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Characters / Buffy has been Sold
« on: June 26, 2022, 05:26:30 pm »

Last Month I put my beloved character Buffy up for Auction with a starting bid of £1,000 GBP and I'm happy to finally say that she has been sold.

Buffy was a much loved character of mine and others in the TLK / FeralHeart community for a little over a decade and I finally decided to retire her in 2020 after feeling less connection to her over a 2 year period due to a bad but relieving break-up in 2018. Though I had many fond memories of and with her and made so many wonderful friends online through her, in the end after the time between 2018 and 2020 the bad eventually outweighed the good and I could no longer connect with her like I once could or did for many years prior.

I'm grateful and relieved to announce that Kouvinxx is now the new owner of Buffy, as now I know she hasn't gone into the hands of an absolute stranger but instead someone I am very familiar with.

From 26.06.2022 Kouvinxx now holds ownership of Buffy where she now...

- Has access to all art I could find of her so far.
- Has total permission to modify her appearance to however she desires.
- Has total permission to change her name.

Due to this purchase I must please ask those who address me as Buffy call me Bawfle instead as my attachment and ownership to Buffy is now gone and has been handed over. I also request that if you see her around in FeralHeart that you do not assume she is me as Buffy now belongs to a completely different person and not the Moderator you once knew as I know identity can be very important in FeralHeart. Please accept my post as I feel it is important to keep this around on the Forum somewhere and this board felt like the most suitable place with it being about a character and the board not really having any rules saying I cannot.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice end to your Sunday!

Kind Regards,


Art Gallery / Bawfle's TLK-Style Art
« on: March 22, 2022, 09:22:38 am »
Bawfle's Art Gallery | 2022

Interested in Commissioning?

Please note I only accept commissions through my Discord Server or on DeviantART if I ever advertise openings on there.

Each and every art piece below was commissioned on my Discord Server. I only selected a hand full.

Community Activities Hub / The Zambisi Pride | A Social Discord Server
« on: January 22, 2021, 08:26:05 pm »

What is the Zambisi Pride?

A close-knit social pride for TLK-inspired lion characters. We are primarily a social group, with optional roleplay here and there. Be as role-play active/inactive as you like!

How to Join:

Upon joining the server, you will be contacted by one of our bots with the simple steps on becoming an official Zambisi Pride Member.

You must have a TLK-inspired lion character/OC that fits within our character creation guidelines within the first week of joining our server.

Your character must be approved in the Character Approval channel before being assigned the Pride Member role.

What do you have to offer?

We have our own cool little currency (Beetle Coins) , and a Zambisi Bank!

A pride market!

We have a Hall-of-Fame where you and any badges/medals you earn can be displayed!

Server Boosters get a variety of perks!

2 Character slots per user- and a 3rd one if you become a Server Booster!

Categories dedicated to gaming, art, commissions, social, roleplay, competitions, and events.

Members will offer commission discounts to Zambisi Pride Members only!

Rank name badges for everyone!

Our Server Bots:

Groovy (our music bot)

Arcane (our levelling/perks bot)

Tuwdle (our role and minor moderation bot)

JOIN TODAY! Click Here.

Screenshots / Bawfle's Screenshot Gallery
« on: January 31, 2020, 07:50:39 pm »
A little place to store some memories and aesthetics.


Buffy & Friends
The time Buffy went nude for Tukei

Buffy and Sigyn - An absolute duo

A love-hate relationship

Deu and Buffy, and some peaceful sleeps

Buffy and RavenQrow

Raven and Buffy's butts...

Buffy, BuckCountry, RavenQrow, and Likuu

The beautiful Valar

Likuu, RavenQrow, Valar, and Buffy!

Likuu, Valar, Raven, Fae, Buffy, and a little mystery...

Valar, Malaika (myself), and Esarosa

Valar, Malaika (myself), and Esarosa

Halloween 2019
The year I became Bawflegeuse because it was a trend on TikTok...

Summer Party 2019
Dead and Buffy

The world's worst lifeguard.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

But, we worked as a team and made it to a pool donut in the end!


Ask Me / Ask mama Bawfle
« on: January 31, 2020, 06:18:42 pm »
Haven't done one of these in years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let's get back on the grind! Ask me some questions my dudes.

Forum Discussion / MiT Colours?
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:55:15 pm »
This isn't a majorly important discussion, but it's a discussion nevertheless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I want to get your thoughts on what your personal thoughts are of the 'new' MiT (Moderator in Training) colours that changed from yellow/green to red/orange several Months back.

It's been on my mind for quite some time, but I'm wondering what goes through everyone else's mind when it comes to this as well.

