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Re: ask forks!
« Reply #10 on: May 26, 2021, 11:45:01 pm »
Favorite animal?

What is your favorite music genre?

Favorite song right now?

Favorite movie?

Favorite place you’ve ever been?

1. whales! and bats :)
2. it's hard to say - i'll listen to just about anything! but probably indie rock, alternative rock, things of that nature
3. africa by toto is my all time favorite song, but right now i'm digging mitski's music
4. dead poets society, the truth about emanuel, jurassic park, the moulin rouge, holes... can't choose just one!
5. probably universal studios in florida! i love me some roller coasters

do you know how to operate any atvs/utvs/snowmobiles or watercrafts?
absolutely not and i think the world is safer that way - i can hardly steer on mario kart. me and my camri get along just fine though ;)

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