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Heir Of Thrones
« on: July 12, 2021, 05:28:35 pm »
Heir Of Thrones! A 2 clan Viking Roleplay. 2 clans at war.

Game Active
Mapless(for now)

Long ago there were two Jarls. One Jarl was fair and kind, he wanted only for his clan to thrive and live equally within the land. He only raided when is was necessary and never let his hunters over hunt. He wanted peace with all the other clans in the land. In the beginning there were 4 clans. All of them lived peacefully with each other, except one. The Ulver Clan. The Jarl of that clan was nasty and mean. He wanted power and to be above all the clans. He raided non-stop, always stealing. He over took 2 of the clans, killing there members and taking their young. Some members managed to run off, but were never seen again. However they could not overpower the Ravn Clan. It was said that they had the strength of Odin on their side and were always able to defeat Ulver wolves. Years later both clans have new Jarls, the sons of the previous. They are still at war and the Ravn Clan hold there ground. Baldur the Jarl of the Ravn Clan fights to restore the land and bring back 4 clans once more, while (Jarl name here) fights to keep the land a savage place and rule it all. Will the clans ever find peace with one another or will they be at war forever?

Ravn Clan Raven Clan
The Ravn Clan is kind and brave. They fight with the strength of Odin and live in a lush valley. They fight for peace and want to reunite the land. The wolves in this clan are often hard working and kind, they pray to the gods and are usually close to the spirits. They are respectful to nature and are sworn to never over hunt or raid unnecessary. They want to find lost members of the other clans and bring all four of them back.

Ulver Clan Wolf Clan
The Ulver Clan is mean and sneaky. They live in a dead forest and often have to hunt for fish or go to the far valley to hunt. They are fighting to control the land. They follow the god Fenrir. The wolves that reside here are often rude and do not respect nature, they can be found hunting for sport at times. Patrols from the Ravn Clan often find them hunting inside Ravn territory. There are said to be wolves from the other clans that were destroyed, too afraid to leave and seek Baldur's help.

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