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Lupus Paradisum - Discord Based | Semi Lit | New
« on: June 11, 2022, 09:14:14 pm »
Hey! I've just rebooted an old roleplaying server and done some updates on it and I am recruiting! If you wish to join the link is here: and I will leave you with some Lore and a bit of additional info! Hope to see you on the server!!!!!!

Lore ~
Several pup gathered at the paws a an elderly female wolf who had greyish fur and beautiful silver eyes. She sat looking down at them as one of the pups, a small brown hued male jumped up and down "Tell us how Astaria was made again!" He barked. The female gave a soft laugh as she sighed and sprawled out besides them "Very well but then it's bedtime for you little ones."

Her head slowly raised to the sky "Millions of years ago, Astaria was just a burning star in the sky, until the goddess Vamira discovered it. Vamira was looking for a gift for her partner, the goddess Hythia. Though it was small it was beautiful and she knew Hythia could make something of it, and so she did. Hythia was mesmorised by the little star and decided to give it life and so the star grew into a planet." She paused and looked back at the pups "Of course the planet was just dust and grains of sand to start with so she decided to add more things. So came the lush forests, the serene waterfalls and much more. However the planet was lacking something. She tilted her head, confused as to why it still felt empty. That was when she added the animals to the world. Rabbits would race across the meadows, dolphins would bathe in the sea, cats would prowl the savannah and wolves would rule the forests." She gave a warm grin and the looked aside "However, as of recent years it had been said that gods and goddess, angels and demons all exist, yet ..... nobody can prove it."
The pup jumped up at the elder and barked excitedly "Well I'm gonna find the proof and show everyone!"
The elder laughed "Ahaha, I'm sure you will, Behemoth. I'm sure you will. Now go on and get to sleep before I decide to eat that tail of yours!" She teased

Packs ~
1) Morkai Alliance:
Pronounced More-kye Alliance. This pack is a very chilled and relaxed pack and they tend to stay away from drama and fights where ever they can unless it is one hundred percent unavoidable. The Morkai Alliance are descendants of the great Dire wolf and have been known to be physically and mentally very strong. Their belief in the gods is a very firm one much like it is for angels and demons. The Morkai family founded the pack and Behemoth is currently the last member or the originally founding family. He has decided to find out if what they believe in is real or not. They have an alliance with Varden Claw Tribal pack which began when his father was Alpha and they dislike the Insidion Pack though they do not have any true enemies.

2) Riveria Howlers:
Pronounced Riv-air-ia Howlers. This pack is the pack to watch for. Unbeknownst to the other packs they are the sneaky and traitorous ones with the odd psychotic wolf who would probably kill you just by looking at you if they had the chance. This pack was founded by a timber wolf called Zeeta Khioli. She had killed her old pack before she started a new pack filled with ruffians. This pack does not believe in angels, demon, god/godesses and they have been secretly plotting against the other three packs the whole time. Lets see if they have the guts to actually attack?
Dr3ddedNightmare — Today at 19:11
3) Varden Claw Tribal Pack:
Pronounced Var-den Claw Pack. This pack was founded by a fox called Pippa, oddly enough. With that being said they are the peace keepers of the world and will avoid all drama and conflict full stop. They will even turn tail and run if things get too stressful. In a sense, they are cowards. With that, however comes their love for nature and their firm belief that nature is the true god/goddess. They only have one god and that is Chormata, the god of the entire world and nature.

4) Insidion Pack:
Pronounced In-sid-ion Pack. This pack is as you guessed, the bad pack of the world or at least they may come aross that way as they are filled with tricksters and pranksters to say the least. This pack was founded by a dire wolf called Zokir Mehatu who left Morkai Alliance after causing a little bit too much chaos for the pack.Though they may be tricksters and pranksters, the truth is they are just misunderstood, call them the misfits of the wolf world if you please. They are a mix of believers and non believers when it comes to gods/goddesses and angels and demons, perhaps there may even be an angel/demon/god/goddess amongst them?

Plot ~ Behemoth, who is the leader of Morkai Alliance is seeking to prove the exitance of angels, demons, gods/goddesses. One day he finds evidence that confirms his and his packs beliefs and they keep it a secret, however someone in the pack betrays the pack and lets every other pack know. Now it's a hunt to find the creature the evidence is from, it could even throw the four packs into war! Will the creatures they so desperately believe in, surface. And if so, will they stop the war?

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