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I have merged your two most recent topics together here with this topic as it is in regards to the same issue. We kindly ask that you do not create duplicate threads as it can clutter our help threads and make it more difficult to help you if we are bouncing from one thread to another.

As stated in my personal reply to you, I am aware that one of our staff members has gotten back to you about your account. Once again; in short, as of right now since you are unable to receive a password reset email, there isn't much we can do unless we get our server master involved. Unfortunately he is a very busy person and his time is extremely limited; despite this we still make an effort to escalate issues and inquiries to him, and responses can take awhile due to his own personal situations. Your pleas have not gone unheard and we are still making an effort to aid you in your account recovery. I ask that you please be patient as we try to work this out with you.
Please check your inbox again and very well I will wait but please try to reach the server master for me and hopefully I can get some help in getting back into my old account. I spent a whole 2 hours trying passwords the other day and going back with my memory and nothing worked. Still the same wrong password issue and no email being sent. I am waiting for a reply. Thanks.

Game Help / Not getting sent a reset password link, help needed
« on: November 21, 2023, 03:15:47 am »
Dear feral heart staff,
I posted a while ago about loosing my old account named JessyWolf due to having forgotten my password and I have since been ignored. So I’m making a thread again. I know the username and the email address but the problem is that I do not get sent a reset password link whenever I go on the reset password page and type in my username. I have checked the inbox and the spam folder and nothing and that is the core of my problem now and I need help, I’ve done this multiple times without any luck. It’s been many years and I do not remember the password I used. Please approve the post and hopefully I can get some help because so far I’ve been ignored in messages and in threads.

Game Help / Admins why am I being ignored ? Lost account
« on: November 18, 2023, 08:01:05 pm »
Hello I made a post a while ago about loosing my old account and being unable to request a reset password link because I do not get sent any links on my registered email even though I know the email and my username. I was messaged back with the email that was registered to my old account and told to send back if I need more help and I did but never got a reply back anymore. I still can’t access my old account and still need help. I forgot the password and it is not sending me an email with a reset password link and I can’t do anything. Please someone reply ! My my username was JessyWolf and I am happy to proove the ownership of that account I know everything about it just not the password.

Hi, Jessy!

Your original account fortunately still does exist. I'll PM you with the email for it.

Also welcome back to FH!

I am so happy to hear that but please check your inbox because I am unable to reset my password at all. Its not sending me an email or anything. Details in the inbox and awaiting your reply !

Game Help / I lost my account a long time ago, need help from staff please
« on: November 07, 2023, 09:44:53 pm »
Dear Feral Heart Staff,
I used to have an account on here (this one is new because I couldn't post on the forum otherwise). The username was JessyWolf but I stopped playing for a long time and then when I wanted to get back into it, I was unable to log in due to having forgotten my password. I do not even remember the email address that I made the account with but I remember the username perfectly. I tried the forgot password option but I get taken to the page where it says to check my email but nothing comes on any of my emails not even in the junk/spam folder.
I am asking for help in retrieving my old account because I put a lot of effort and creation into it, and its just really sad to loose it all and start over.
I hope I can get some help, I even remember some of my creation's names.
I suspect that due to inactivity it was deleted but I hope it can be retrieved somehow (it is a very old account) and thank you again in advance.

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