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News Archives / Re: Very Important
« on: April 01, 2021, 06:16:07 pm »
Wow! How exciting!

Leaving / Re: Leaving for good :(
« on: April 01, 2021, 06:14:59 pm »
Wowie lol.

Presets & Markings / Re: They asked for more and here I have more 7w7
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:45:46 pm »
So pretty and detailed.

In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / what is a zamdoig?
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:43:44 pm »
A zamdoig is a custom and closed species created by me, Kastilla.

Questions, Concerns, and Answers:
    Q: Why closed?
    Q: Are presets required?
    A: No, but there will be design/marking requirements for your custom zamdoig.
    Q: Why no items?
    A: While the zamdoigs themselves have culturally-specific attire (such as jewelry, blankets, horns, etc.), the current state of items available in-game do not represent my ideas well enough. Sorry.
    Q: Why are you so strict?
    A: Because it is a species I have created, and therefore it's close and important to me.
    Q: Well, who is your character then?
    A: My characters are ... (still in process lol)

Future Features of this Post:
- Preset pack/adopts/claims
- Link for a guide to the zamdoig
- Drawings and descriptions

In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / map sneak peak and showcase
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:43:31 pm »
While the decision is set in stone for a private map pack to be released to members, permission to share screenshots is and will be allowed. See it as recruitment propaganda.

[previews here]

Map Pack Features: (subject to change with FHU's release and brand-new systems!)
- Compressed zip file of all maps, related files, and step-by-step instructions for installation
- (#, set) of linked maps, two entrance maps via Cape
- Custom music, terrains, textures, and objects created by myself or used with explicit permission (such as objects released/converted to the public and containing no copyrighted material/made for personal use).
- Directory/map of notable locations (portals, locations of interest, etc.)
- Possible seasonal changes or holiday celebration variants

Proboards Forum: (feel free to look around, but registration is currently closed!)
Zamdoig Faction
Elite members of the mysterious species known as the Zamdoigs have been caught up in war for the past century, unbeknownst to those who have been living peacefully up until now. Scholars from both sides are searching for the reasons whether to fight or not fight.

Details/Features, What makes us Different
 ☉ Private Map Pack
☾ Preset Pack + Adopts
  ☉ Custom Species
☾ Creative
  ☉ Semi-Literate to Literate
☾ Plotted
 ☉ Custom Cultures and Religions (for you to choose)
☾ Semi-political in-universe and Real-World Issue Awareness
 ☉ Staff Openings
☾ Safe Space and LGBTQIA+ Friendly!

Current Plot
The Zamdoig Faction has just made it's rounds within all communities and districts of the Moon. Their recently proclaimed leader, Lady Pattra, has begun to announce her Plan of Unification to the public as motive to recruit more members.

About the Faction:
> Based across FeralHeart, FeralHeart Neighborhood, and FeralHeart Unleashed in the future. Things are subject to change upon the release of FHU and the new features and systems that may conflict with the original(s)!
> We are a semi-literate to literate roleplay about alien-like canid creatures known as the Zamdoig. Read below to find out more about this mysterious creature. This is a fantasy roleplay with an underlining realistic tone. Items will not be allowed.
> This is just an interest check for now, as it is still in progress.
> This is a spin-off of a novel that I have in the works, but it will be entirely unrelated to it's development (meaning, no third-party ideas, characters you create, etc, will be used in my novel, only my own species and their world). It is simply an aid to getting better at writing and character description, all the while making friends along the way.
> There will be open staff positions upon opening, but you are to wait to apply until I open the roleplay.
> To aid in the understanding and well-being of our future members, the roleplay will be privately mapped.

( z aa m - doyg / zam as in yam, doyg as in void )

Zamdoigs are were once classified under Extraterrestrials, but have since stemmed into their own being. Long, long ago, before the separate Zamdoig factions arose, there was a code of ethics known as "The Moon Protects the Sun." This code of ethics was symbolized by a crescent moon encasing a sun. This symbol still stands as the icon of the Zamdoig as a single Faction. Whether this is because they still feel connected, or they're too lazy to change it is still up to debate. Representing the Zamdoigs' homeland, as it was split into two "bubbles"; one representing the Sun and other other representing the Moon. The Land of the Sun was a bright place, hot and dry like a typical desert. The Land of the Moon was a dark place, cold and awfully icy, like a dark side of a moon.

Interested? Please, comment below if you are.

Possible Additions to the Post
Map Pack Showcase
Zamdoig Information & Character

« on: March 31, 2021, 10:40:07 pm »
Some fans of Star Stable made their own ProBoards forum! It's not official, but there are a lot of players there. Just in case you wanna post there also! Good luck with finding members.

Other Mods/Creations / Nostalgia - Title Music
« on: March 17, 2021, 06:19:06 pm »
I made a new title song. As much as I love The Fox Cub by Svix, I felt like not having a heart attack everytime I accidently have my volume turned ALL the way up. Sorry, Svix. I call this "Nostalgia" as I made it for nostalgia's sake. I hope I conveyed the obscure feeling of nostalgia in this tune. If not, well, I think it sounds pretty.

I made this with !!!

Game Help / Re: ?
« on: March 16, 2021, 05:06:33 pm »
Yeah,he has it open.
(He's from Afrikaans but had another friend that could connect from the same region,i guess it's from the internet provider they are having?)
Are they using a hot spot via phone? For some reason, not every hot spot can connect for reasons such as not enough data or speed. Also could be the internet provider, too.

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