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Renegade Row / Renegade Row Dice System
« on: September 23, 2021, 07:34:40 am »

Here in RR, to make some decisions while roleplaying official spar matches or other chance/skill-based things, we will use a very simple dice system to keep things a little more fair. Members are not required to use the system in normal roleplay, however. Here is a very small demo of how it works:


Let's use a spar for an example.

Terry goes to attack Dustin by attempting to bite him in the neck, and Dustin tries to move out the way to dodge. Both players will roll a die and continue according to whatever number they rolled.
Boiled down, there are five outcomes that can come from a die roll, two outcomes being relatively the same.

[1] Terry rolls a higher number than Dustin:
Terry lands the attack and bites Dustin's neck.

[2] Terry rolls a slightly higher number than Dustin:
Terry still lands the attack but doesn't have as good a grip, so Dustin could easily break away.

[3] Dustin rolls a slightly higher number than Terry:
Dustin manages to get away from Terry, but Dustin still gets bit in the process.

[4] Dustin rolls a higher number than Terry:
Dustin dodges Terry's attack and gets away safely.

[5] Terry and Dustin roll the same number, therefore canceling each other out and nothing happens.

This will be applied to other things such as hunting and persuading other characters/rogues when on guard for them to leave the pack territory as well.

How do I roll the dice?

We have a dice bot in our discord server that we use to roll out these actions.

What if I can't join the discord server, but need to roll?

If you are unable to join our discord server, your roll can be preformed by another member if you so wish. If within the scenario of training, official sparring matches and hunts, etc., these rolls will be preformed by a Lead to avoid any possible tampering and ensure legitimate and fair rolls for yourself.

A group member says I need to roll while RPing with them. Do I have to?

Nope! You are not required to use the dice system whatsoever within normal roleplay. The only moments where it is required is either during training sessions, official spars, and other scenarios that are heavily based on chance.

Renegade Row / Renegade Row Ranks
« on: September 23, 2021, 06:53:15 am »
Renegade Row Ranks

Renegade | Tierless

Members of the group who don’t wish to take on a branching rank, but simply
socialize and role play with everyone around. Rankless, but just as important.


Outsets | Tiers I, II, III

Outsets are members with a newly appointed rank.
Throughout their first three tears, they will learn the basics
of their branch and start their journey to the top.

Their branches and corresponding tags are as follows:


Fighter | Outset


Guard | Outset


Hunter | Outset


Medic | Outset



Minders are kin sitters. This rank is based on
the Medic branch as all Minders must learn the basics
of caring for a patient. Minders are tasked with taking
care of the young and ensuring they are all in good health.


Pathfinders | Tiers IV, V, VI

Pathfinders are more experienced members of the group who have
cemented in which branch they want to carry forward. These members
are better equipped to carry out their duties, and while they
are stronger than their former tier group, they still have much to learn.

Their branches and corresponding tags are as follows:


Fighter | Pathfinder

PF | IV, V, VI

Night Raider: Assassin Path – NR | IV, V, VI

Fighters who have reached tier IV can choose to take
a more direct and brutal approach to fighting. This path
is not only about killing, but taking on a responsibility
to protect. These members will be called upon to take on daring
tasks that may result in ending not another's life, but their very own.

Guard | Pathfinder

PG | IV, V, VI

Hunter | Pathfinder

PH | IV, V, VI

Medic | Pathfinder

PM | IV, V, VI

Legionaries | Tiers VII, VIII, IX

Legionaries are very experienced and dedicated members of their branch.
They have learned just about everything there is to their field and take
their duties seriously. When you see them, you can tell they know their
stuff. However there are more tricks to the trade to learn until they
can consider themselves among the top tier of their branch.

Their branches and corresponding tags are as follows:


Fighter | Legionary


Night Raider | Legionary


Guard | Legionary


Hunter | Legionary


Medic | Legionary


Leathernecks | Tier X

Leathernecks are the top tier members of their branch. These
members know everything there is to know about their work and take it
very seriously. If anything is asked of them, it's as good as done.
You do not want to mess with any one of them.