Does it make you uncomfortable (OCD)?

Does it make less sense than it did before?

Does it look nice to you? Does it look bad to you?

What does it do to you?

From what I know from a past conversation with Raz is that the colour got changed because of how similar the MiT (Moderator in Training) colour and MotS (Member of the Season) colour looked compared in contrast to one another. However, from where I stand, I feel like the new change looks much too similar to the Global Mod colour now which, I think is probably worse. (Not to sound dramatic, that's just where I stand when I see this change).

I've taken into account that different monitor screens show different contrasts, hues and what have you, however, I feel if anything the MiT colour could have just been made more yellow in order to not bluntly disrupt the smooth contrast between staff roles? A lot may know this already, but I heavily care about presentation and how it comes across etc... but are you the same? Here's a couple of examples of what I mean:

What it was:

Global Moderator
Moderator in Training
Member of the Season (non-staff)
What it is:

Global Moderator
Moderator in Training
Member of the Season (non-staff)
What it could be:

Global Moderator
Moderator in Training
Member of the Season (non-staff)

I have considered blues, but I honestly think shades such as blues/purples should be left for development teams if they were to ever be created in future. But for now, on this topic alone, what are your thoughts? Should staff revert back to the smooth transition of colours they had before with the more yellow contrast as a replacement for MiT's? Or does it not bother you as much? Be honest! It's okay to be picky xD

Thanks guys! Please keep this friendly!

Praise / Happy New Year, Feral Heart Community
« on: January 01, 2020, 02:43:15 am »

Wishing you peace, love, health, and happiness in 2020.

It's a good year to have a good year.

Kindest wishes,

Sigyn and Bawfle.

Introduction / We're returning
« on: December 30, 2019, 12:17:48 am »

Hey all. I've returned from a fairly recent short-term disappearance. To re-introduce myself, I commonly go by Sigyn, however, I also go by; Sig, Siggy, Siglet (rarely), and Brooklyn. However, I please ask that you only call me Brooklyn if you've been given the OK!

I've been part of Feral Heart since around February 2012. Despite all this game has been through since then, this community still holds a special place in my heart as I'm sure many can relate to.

The reason for my unplanned disappearance is basically because my life became overwhelmingly hectic, as life does sometimes.

I got a new job, new responsibilities, and it took me a while to adapt to these changes. But, now I've settled and managed to get used to how my life runs. I got a new gaming PC about a week ago, so I feel more motivated than I ever was with FH and getting online. The game runs smoothly (I previously ran it on a HP Notebook and it wasn't the greatest, it was picky with the games I ran) and I'm online as often as I was before. The direction in which FH was headed for a while also had me unsure of where I stood/how I felt about things, but regardless, I have the highest hopes for the coming year that things will be better than they were in this one. Now that I have a clear head-space, I realise that I'm ready to come back to the commitments I once had, and the game I really enjoyed being around and on.

I'm glad to be returning alongside Bawfle, who shares my eagerness and passion in becoming active on here once again. See you all around!


I don't really know how to word the reasons as to why I'm returning, really, other than responsibilities settling down and some encouragement from Sigyn who wanted me to return with her.

I left previously because FH was doing really unwell. My opinion of that still stands, despite seeing incredible behind-the-scenes spoilers that a lot of you guys have already seen yourselves which unfortunately may not even come to light anytime soon judging on what I've read but don't take my word for it. In truth, I never really left. Or at least I never really intended to drop off the face of the earth for this... long? I more or less closed a lot of doors within Feral Heart as seen here. However, after a few weeks, my activity dropped completely. Poof. Non-existent. Reason being, over the last 4 Months (in this particular order) I; started a new (part-time) job, started back at college (full-time), my dog of 16 years old unfortunately passed away (euthanasia, chronic renal failure), mental health, and catching up with college work/studying after weeks of mourning my beloved dog.

However, now that things in my life have settled down, some good things have happened such as me recently getting a promotion to shift manager at work (= pay rise yay). Sigyn's mention and encouragement of returning did make me think some and I genuinely do feel quite ready and eager to show my face here again to add a little more enjoyment into my life socialising with all'a yous and possibly opening a lot of the doors that I decided to close once before. Y'know, just to give myself something to do when I'm not doing anything at all in particular.

Anyway. That's that. See you around

Leaving / Closing some doors.
« on: August 31, 2019, 02:51:20 pm »
To clarify, this is not a thread about me leaving Feral Heart completely, because quite frankly I don't think I could ever really leave this game completely. I'm just closing a lot doors to places I'm active in for reasons I do not feel like I can explain without this thread getting deleted on-sight.

