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Screenshots / Love me ;w;
« on: June 13, 2016, 04:23:20 am »

Going through my recent screenshots that I had when exploring the new maps for the first time, and this is what I end up getting. xD
Not sure why its so small, I saved it big...oh well XD just left click in a new tab if you must.

Screenshots / Ever wonder whats going on inside their mind?
« on: May 19, 2016, 07:44:25 am »

So one of thos rare moments I get on to see whats be shakeing on the game and see someone familiar. XD Took a pic with them to show my amazing ninja skills in da ways of the sneaking. Also you said you couldn't see Bakus preset, here it is.

Art Gallery / Would anyone be interested in a Art Tutorial Thread?
« on: April 26, 2016, 07:09:09 pm »

Ok so since I am very very close to graduating with my BFA in Graphic Design and minor in marketing, I was wondering if people would like a thread that helps self taught artist unique techniques and skills to make their own art. Since I get asked alot from my DA and on here how I illustrate I would love to at least give you the tutorial or basic layout on how I personally do it.

So feedback? Would you like this or does this seem unnecessary? its ok to be honest, no feelings would be hurt.

Art Gallery / Art Question that I noticed
« on: April 25, 2016, 06:43:45 am »
K so it wasn't till recently I came back on here and did my own thang on the forums again when I noticed some of my friends and others have like these icon avatars.

They are very beautifully illustrated so don't get me wrong to the artist who made em so not taking wrongly when I ask, are their necks cut off?..did i miss the mass murder era of FH..AGAIN!!?
I mean if anything nothing that alittle tape cant fix right? :D Sorry as a artist I look at the details of things but what are your guys thoughts? is it just me?

Leaving / A Proper Tangerine Goodbye from Feareh
« on: November 29, 2014, 01:58:07 am »
Message from Feareh

I want to apologize in advance that I had left without even telling you guys good-bye. :C But I come to you all with my tangerine love with a good bye/update thread.

   Over the years I have gotten older, and with that I had gotten more responsibilities to come along with it. At the moment I am a Junior about to be a Senior by this semester at University of the Incarnate Word. A very challenging University that demands so much of my attention. Almost done with my schooling in Graphic Design and minoring in Marketing, I am almost ready for the "real world" so to say. But coming to the realization of almost being done with school I had a time to reflect.

   I have been in FH for a very long time, then became more active over the years on forums and so on. And during my time in Feral Heart, I have to say that it was the best place in the world that I would have even been in. I've had my heart crushed, and also I had my heart overfilled with love from the people within this There were times where I would just get on game and cant wait for my friends to come on and just hang out and be goofy. I still even have screenshots of when I first played on this game the things I would do. Yes, back then I was young and stupid and got banned once for cursing but that is water under a bridge already and learned from my mistakes. There was also a time when I was fearful of staff, I laugh at it now cause the staff here are just as down to earth as me once you get the time to know them. I look back at all the screenshots ive kept that was FH related and just semi-cried from all the wonderful people that ive met. Honestly Feral Heart made me a better person, it made me see the value of alot of friendships that I still strongly have today with some people. If it wasn't for Feral Heart I would never have met people like Lord, Whitey, Del, Raz, Alpha, Shally, the people of TEC (Blu, Elo, Sky, BB, Shame and more)and many many more that will at least take half this entire thread xD. Again there are alot of people that I have met in this game that im very blessed to have ever shared my life with and I thank you my friends for making me a better person, and to just enjoy your company. Please fell free to contact me on Skype at anytime with anything. Like Shally, if you are doing music for here please send me the LS link and ill always listen to it. Again I would say so much stuff like Alpha being my Robin and me being her Batman, or When Ruby and I had a Hufflepuff vs Slytherin battle. Whitey and her Trumpet fetish and me being the crazy triangle person in her band. Shally and her huge coconuts -eyebrow wiggles) and Raz always sending me hilarious videos that just puts a smile on my face.Buffy and her making me jelly artwork xD. For all my friends in general, who showed me love and always just been there for me for laughs or to cheer me up, I tell you all now..Thank you for the time you all have given me, and hopefully you will still keep in contact with me and don't forget me, cause I will never forget each and every one of you guys.

Little section for Lord:

   My Sister from another mister Lord Suragaha, I love you so so much with all my heart and bootay soul. I pray for your health and happiness with your crazy hubby alot. Im saying this now cause I know you don't hear or see me much in Feral Heart anymore or random skype chats that Del makes,  but its true. Even though I haven't been on game to hang out with you or talk on skype as much, you hold a special place in my heart as a good, down to earth gal that I am bless to have in my life. Don't change for no one girl ;D
   Even when we both were on minecraft alone and we were making that "adult" spongebob sculpture and just laughed and laughed in skype call that will always be memorable to me, just thos little tiny derpy moments together made a sad day turn better. One day I hope to see you in person and we can just derp in NY or if you come to Texas I can show you all the hot spots. Or when you finally get married have me on facetime in a dress next to you XD (if i can afford to fly). Thank you for being part of my derpy life and sharing me your life as well. I got your back on anything girl and if you ever need a person to talk to when you are feeling down let me know. I hope we will still be in contact from here on out and still at least say hey once in a while on skype. Don't forget me hun, cause I will never forget you.

Work / Big Breaks for me
I've had alot of work this year, and its been amazing. Designing logos, branding looks, and making websites have been the highlight of my work or artwork over the years. For thos of you who fallow on my DA its always empty with no recent art. Well its because my focus has been on my school art that has been entered in competitions and won a few awards from them(in some cases some money). Recently this year I have been assigned to make a interface for a game, which is the biggest thing for me. Designing the health bars, interfaces, character illustration and anything graphic that will be presented. As a small group I am in, I have been appointed to lead designer for this game called "Rabbit Season" and helping others in my graphic team in how this interface should look like. I will show you some old versions of the game but not all of it since I do not have permission to post all special features of the game.

