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!! Media Board Rules And Guidelines !!
« on: March 24, 2012, 02:34:21 am »
Media Board Rules And Guidelines

What is this board for?
The main media board is only for stickies written by the staff. Everything else goes in the child boards.

What does each board hold?
Most of them are self explanatory, but each board holds a different kind of art.

The screenshots board is for posting funny/interesting screenshots you may have taken ingame. Screenshot manipulations would also go here.

The videos board is for any sort of random video or film you created using FeralHeart, whether it be a fun dance line or some sort of movie about a character you have.

The art board is for digital or traditional art that is FeralHeart related.
    The Request Art child board is just that- you may seek a request or have people ask you for them. This is usually digital art, but may include things such as screenshot manipulations. Do not ask for maps here!


The stories board is for stories you may have written about your adventures in the game, or about a character you have. They must be FeralHeart related and be appropriate.
     The poems child board is for poems relating to the game or a character.

What to post, and what NOT to post:
Good things to post:
  • Digital/traditional art about a character or the game
  • LOL worthy or cool screenshots
  • Interesting stories or poems
  • Art requests
  • Comics

Bad things to post (they'll be removed):
  • Map requests/Maps you made
  • Meshes/other creations/mods
  • Off topic art of any kind
  • Presets, markings
  • Something not related to art
  • Help questions
  • Reports - always send these to a mod or admin!

Copyright Information and Policies
Copyrights are the rights granted to a creator of an original work.  These rights grant the creator to copy, redistribute or even adapt the work. As soon as it's created and in a tangible form, your artwork is copyright protected.

You should NEVER steal someone else's artwork! That's punishable by law. If we find you are stealing another's art and claiming it as your own, we may have to take action, such as deleting the post or even warning and banning for repeated abuse. REMEMBER: Just because an image doesn't have a signature or watermark on it does not mean it's free to use!

By following these guidelines, you may utilize the boards here and post all your FeralHeart related wonderful art creations. Enjoy your time!
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