Author Topic: Tearless's Mods - NEW: Stylized Texture Overhaul  (Read 48450 times)

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Re: Tearless's Mods - NEW: Stylized Texture Overhaul
« Reply #90 on: July 09, 2022, 01:24:50 am »
i soooo wanna use the tearless texture for the felines, BUT everytime i put ONLY the feline one in it always jumps over to canine and i want the canine texture that i have, do you know why it does that? :/ i love the feline tearless texture but i cant use it :(

Hey, been a while, but I happened to drop in today for the first time in however many years and I can actually help with this so.

If the game files still work the same way they did back when I was involved around here, the vanilla canine and feline models use the same body texture, so that's why it does that. what I'd recommend if you want to use the vanilla texture for canines is actually to download my canine retexture, then replace the texture files with the vanilla ones (you'll have to rename the body texture to the name I gave mine, because I did some minor coding to get the canine model to use its own separate texture).