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Member Bio & Journals / *Random Bio Appears*
« on: May 16, 2023, 01:57:13 pm »
Hello everyone of FeralHeart! I'm Lilystorm, but you may call me Lily or Azura! Either doesn't matter!

I am an oldie, at the age of 27, my pronouns are she/here or they them. I've been playing FeralHeart since 2014 and was very active from 2016 to about 2020 before becoming spotty for a couple years, and now I'm trying to be more active again and hoping to see this game take off! I've also gone through many usernames, but my most well known was probably ArcticGalaxy, although I no longer go by that name anymore, and was mainly known as Azura for many many years before kinda stepping back from the name.

In real life I'm your typical nerd that is obsessed with everything plants and enjoy my time off from work planting flowers at home and just basically staring at them or going down to my creek I have in my yard with my dog Willow and enjoying nature like the hippie I am! I also happen to work in the garden center at a popular home improvement store in the states and boy, it is the literal BEST job I could ask for.

When I'm not working or gardening or lazing about in the woods, you can catch me reading Warriors or on the computer. I have a pretty calm laid back life anymore. Maybe it's cause I'm just getting old? Who knows. I used to be a pretty cringy young adult but y'know, we've all done weird stuff in our past!

I also have 4 furbabies. 3 cats and a dog who are all spoiled rotten. I also have a fiance who is a huge goofball but I love him to death. He asks why I still play an animal game when there are so many other games and to that I just tell him that I can't get away from it.

Anyway that's...basically it about me? If you wanna know more you can always ask me! ^^

Request Other Mods/Creations / Seeking WolfWorms's fur and eye textures!
« on: February 15, 2023, 02:56:17 am »
Really wanting to find the textures again and the sad thing is, WolfWorms is no longer on FH and all the links to their textures no longer works, so I'm hoping someone still has them and could maybe send me the files over? THanks in advance!

Introduction / Goodness me it's been a hot minute <3
« on: October 07, 2021, 02:05:09 pm »
Well hello there! It's been quite awhile hasn't it? I've been around FeralHeart for about 7 years now, taken lots of breaks but always manage to find my way back!

Seems a lot has changed since I've been gone, but really looking forward to getting back into the game with you all! <3

Forum Discussion / It's time to stop
« on: July 22, 2020, 02:18:55 am »

Alright, now that I've put a smile on everyone's faces, it's time to get down to business. Not to defeat the Huns (is that how you spell it? God I dunno, I should have listened in history better.) but to defeat what has befallen our beloved games.

I've seen what's been going on the last few days. And it's awful. It's sad. I'm watching everything I love crumble before me. But guys, it doesn't have to be that way.

No. I'm not saying "Well, don't play FH if you can't handle it! Just go to FHU!" because no, that is not going to solve the problem. I agree with many of the people that have been posting. I have for years. I used to be someone, if any of you even still remember, that would speak out against the staff myself. I did it in the worst way possible, but I've learned from my mistakes.

Do I agree with the horrible things being flung at the staff in the surveys by rouges that just want to troll. Not. At. All. The people doing that are disgusting human beings and should be ashamed of themselves and never be allowed on FH or FHU if they could ever be found. However, I do not agree with how things have been handled by staff. Things should have been different.

xSpirit's post should not have been removed. It is true what Ressy did say, how people could have come to seek help and have been led astray, but, that person also could have the option to message someone for help too. TO be guided, not fixed or anything of the sort, I'm not saying that. FeralHeart members and staff are not trained therapists and shouldn't be held up to that level. But we CAN send people to help. With the help of the thread or ourselves in general. Having it removed was a very bad decision and was a bad blow.

Sura should not have...what do they call it....soft doxxed? Birdie and Applecider. Whether they were the same person or not, Applecider asked a very simple question. THe answer could have easily been to guide them to the help they sought. Instead they were called out, accused of someone possibly different entirely, and publicly humiliated. That was blow #2.

Sura also shouldn't have banned countless people. Some of the bans were probably justified but I'm not talking about them. THe people who just pretty well existed were flung off at a high rate of speed into the edges of the cosmos. Which wasn't right either. I totally understand the strain Sura is under, but as many people have said, a moderator HAS to have a strong head on their shoulders, not just start handing out bans when things seem rough. This is not hate being flung at Sura. I am genuinely concerned for them. I want nothing bad to happen to her. Despite our differences, despite sometimes getting frustrated, I love her as a friend and I want no harm to come to her. But I want her to do the right thing. I hate seeing this flung at her.

