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Proboards Forum: (feel free to look around, but registration is currently closed!)
Zamdoig Faction
Elite members of the mysterious species known as the Zamdoigs have been caught up in war for the past century, unbeknownst to those who have been living peacefully up until now. Scholars from both sides are searching for the reasons whether to fight or not fight.

Details/Features, What makes us Different
 ☉ Private Map Pack
☾ Preset Pack + Adopts
  ☉ Custom Species
☾ Creative
  ☉ Semi-Literate to Literate
☾ Plotted
 ☉ Custom Cultures and Religions (for you to choose)
☾ Semi-political in-universe and Real-World Issue Awareness
 ☉ Staff Openings
☾ Safe Space and LGBTQIA+ Friendly!

Current Plot
The Zamdoig Faction has just made it's rounds within all communities and districts of the Moon. Their recently proclaimed leader, Lady Pattra, has begun to announce her Plan of Unification to the public as motive to recruit more members.

About the Faction:
> Based across FeralHeart, FeralHeart Neighborhood, and FeralHeart Unleashed in the future. Things are subject to change upon the release of FHU and the new features and systems that may conflict with the original(s)!
> We are a semi-literate to literate roleplay about alien-like canid creatures known as the Zamdoig. Read below to find out more about this mysterious creature. This is a fantasy roleplay with an underlining realistic tone. Items will not be allowed.
> This is just an interest check for now, as it is still in progress.
> This is a spin-off of a novel that I have in the works, but it will be entirely unrelated to it's development (meaning, no third-party ideas, characters you create, etc, will be used in my novel, only my own species and their world). It is simply an aid to getting better at writing and character description, all the while making friends along the way.
> There will be open staff positions upon opening, but you are to wait to apply until I open the roleplay.
> To aid in the understanding and well-being of our future members, the roleplay will be privately mapped.

( z aa m - doyg / zam as in yam, doyg as in void )

Zamdoigs are were once classified under Extraterrestrials, but have since stemmed into their own being. Long, long ago, before the separate Zamdoig factions arose, there was a code of ethics known as "The Moon Protects the Sun." This code of ethics was symbolized by a crescent moon encasing a sun. This symbol still stands as the icon of the Zamdoig as a single Faction. Whether this is because they still feel connected, or they're too lazy to change it is still up to debate. Representing the Zamdoigs' homeland, as it was split into two "bubbles"; one representing the Sun and other other representing the Moon. The Land of the Sun was a bright place, hot and dry like a typical desert. The Land of the Moon was a dark place, cold and awfully icy, like a dark side of a moon.

Interested? Please, comment below if you are.

Possible Additions to the Post
Map Pack Showcase
Zamdoig Information & Character

Other Mods/Creations / Nostalgia - Title Music
« on: March 17, 2021, 06:19:06 pm »
I made a new title song. As much as I love The Fox Cub by Svix, I felt like not having a heart attack everytime I accidently have my volume turned ALL the way up. Sorry, Svix. I call this "Nostalgia" as I made it for nostalgia's sake. I hope I conveyed the obscure feeling of nostalgia in this tune. If not, well, I think it sounds pretty.

I made this with !!!

Introduction / real life werewolf caught on tape! (Not Clickbait!)
« on: March 15, 2021, 06:06:43 pm »
A lot of thinking went behind this introduction, perhaps too much thinking. Not wanting to step on anyone's toes, or seem like a cynic to the tone-deaf. I understand the fragility of certainty and faith within this community, from both sides, but it calls us back. While the awkward bickering between games, servers, and playerbases is albeit childish, if not the least bit entertaining, there are still those who believe in these games. Whether it's Stockholm syndrome, which is a serious issue by the way, or just plain 'ol nostalgia, people of all sorts return and then disappear, only to return again. It's curious; cliché as it is to say.

I say all this, and I do not mean it as negative. While you don't necessarily know my tone through text, I mean it sincerely neutral.

New phone, who dis? Hello, this is indeed Dog!
Some might know me as Wolfie, or Wolvie, but I've always been Kastilla. The very meme that is my accounts birthday is a tale I love to tell immensely. Most likely the sole reason I kept it around, or the post count too, very proud of that. Or the custom title when I was MotS! Silly popularity contest that is, always a swift ego and self-esteem boost to come with it. Perhaps I will try to gain it once more.