Their branches and corresponding tags are as follows:


Leatherneck Fighter


Leatherneck Night Raider


Leatherneck Guard


Leatherneck Hunter


Leatherneck Medic


Head Renegades | Advisor, Lieutenant, Second, Lead


The Head Renegades' top advisor. This Renegade resides among the top three Head Renegades, and while they cannot rank up or train any Renegades without permission, they help aid in important decisions for the group.

Advisor: Riki


The Lead’s third in command. Lieutenants follow behind the Second and Lead, aiding them in their duties of the group. Lieutenants are next in line for Second, and take charge when both the Lead and Second are absent.

Lieutenant: N/A


The Lead’s second in command. This Renegade resides at the Lead's side, aiding them in their duties. This Renegade alongside the Lead make sure all things are in proper condition. Seconds will stand in and take charge for the Lead if they are absent. When the time comes for a new Lead, the Second is next in line to take over the responsibility. Exceptions will be made in the case of complications.

Second: Clint


The leader of the Renegades. This individual holds all authority and responsibility over the group; whatever they say, goes. It is their duty to keep things running smoothy and ensure the safety and well being of all Renegades.

Lead: Raynell

Members of the Season / 2021 Autumn MOTS Winners
« on: September 04, 2021, 11:56:03 pm »

The voting as come to a close and the community has decided on which three individuals they believe deserve the Autumn MOTS title.
Without further ado, I am happy to announce that the winners of the Autumn Members of the Season are:

Congratulations to you three! Thank you for all of your thoughtful and kind acts around FeralHeart!
We are excited to work with you and have you on board~

Members of the Season / 2021 Autumn MOTS Voting
« on: August 25, 2021, 07:36:54 pm »

It's time for the community to vote! Which of this season's qualified users do you think deserves the Member of the Season title?
Remember, you can choose up to THREE users out of the qualified!

Choose wisely! Members of the Season should be helpful, dedicated, friendly users who are generally liked by the majority of the community!
The users that come out with the title this Autumn will also be working with the staff team.

The deadline for voting is September 5th!

Good luck to everyone!

User Creations Collection / Ame's Creations
« on: October 15, 2020, 05:41:53 am »
Ello! Here's a collection of some random things that I've made over time. I hope you find any one of them enjoyable! Thanks for stopping by!

Note: If a Google Drive download isn't available, it should be added at a later time.

Maps - Podiums

Public Maps
Private Maps

Presets - Fur Textures

Personal Presets
Community Member Presets
Public Presets
Fur Textures


Public Interfaces
Personal Cursors
Public Cursors
Public Buttons

Potentially More...?


Please do not modify my work. These mods are for FeralHeart use only.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!

Renegade Row / Renegade Row Applications
« on: October 11, 2020, 09:40:27 pm »
Renegade Row Applications

Hello and welcome to our applications thread!
If you are looking to apply to our group, this is the place to do so.

Below is an application template you can fill out and submit here in this thread, or through PMs if you prefer a more private approach.
Before you submit an application though, please be aware of our group rules regarding character limitations and activity.
All of our information is held here in this child board for you to read up on and utilize.

If you have any questions that our threads do not answer, please by all means feel free to shoot me a PM so I can help you out!

If you do not wish to apply here or through PM, you may alternatively:
- Join our discord: Server Link
- Catch us in-game and ask for Raynell or Clint
- Keep your eyes open for our group recruiter under the username Renegade Row

Code: [Select]
-What is your character's name?:

-What species are they?:

-What do they look like? Please provide either a screenshot, reference sheet, or describe what they look like:

-What rank branch are you looking to place them in (Fighter, Guard, Hunter, Medic, Rankless)?:

-1 to 10, how active are you in-game?:

-Why do you want to join Renegade Row?:

-Do you like Spaghetti? (optional):

Renegade Row / Renegade Row Info
« on: October 11, 2020, 11:44:24 am »
Founded: 4/27/2018
Launched: 8/11/2020

Misfits and outcasts far and wide who've found each other on their travels
have banded together to form a group, a family, who stick together through thick and thin, always
having each others backs. Will you tag along and join the ranks of the Renegades?

