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Renegade Row Dice System
« on: September 23, 2021, 07:34:40 am »

Here in RR, to make some decisions while roleplaying official spar matches or other chance/skill-based things, we will use a very simple dice system to keep things a little more fair. Members are not required to use the system in normal roleplay, however. Here is a very small demo of how it works:


Let's use a spar for an example.

Terry goes to attack Dustin by attempting to bite him in the neck, and Dustin tries to move out the way to dodge. Both players will roll a die and continue according to whatever number they rolled.
Boiled down, there are five outcomes that can come from a die roll, two outcomes being relatively the same.

[1] Terry rolls a higher number than Dustin:
Terry lands the attack and bites Dustin's neck.

[2] Terry rolls a slightly higher number than Dustin:
Terry still lands the attack but doesn't have as good a grip, so Dustin could easily break away.

[3] Dustin rolls a slightly higher number than Terry:
Dustin manages to get away from Terry, but Dustin still gets bit in the process.

[4] Dustin rolls a higher number than Terry:
Dustin dodges Terry's attack and gets away safely.

[5] Terry and Dustin roll the same number, therefore canceling each other out and nothing happens.

This will be applied to other things such as hunting and persuading other characters/rogues when on guard for them to leave the pack territory as well.

How do I roll the dice?

We have a dice bot in our discord server that we use to roll out these actions.

What if I can't join the discord server, but need to roll?

If you are unable to join our discord server, your roll can be preformed by another member if you so wish. If within the scenario of training, official sparring matches and hunts, etc., these rolls will be preformed by a Lead to avoid any possible tampering and ensure legitimate and fair rolls for yourself.

A group member says I need to roll while RPing with them. Do I have to?

Nope! You are not required to use the dice system whatsoever within normal roleplay. The only moments where it is required is either during training sessions, official spars, and other scenarios that are heavily based on chance.

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