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T H E R E S O R T - Dogs RP
« on: September 17, 2021, 02:29:35 pm »
T H E    R E S O R T

Three years after a global pandemic sent the world in to chaos things slowly started to return to normal; people were heading back to work, able to venture outside as they pleased and things slowly began to fall in to place. Though during the pandemic humans, in desperation for companionship, found such company in the form of mans best friend. Dogs. Returning to normality some no longer has time for their canine counterparts, although some got to lavish in the luxury of a loving family and warm bed, others were tossed out in to the streets or given to the shelter. Wondering what they did wrong.

A group of scientists, know as Treag, set up a private experiment to help them understand the psychology of the human mind, their abilities and further their research. They bought an island thousands of miles from civilisation, replicated the town though kept the islands natural rural environment and wildlife; surveillance, holograms and other technology was introduced to manipulate things to their liking.

How will the dogs fair? Will there soon be an uprising?

Only time will tell.

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