Renegade Row (RR) is a roleplay/social group focused on promoting in-game activity.
The overall goal for RR is to make a safe haven for people to make friends, relax, and have fun.
While this group’s main focus is in-game activity, be it through social interaction or roleplay,
we will also accept  those who can’t always be active in-game but still wish to join.
We are currently a bundle of 35+ Renegades and we are always accepting new recruits!


Our group utilizes a simple dice system to make some decisions within roleplay.
Before joining, please read more about this system so you can have an understanding of how things will work:


Our current home is located south of Bonfire Islands:

We are very loose with character deign restrictions and we encourage you to get creative with your character, however all we ask is that you try not to use neons, horns, or other similar things. If you have a question about if your character's color, design, or item that’s apart of their design will fit or not, don't be afraid to ask!

Anybody can join, for this is an open group for anyone who wishes to roleplay with us. Your roleplay style doesn't truly matter so long as we can clearly understand what you are doing so we can keep the flow of the roleplay going!

While the group is made up of primarily wolves and lions, we will accept a wide range of other large to medium sized canine and feline animals, however keep in mind that smaller creatures such as foxes, cats, and others that are similarly sized will be unable to take on branches that require a more physical approach such as fighting, defending, and hunting to some degree. However, depending on what you wish to do with your character, we can most certainly try to work something out!

While we have the four branches; Fighter, Guard, Hunter and Medic, we also have an additional base rank that won't throw you into ranking up your character. If you would just like to be apart of the group and roleplay with others without having to follow any branch of skills, then that's completely doable! For our branching members, the choice to rank up your character is entirely up to you. We will not force you to rank up your character and have you go through the motions to maintain a spot here in the group. When you are ready, we'll be here to bring you through the ranks.

Here's a list of our ranks if you are interested!: Renegade Row Ranks

While this is a roleplay group, roleplay doesn't have to be the entire focus. If you'd like, you can just hang out and socialize with everyone.

This group’s main focus is to promote in-game activity. Upon joining, we ask that you remain active as best you can. If you cannot uphold an active status however, don’t worry! As stated above we will also accept those who can’t really be active either. At it’s core RR is a safe haven for people to make friends, relax, and have fun.

While we do have a discord server and some of the group's functions use discord's tools in order to use the dice system mentioned above, we strongly encourage in-game activity as it is our main focus. Most importantly, discord activity does not count as group activity, only in-game activity counts.

Our server is made up primarily of our group members, however you are more than welcome to join the server as a guest to check things out and talk with our members for some time to help decide if you would like to join the group or not.

Server Link

Note: Some aspects of the server are still a work in progress.

This forum will primarily only be used for member's training reports as to not clutter this forum with multiple duplicate threads. The report's primary use is to help the RR staff and it's members keep track of it's their rank progress. It is not mandatory that you register an account on it, if you plan on ranking up your character, you will have to make one.

Forum Linkie
(The forum is still incomplete in some areas!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or slap em down in a comment below. I will be happy to answer!

Alrighty so, I have recently discovered a way to bypass the "allow notifications" when brought to when trying to follow a link to Media fire. This works with all instances of as well, not just while going to Mediafire. You will still need to click the "Skip Ad" button, however after that all you need to do is click one thing and you'll go straight to your desired destination. I've found it to be pretty painless, and I know is a nuisance for all users. So without further adieu, let's get into it.

This tutorial is for both Firefox and Chrome.

Chrome Tutorial

First, click this lil' ol' link here: Linkie and click Add to Chrome;

Then click Add extension.

You can now skip allowing notifications! Woo!


If you are unsure of how it works, I'll run you through how to operate it.

Once you are met with the all too familiar page, wait out the 5 seconds and click Skip Add.

Note: If you are using an Ad Blocker like I do (I use Adblock Plus), it will stop you before the 5 seconds are over and give you this message:

If so, simply just disable your ad blocker, refresh the page and wait until you can click Skip Add.

