What sort of map/solution would your personal preference?

I don't mind either way.
A map in which you are alone to prevent any possible lag.
A new map in which everyone is starting in for easier meetings and socializing.

Author Topic: The community views on starting map (Home position/spawns point)  (Read 27209 times)

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Re: The community views on starting map (Home position/spawns point)
« Reply #20 on: May 30, 2012, 12:12:27 am »
 I prefer that we have a map where no one else can see you. Sure it's nice to be able to meet up and all, but the lag somewhat defeats that purpose for some people. Also, it can be a bit weird because some people will pester and wonder why you don't reply while you type up your bio, assuming you type it up as soon as you spawn like I do...

 Actually, forget it, lets just do what Sameth suggested. That wouldn't be silly at all, amIright? :P
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Re: The community views on starting map (Home position/spawns point)
« Reply #21 on: June 06, 2012, 03:22:21 pm »
I personally prefer the Lonely Cave method where you cannot see anyone. Honestly I think its one of the best things anyone could have done for the game. So what if you're a new user? There are three ways out that are obvious to you (Or will be when you run up to them) to get you into other maps to socialize. (As well as one above, to acension Island that I admit is more dificult to see and my friends have missed it in the past.) I believe it allows for you spawn in with little to no lag, and encourages newbies to explore instead of cramming into the same space like sardines in ADDITION to the players who arent new who like that particular map (Like with Bonfire overcrowding).

 And despite the fact that, even if you threw out the Lonely Cave idea and when with a map where everyone spawns in and you made it larger to alleiviate lag, I still dont think it will do any good. Think about Flourite Plains. A new user has to travel through a couple of maps to reach it, and it is large in size. However, it often "steals" characters (Refuses to load them due to lag) and wont release them no matter how many times you try to get it to load them, even if you turn reflection/your other high settings off. I have a well rounded computer, and fast internet, so Im not on some old junk computer tryingto load the game, and I also know others who have a similar issue. So creating a map where we all can see each other, as a spawn map, is just going to recreate the same problem that Flourite Plains has, tenfold.

I realize you said that the system would not work exactly the same as the old Bonfire, but without a plan or explanation of such, my opinion remains to be the above. No community maps. If someone wants to socialize, its not going to kill someone to hit a "W" "A" "D" or "S" until they run into a portal, and find people. A person can learn at least that much about the controls, by themselves, without help, and thats enough to run them into a portal (accidentall or on purpose) to find someone else to fill them in.

If some things have already been said, or I missed something, my apologies.
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Re: The community views on starting map (Home position/spawns point)
« Reply #22 on: June 06, 2012, 07:59:57 pm »
I say a new Community map, with many spawning areas like wolffie said. Maybe all maps should have different spawning areas, definetly <--Spelt wrong) Fluorite Plains, So laggy you can't even get in! The igger the community map the better, so people aren't squished into mudpies and kill each other for space. I agree entirely with what Wollfox said and Sameth xD

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Re: The community views on starting map (Home position/spawns point)
« Reply #23 on: June 06, 2012, 08:07:36 pm »
I prefer the Lonely Cave approach. When I first joined Bonfire was the spawn point/whatever you want to call it. Being bombared with sparkledogs and illiterates wasn't fun. If the lag would even let the chat box update itself.

Not trying to offend anyone who hangs out at Bonfire, it just isn't my favourite place.