Start Screen:

New Game:

Character: Main Hero

Also along with the game interface itself, I have also been appointed to design the website as well. It's still in development ovcorse, but so far this is what I have of it.


So as a closing, Again I want to say thank you for everyone here and thank you for giving me the opportunity to at least help around this forums and or game when you ever asked me to do so. And trusting me well enough to even be considered a person to go to when you need help in presets or anything such as that. As I might not have been staff, you don't have to be staff to at least make a difference in Feral Heart. For people on the opposite side of the "staff are not friends" pool, keep this in mind that we are all human beings. We make mistakes, and learn from them. We are not all perfect people, even though we would like to think so. So think twice when sending that "hate" letter to a staffer or posting slander on other websites about them, cause this job in general isn't easy. Especially when they aren't getting paid for it they try there best to cater to you guys with there holiday parties, and just being that person you can go to when something is wrong. Cause if you've seen what i've seen on other games, the mods or staff in other games with paid service never show up, never help, and if they do help will respond in like 2 months. So be thankful Feral Heart has people who will do what it takes to make this place better.

I may not show myself in game as much, but I will frequently keep a eye on this forum for parties or get together events that might occur, news and such. There might be times I will have enough time to pop in game and see how things are too so this isn't the last you have seen of Feareh / Baku in game. Might be a few months, but I will pop in from time to time. Its been a honor serving this place, honor being in MOTS, and a blessing to have ever had you.

Take Care guys, and Thank you for the memories~

-With Love, Feareh

Contact info:
Skype: Youshallfearme1 (let me know who you are if you don't have my skype)

Memory Screenshots:


All the artwork I will love and forever charish:

Forum Discussion / Star Happy on Forums
« on: October 13, 2014, 09:25:31 pm »

..Just in case you missed it...these people are staff xD. I mean...they are the only ones with Blue or Brownish stars compared to regular members, but i just wanna poke fun at this many stars.

Like I get the color revamping and its cool, i love it. But really, why add more stars?
Is the additional stars a need? or like...was there something of "i don't like having three stars"
When looking at post, i do think the excessive amount of stars isn't a need. Like at least reduce everything by 1 so it doesn't interfere with post threads.
This was just a wonder why this happened? not to like hurt anyone feeling or anything.

NOTE: Misplaced this in Game discussion, can someone move it to Forum discussions please. ty

Introduction / I am kinda backish
« on: August 28, 2014, 08:28:22 pm »
Hey guys,
So i finally got FH back on my laptop so ill be coming on a little more often.
Don't want to bombard you all where ive been or what i've been doing recently, but ill be back in game on some days
(be patient with me, I am back in school)

I  missed you all and want to get back in touch with you, you guys were always in my thoughts, don't think I ever forgot about you guys <333333

Screenshots / Feareh's Snapshot Album (2013-2014)
« on: June 13, 2014, 06:00:56 am »
Time to refresh with a new years of screenshots from

End of Screenshots
Hopefully next time i get more people in here soon xD

Introduction / Guess who's back
« on: May 05, 2014, 05:51:56 am »
Yes I am returning to the land of Feral Heart once again :D
Let it be known I have never forgot about ya'll and I always thought of ya'll.
With school almost over in about a week, I so cant wait to catch up with you all hopefully on skype or on game.
But right now to my friends I would like to say

Lord and Whitey: I missed ya both and I never forgot about ya'll. I say ya both cause im frequently in the same group chat with you guys and Del. I've never forgot about ya'll and I always pray for you and your health Lord <333 I even often draw Lord and Whitey(and other friends :D) in my sketch (fursona's I mean...draw like one of your french girls B) j/k) but anyways xD I love ya both and cant wait to see ya again <333 hopefully yall feel the same too. Remember Lord, ill always support ya nd be with ya if you ever need me :D. My Sista from another mista.

Genny and Ves: I want to personally congratulate ya'll on your ranking to staff (and almost ranking -eyebrow wiggles to Ves) you guys are so funny and I wish you two the best. I know yall both will do wonders for this place.

Buffy: I know I was late in my "Baby Feareh" entry and I am sorry ;A;. Please forgive me.
I've had clients and work to tend to and it was almost done, but my work needed to be finished. And look to show ya that im not just saying it, ill post le draft of it so far.

see, I have been working on it. So again I do apologize Buffy ;A; please don't be mad.

To my TEC group: I am Alive and well xD. Still kicking and biting as usual. I will be returning to my alpha duties along with my other appointed alpha Inked <3333 im sure hes been looking after you guys the best he can.

Del:.....Ostrich fight....that is all..Remember, football gear when handling dem horses.

And for the rest of my friends: I am sorry for my lack of responding through Skype and on here. (especially Raz, im sorry ;A;. always calling when im in class) I will leave my Skype on all the time so if ya'll wanna chat or derp around let me know. Also, just something I do want to put out there. As a none secret as it might be. Another reason I have been gone is cause of another fascination with another game called Mabinogi.
Yes its true I have a mild to over the top obsession over it. As I always do when i'm introduced to new games.

(both are me)
Also, I have invested money in this game as legit money. So it makes sense to play it a lot more.

So anyways, I have returned. And I hope to catch up with all of you guys soon.
P.S: Art page will be updated with classroom work and web pages design.


Game Help / Anyone have Original Texture Files?
« on: March 25, 2014, 05:59:53 pm »
So like the title says, Im looking for the original fur texture since i replaced mine with Tearless amazing texture. Mind if someone send me a link or so to the original feline and canine furs.
Thank you <333333333

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