Now once you are at that terrible blue page that asks you to allow notifications to continue, just click your yellow icon in the top left corner, then click "Skip Notification".

Note: If you do not see your yellow icon, simply click on the puzzle piece, also known as your extension button, and click the push pin icon next to the notification skipper icon to pin it to your task bar.

One last step! You might be met with another page that looks like this:

If so, go ahead and click the "click this link" prompt and you should be brought to your desired destination.

Firefox Tutorial

First you will need to go into your add-ons. You can get to it by either going here:

Or here:

On the Extension's page, search for "Adfly skipper":

 The first option is what you're looking for:

Go ahead and click it, then click the Add to Firefox button.

It will then ask if you would like to add it- go ahead and click add if it asks you.

After this it will ask if you would like to allow it on private windows. I went ahead and allowed it, however you can do whatever you please with it. Note that sometimes Firefox requires you to close it completely and reopen it for Add-ons to function properly. I've found that this Add-on will work without doing so. You are more than welcome to restart Firefox to ensure that it works for safe measure though!

After this, you should now see a yellow icon with three arrows (>>>): You can now skip allowing notifications! Woo!


If you are unsure of how it works, I'll run you through how to operate it.

Once you are met with the all too familiar page, wait out the 5 seconds and click Skip Add.

Note: If you are using an Ad Blocker like I do (I use Adblock Plus), it will stop you before the 5 seconds are over and give you this message:

Please for the love of your computer DO NOT CLICK CONTINUE!

Clicking continue will only give you popups that are a pain to close out of, as well as you will be brought to a random website that is not your desired destination.

Simply just turn off your ad blocker, refresh the page and wait until you can click Skip Add.

After clicking, you might get a pop-up window. Simply just close out of it as promptly as possible before it loads.

Now once you are at that terrible blue page that asks you to allow notifications to continue, just click your yellow icon in the top left corner, then click "Skip page".

One last step! You might be met with another page that looks like this:

If so, go ahead and click the "click this link" prompt and you should be brought to your desired destination.

I hope this was able to help anyone who struggles with getting thrown into It surely is a pain for me and this little tool helps a lot.

If you have any questions, ask away! I will do my best to help out and answer them.

Finished Maps / Ridgeside Savannah
« on: September 23, 2020, 06:20:37 pm »
Alright, so a couple months ago I threw together a map for a friend of mine so that he could see how well one of his compositions would fit in a video game setting. I feel it's a pretty alright map and I didn't want it to just lay around in my files, so I thought I should plop it here for you all.

This map isn't all too big nor does it have that many details considering I made it literally in one day for the sake of an example, but you will find a total of 10 dens scattered around, one of the dens being mainly just a small cave. I hope you all like it and find a use for it! Now without further adieu, here are some screens.

To install, just open up the zip file and place the two files into your exports folder.
If you have any issues, let me know and I will do my best to fix them!


Game Discussion / What is FeralHeart to you?
« on: August 03, 2020, 07:46:04 pm »
Hey everyone~ So recently I've been thinking. What makes FeralHeart your second home? What about this game draws you in? What is the one, two, or even handful of things that grab your attention the most? Everything has that one little thing about it that just draws you in, be it the atmosphere, mechanics, graphics, play-style, creativity, thrill-seeking action packed adventure, or the laid back and relaxing nature of it.

FeralHeart to me is kind of a blank slate with loads of creative possibilities behind it, just like in Minecraft when you start up a new survival world. The world is a blank slate, but you can make whatever you want with it. It's a platform that allows you to make it what you want it to be. While there are limiting factors about FeralHeart, some for example being only able to choose between a lion and wolf, a select handful of manes, tales and wings, and the inability to change the size and shape of certain aspects of the models, what really drives home the creative aspect of the game is the imagination of the players who reside in it, and the absolutely outstanding things people have created from how exceptionally open this game is to customization. If you were to look at the game at face value, then you would never be able to see the deeper creative aspects of FeralHerat and only limit yourselves to the blank and empty nature that it presents itself as.

So with that said, what is FeralHeart to you?

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