Like last time.


I have had the message "Away for a bit, sorting some stuff out" written in my signature for quite some time now, and although I have been dealing with some stuff offline, I have also been going back and forth on what I want to do in terms of my overall activity here on Feral Heart. Mainly what I do and do not want to commit to anymore in terms of this game/forum with all the unsteady and unhealthy long-term changes it has gone through these past 3 years that I no longer feel I can put up with as a regular member in this community.

Whether this be a short-term or long-term thing is unknown to me. It all depends on if things change around here in ways I know will make me want to return to the commitments that I'm leaving. But I feel doubtful about that. Generally I've just been feeling really out of it. Unmotivated. Constantly disappointed. Constantly brought down. There are a number of reasons to why I have been feeling these ways, but like I said previously, I cannot explain these reasons in public without this thread getting deleted on-sight.

To avoid rambling on anymore, I will pretty much be closing all doors to places I was once active in and dedicated to before, and I will only be dedicating my time to places I want to continue commitments with which only include; updating this and this thread as/when necessary, and spending time in-game as/when friends are online, or when I need to dedicate in-game time to a pride I am working on when the time comes.

Sorry to love you and leave you. I just can't and don't want want to waste time this game anymore for reasons I wish I could say without getting grief on.

See you around when I do. Don't be strangers.

Game Suggestions & Ideas / Bawf's Game Ideas/Suggestions
« on: August 02, 2019, 05:54:13 pm »
My Ideas
Ideas that I have that I don't recall have been brought up or brought up enough.

Ideas added: 02/08/2019

Doubling chat character limit
Basically giving people more room to type so they have more space to work with for different reasons listed in the pros.

•   More space to work with when posting advertisements.
•   More space to work with if Moderators need to use godspeak (red text).
•   More space to work with when explaining to/helping users in-game.
•   It will be less restricting in general.
•   This isn't really a lot to ask for.

•   More room for spammers, but that's what moderators are for I s'pose.

Map dots for group members
Just like we have map dots for buddies/friends online, why not do it for group members too?

•   Easier to locate your group members in maps.

•   None to list.

Doubled/tripled group and character bio character limit

•   Group organisations and/or role-plays could use more space in their group bios for providing more information for their group.

•   None to list.

Scars that aren't markings
Having different scar variations that can be added on top of markings would be pretty sweet instead of having to rely on markings to do this.

•   Variation.

•   None to list.

Selecting more than one marking on body parts
As well as being able to alter the colour of each marking. I love variation and I can see some pretty interesting looking characters coming out of this.

•   Variation.
•   Unique characters.
•   Generally fun.

•   May need a whole re-vamp of the character creation.

Ideas added: 04/08/2019

Fur texture options
Fur texture options within the character creator. (Idea submitted by a user who wants to remain anonymous).

•   People can see what other user characters are really supposed to look like in terms of fur texture detail. For example, a domestic cat's fur isn't really the same as a big cat's fur.
•   Again, gives people variation.

•   Tracking inactive users down who have made popular fur textures, asking if they wanted or are okay with having their textures submitting to the game etc. Not impossible but tricky.

In-game item 'glitch'
Possibly to end the 'glitch' people have with items (i.e. users seeing different items on users that aren't their equipped items without needing the same item pack). Or, just generally improving the items side of the game in general if that can't be something that can be fixed. I understand this was more of an issue before the legendary packs but we might as well eliminate the problem.

•   The issue will be gone and people will generally be happy.
•   Users who look majestic will no longer see applejack hats in their friend's screenshots.

•   None to list.

Better syncing
I'm talking about when a character moves, or even spins. Have it better synced like IT did. Maybe even fix this issue:

Sorry not sorry Ringo LOL

•   Better experience.
•   Less awkward.

•   None to list.

Other Ideas
Other ideas that I strongly agree on and would also like to see implemented.

Idea list updated: 04/08/2019

Wing markings
Suggested by EuchadraMelech
•   [Click Here]

•   My thoughts/input

Different eyes
Suggested by Rebel.exe
•   [Click Here]

•   My thoughts/input

Game Improvements
Suggested by Deualicorn
•   [Click Here]

•   My thoughts/input

Game Suggestions & Ideas
Suggested by Obsxura
•   [Click Here]

•   My thoughts/input

New chat/bio features
Suggested by Ellen11v
•   [Click Here]

•   My thoughts/input

There are more threads I'd like to list here but I'd really like to reply to them first before doing so! Please be patient with me!

More ideas on either list will be added over time! I'll post when any modifications regarding them are made!

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