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    Before you ask for help.

    Please consider these Tutorials as they might contain just what you're looking for; Mapping Tutorials, Preset & Marking Tutorials, Modding & Meshing Tutorials, Miscellaneous. You might even find a few problems or questions that have already been answered in the Game & Forum Help boards. Need help finding your way around the FeralHeart v1.15 Maps? Take a look at this detailed Quick Map Finding Guide. However, if you have any further questions, or if you just want private help, you are welcome to send a Private Message. Don't hesitate to drop a Private Message/Inbox my way and greet me, or get to know me a little better.[/color]

    I'm happy to reply to any and all Messages.


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♫ There's no storm we can't outrun, we will always find the sun, leave the past and all its scars, a happy beginning now is ours ♫
I'm happy to reply to any and all Messages.