I am excited to start delving into my old habits. Be it browsing the forums, searching for users that need help, complimenting artwork of the utmost talented, paying my two cents to a discussion that's been discussed since time immemorial, to the in-game side of preset and map-making, embellishing my creative side once more with wild roleplays galore. I am happy to be here, truly.

A little about me, a refresher course for the newbies from the past year or so;
I am the dog behind the computer screen. My name is Wolfie, but I don't care what ya call me. I like to draw and write about dogs, though I have been branching out and drawing birds and human faces too. I'm actually very shy and awkward when you first interact with me, and I will make a faux pas that I will regret forevermore. I think myself loyal, until you do something that is unforgivable. Whether it's to me, someone close to me, or someone close to you. Forgive, but never forget. I am a hypocrite to say that, and I only ask you to forgive me. I apologize for my rash behavior that I displayed, whenever it occurred and to anyone affected, it was a different time and I can say that I've grown up. Nobody's perfect and don't always owe you an explanation/apology, after all, depending on the situation. And while I may be a dog behind the screen, I can also say that there are indeed humans behind other screens as well.

This was long, here's a tldr: Hi, I am Wolfie. I've been here forever, but I left. Am back now. Ensue the warm welcomes.

Leaving / null
« on: September 25, 2018, 11:00:36 pm »
ya no bye

Art Gallery / -
« on: September 16, 2018, 12:25:57 am »

Mapping Tutorials / Custom moons!? [TUTORIAL]
« on: September 12, 2018, 01:32:07 am »
Have you ever wanted a rainbow moon? Or perhaps you'd like a special celestial body within you map's sky? Read ahead as I instruct how to:

Customize your default moon
Add a special moon into your map using the Sky Maker

Custom Default Moon
I personally recommend backing up your default moon texture, just in case you want to change back!

Open the default moon texture (FeralHeart>media>textures>Moon.png) in some sort of image manipulator software (GIMP, Sai, Photoshop, etc.)

Let's make a rainbow moon, shall we~ So, grab your gradient tool...

and pull it across the moon!

(here you can see I have a radial gradient and the opacity down a bit. Play around with layer settings (Screen, Overlay, Multiply, Invert, etc.) and have fun with it.

Once you have your new moon, overwrite the Moon.PNG and open FeralHeart. Go to your Sky Maker (or log on, depending if it's night or day in-game~) and select Night. Maneuver around the sky to see your moon!

(I went ahead and did some layer setting play, out of curiousity. Different transparencies and the Multiply setting.)

(The clouds were in the way and I got impatient waiting for them, so it's an ominous rainbow moon.)

Special, Map-specific Moon
This is similar to above, but with some coding. Well, it's more copy-and-paste! Then again, that's what coding is sometimes... anyway!
I have decided I don't want the Earth's moon, I want Saturn! So I go to a royalty-free image site, such as Flickr, and find a nice image of Saturn. I like it, so I will use it.

So, I have opened it up in GIMP...problem is, it is a bit big compared to FH's moon.

I crop it and scale it down smaller.

Now that we finally have our soon-to-be moon image, we will save it to our My_Objects folder. I named it my_saturn.png. Since I already have a custom moon in this folder, I have the material file set up. All you have to do is make your own material file (Make a new notepad document and replace the .txt abbreviation to .material.) and copy this code into it, changing the text in white to the name of your image/name of your material:
material my_saturn
   receive_shadows off
         lighting off
         depth_write off
         scene_blend add
         fog_override true

            texture my_saturn.PNG

Once you have it saved, open up FeralHeart and go to your Sky Maker. Once in your Sky Maker, scroll down and select Moon. This is where you color the moon, but also you can change the material!

Input your new material and wha-lah! It's a saturn-moon!

(which you can also still color!)

GIMP - Free Image Manipulator
60 Royalty-Free Image Sites Free of Charge

And I believe that is it to show you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

~ Wolfie

Art Gallery / -
« on: July 20, 2018, 12:00:26 am »

Game Discussion / -
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Work In Progress Maps & Map Discussion / -
« on: November 29, 2016, 09:05:42 pm »

Game Help / -
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