Author Topic: I challenge you to raise a pup/cub/kit character with no powerplaying!  (Read 737 times)

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Think your pup/cub/kit can survive the Feral Lands? I challenge you to raise a pup character to adulthood!

Your pup/cub/kit character will grow by(Use a ruler) 5 centimeters on the size slider each RL day.
Your pup/cub/kit will starve if it doesn't eat for 2 RL days. To eat, walk up to any character that's laying on their SIDE, then pretend your pup/cub/kit is eating.
Your pup/cub/kit can only go without water for 2 RL days.
No powerplaying! If your pup/cub/kit is attacked, your pup/cub/kit is to take the wounds unless your opponent says they missed.

This is what I did back in 2014.
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My presets.

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Re: I challenge you to raise a pup/cub/kit character with no powerplaying!
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This is interesting. I want to attempt this but....I can barely care for my own self