Author Topic: What Will happen? ~Supernatural(Canine Shifters), High School Rp~ Discord.  (Read 5295 times)

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"Mother but I do not want to go."
"We are going Svetlana, We cannot stay in Russia."

"Mother father, there is a new girl in school, She's a shifter."
"Son watch her, make sure she causes no trouble."

There's a new a family in town, and a new girl in school; they aren't suppose to be in town at all due to a canine-shifter tribe living in the area already. This new girl goes to your school now, but it was the very first time meeting the girl and finding out about her being another canine shifter; The girl is a Russian-Transfer due to her family having to run from their home. The girl is getting bullied from the other girls, and this girl sets off your wolf-mate instincts; Are you going to stop the bullying or let it continue? and are you going to report this to your parents the tribe leaders or keep her and her family secret?

Yes, this is on Discord if your accepted I'll send you my discord info.
I do ask everyone atleast be able to do 4+ sentences ^^.

Character name
(Optional) History

My Character

Character name; Svetlana Vasiliev.
Face claim;
Wolf; Red Maned Wolf
Svetlana is more on the shy side of things, she rarely talks to those she does not know; but once she knows someone she'll gladly talk to them. Another thing is she is quiet around strangers, and prefers to not be pointed out or called on by teachers. Svetlana is not a push over while she is shy and quiet she is not around her family, and those she knows as she is a fighter. Svetlana is very boyish she isn't the one for make up and dresses, she normally wears jeans, hoodies, and her cowboy boots.
Family; (Mother) Allyona, (Father) Andei, (Brothers) Mikhail, Vlad, and Zakhar.
History; She is originally from Russia, being ran off from another rival shifter family and then came to Beaufort SC USA.


Intended to be romantic? Yes, In Shifter world they are what called Fated-Mates.
Setting? Beaufort South Carolina
Maturity? This is a mature Rp.
Your characters role in the school? You are the most popular guy in River dale High School.

Anymore questions? feel free to ask in the comments~ Have a lovely day ^^.
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