise of the current Warchief's old Tribe in which he ascended from warrior-hood into leaderhsip. Hailing from, what could only be described as, the ashlands, Manqoba seeks to rally a mighty force to satiate his lust for power. The male seeks to begin a strong bloodline, however, happily accepts any and all wanderers who are seeking a purpose - the horde will put you to work. This is where you guys come in! Despite being a mature group, we're not all strict roleplayers, this group aims to be friendly and welcoming to all of our members. We'll welcome any and all, that meet our requirements, with open arms.

Manqoba has found faith in the God, Saerin, and while he has his beliefs, he doesn't intend to force that upon his followers, however will still attempt to convert those under his command to follow the beliefs, and tenants of this new religion.

We encourage you to visit our website and read through all the provided information, if you decide that you still like us after having read through what we've provided then feel free to find LycanSIXX in game or apply on our website.

H O W  T O  A P P L Y

➤ If you are in-game and at The Grounds, look for LycanSIXX posting recruitment videos.
➤ If you're interested, please don't be shy and send us a whisper! We'd love to have you!
➤ Our site is hosted by and you are required to register to read full rules/ranks.

➳ Site Completed & Thread Created [12.07.17 - 12.22.17]
➳ Restarted group after Hiatus [03.31.18]
➳ Became Rivaled with the Moon Hunters [04.08.18]
➳ Sybelle, Synnova, Lazarus, Kainaan, Whiskey, and Kardinall joined our ranks [04.09.18]
➳ Arcanus, Val, Chloe, Cusco, and Skia joined our ranks! [04.11.18]

Game Help / Map maker Crashing during exporting.
« on: November 30, 2017, 06:40:06 am »
So.. I ALREADY KNOW what's causing the issue, I'm looking for a solution so that I can get the map exported correctly.

I completed the map for another group, and some objects didn't get exported form the map due to the map crashing during exporting. I believe it's from duplicate particles spawning while the map is exporting. I've tried sitting in the particles folder so that I can delete them as soon as they pop up in hopes that they won't crash the game, but it still happens, and I'm sorta out of ideas.

Can anyone offer some advice?

Game Help / Quick Question about maps
« on: November 27, 2017, 06:05:58 pm »
So I've spent weeks, more like a month or so creating a map for another user, I'm in my final testing, and the map runs fine in any other circumstance, except for when you load into the actual game and enter the map form the cape. Upon initial entrance the game crashes. That's nothing new, that usually happens to me with very full, intensive maps; my issue is upon a reloading of the game and loading into the map once again the game will crash if you move the camera in the direction of the SINGULAR, albeit large, waterfall. I was wondering if there was a reason for this since the same isn't true in map maker. I can swing the camera around all I like and the game merely stutters for about half a second when passing by the waterfall. This is very concerning for me as my computer is decently new and can run games such as Skyrim with little issue. I know not everyone's computer is this strong and it worries me I may not be able to hand off this map to the user who has been patiently waiting for me to finish it all this time. Does anyone have a solution that doesn't include removing the waterfall? The area where it is is a cliff-face made specifically for waterfall placement so it would look silly otherwise.

Game Help / Water Reflection broken
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:21:11 pm »
Could someone explain to me why this happened to my water? I don't have any mods to modify it and I know my water reflection is on, I get a reflection when I'm standing in the water, but it's also partially transparent like this :/

I would like a fix as I'd rather not have to go without the reflection, ascetics, y'know ^.^;


|| New | Unique | 2 factions | Religious | Sited | Mapped | Fantasy ||

Greetings and Salutations! Glad to see you've decided to stop by and learn about my little project. We are a unique, roleplay not centered around either Felines or Canines, but special beast-like creatures named Devourers and Enforcers.

This group began its development back in March of this year, and began reaching the end of it's development phase around the beginning of June. It was developed as a roleplay for the game Feralheart where it will stay until otherwise stated. The founder of this RP is myself, LycanSIXX, who solely developed the concept, information, and backstory for the RP.

Literacy: In terms of how the FeralHeart community has defined the meaning of literate, you could say we are "literate." Of course we do understand that "literate" actually means the ability to read and write. What is expected of our members is a post with the length of at least three complete sentences; no less. I do not care for those who wish to use wolfspeak, though I will ask that you keep it to a minimum as many people to to get confused by how some words are related to what you actually mean.

Activity Requirements: Seeing as this group is absolutely new, I cannot speak doe the activity of it. I, myself, am online each day reliably after 9pm EST, though depending on my work schedule I may be online before then. Once the group gains more traction my hope is to have daily activity from everyone.

Setting: This rolepay is privately mapped in the game Feralheart. Maps were all created by the founder, LycanSIXX, using meshes created by various people, however the heightmaps and masks of the map are their property. I do not give anyone permission to reuse my maps in any way, shape, or form.

Realism: In terms of realism according to how the people Feralheart have defined the term, this group would be considered "Fantasy." The characters of this roleplay are quadrupedal animals, though are able to do things that natural animals are not able to such as crafting, speaking, and wielding weapons and magics. Otherwise we attempt to stick towards realism, such that no characters are allowed wings; flight is not allowed, overly saturated pelt colors are not allowed, and the battle system is regulated to be as fair a possible for all players involved.

Tag Explaination
New| This Roleplay has just started and is seeking new members to begin progressing its plot

Unique| This RP in plot is a fairly basic conflict plot, however each side is fighting for their own God, and the creatures involved in the roleplay are specialized beasts specifically for this RP. The demonic Devouerers that fight for Grimm, and the Holy Enforcers who fight for Yhor.

2 factions| There are two side that Roleplayers may choose from, Devourers and Enforcers. Though for members who are indecisive and wish to choose neither there is a neutral tag, though this is not a faction.

Religious| Though a major source for the conflict the religious side of this RP is not overly prominent. Each faction is fighting for one of two gods - Grimm and Yhor.

Sited| This roleplay has a website used to hold and reference information pertaining to the Roleplay

Mapped| We have a private map that is required to be downloaded in order to participate in the group's IC play

Fantasy| We have elements that are common place in most fantasy styled writings such as magic.

Our Website contains information about the roleplay that MUST be reviewed before you will be allowed to Roleplay witht he group. It is NOT a joinable website, so there is no need for registration; just look over all the information that has been provided.

Our Discord is the main communications hub for this group; it is how I, LycanSIXX, will communicate with everyone. The link is provided on the website, HOWEVER, anyone RANDOMLY joining the discord without having spoken to me IN-GAME or through PM beforehand will be immediately removed; not banned, removed until they have been cleared for joining.

LycanSIXX AKA ChaosKitty (Discord)

Global Mods:


Grimm's Orders was created 3/25/17 and is/should be credited to LycanSIXX.

Game Help / Preset help?
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:36:54 pm »
Wasn't exactly sure where to post this, so, mods if this isn't in the correct board, I understand if you move this.

Anywho, I am making a preset, and I was wondering if anyone understood how the coloration of leg tufts was selected from the presets coloration. The legs are Black and grey, and I want the leg tufts to be grey. Though they are taking on the black coloration. The grey coloring is at the back of the leg where the tufts would be, but the leg tufts are black. I can post a screenshot if that's needed. I greatly appreciate the help c:

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