The FHU staff. While some were civil about this, some really didn't help. Rather they fueled the flames. They poked the cornered bear. And that's not right either. They are staff for FHU. What happens over here does not concern them anymore. You guys have much better things to do now. So much more to work with. So much responsibilities now, rather than coming over here and throwing yourselves into the fray. Did some deserve the bans they got just for being here? No. But they shouldn't have done what they did.

Guys, I am not at all saying we should ignore the problems with FH and its staff. I want things to change just as much. I don't have the power to do much, even as MOTS, but I sure as hell will try my best. That is why I am adding my words to yours. But the biggest thing? We ALL need to remember where we came from. We all came from one place, FeralHeart. Without FeralHeart, there would be no FeralHeart Unleashed. Give credit where it is due. Yes, maybe the time is coming to move on to bigger better things but...isn't there a chance that people can love and enjoy both? FeralHeart for nostalgic purposes, and FeralHeart Unleashed for when things are a bit too slow here?

Razmirz and xSpirit are admins of two wonderful games. BOTH games are equally as good. Yes, there are problems but what games DON'T have these problems? If people want to play FH, fine. If people want to play FHU, fine. If people want to play both, fine. If people want to play none, fine. Nobody from either side should condemn anyone from playing either just because of where they came from.

Because remember guys. Remember this please. Without this game...there could be no FHU. Without this game, you wouldn't have met the friends you have today. Without this game, you wouldn't have a place to go relax and chat. Without this game, you wouldn't be guided to the help you needed.

We. Come. From. The. Same. Place. We are in this together, despite our differences. We can make the difference. Everyone can.

Peace between both games must come. There has to be an agreement. Please. All of this really what we want? No. It's not. Most people I see genuinely want what is best for FeralHeart. Let us speak. Let us have a voice too.

Praise / Just wanting to thank...
« on: June 24, 2020, 05:14:48 am »
And probably others I forgot

I went through a rough time tonight and every single one of you helped me. I love you all so much for it, and you are all wonderful people. <3


While this is happening on the 8th of July, this event is for everyone in the community to represent their country and be proud of it! It’ll be a day of events, music, and general fun! This event will be hosted in the large space of Seaside Grove

Date and Time: 4PM Central, July 8th, 2020 (Time Zone Map)


Best Dressed - create a character based on your country’s flag to enter a contest to win some free art! [Spicy Art]
Truth or Dare - this will be clean and will consist of wholesome truths and dares!
Hide n’ Seek - while this may be a small map, there are still places to hide and make this game interesting! Either be the last standing or find everyone to win some free art! [Spicy Art]
Freeze Tag - one member will be it and will run around the map to tag other players. If your character gets bumped, you have to remain in that spot until another member comes to unfreeze you!

Music will be hosted by the Unofficial FeralHeart Radio stream - since this stream won’t be put on YouTube, we will be taking music requests of any music!
Disclaimer: Songs with explicit lyrics may be played.


Pack of Eventide
The Pack of Eventide is a game-based wolf pack roleplay that strives to bring the fun back to the community. They will have a heavy presence on this event and can be joined at this event.

Feral Heart Unofficial Radio
The Unofficial FeralHeart Radio will be hosting music and taking song requests the day of the event. The music will be hosted on Twitch.

We all know most of our current events, Movie Nights, Parties a few times a year, etc etc, but what do you, as the community, wish to see take place event wise? This post will give you all the chance to write what YOU think would be good events for the game!

What event(s) would you like to see and why?:
Has this event been done on FeralHeart before, or do you know any old events that should make a comeback?:
What could we do to spice up current events?:
Should we have more forum specific events?:

Screenshots / Lark's Screens [6/15/20]
« on: May 30, 2020, 04:49:22 am »
Decided to start doing some screenies again! Here you'll see all the adventures Lark gets up to in her travels and with friends!

I died....

Now everyone is eating/licking me

And of course...we made a pizza FeralHeart style! But something tells me it would be kinda gross....

That's all for now! Check back regularly for updates!

~~Past Screens~~


Hanging out with Faewyn!

Game Help / Marshmallow tufts [FIXED]
« on: May 25, 2020, 07:20:05 pm »
So I kinda sorta forgot about the whole tuft thing, and now everyone's tufts are marshmallows, and I can't remember how to fix it, can someone point me in the right direction?

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