Author Topic: |The Factory Fiasco| Restarting discord roleplay  (Read 5900 times)

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|The Factory Fiasco| Restarting discord roleplay
« on: December 08, 2017, 05:23:39 pm »


The Factory Fiasco is a human roleplay that has been restarted due to dedicated members' wishes. The Factory Fiasco is a post-apocalyptic roleplay that takes place 200 years  ahead of now. It isn't your typical zombie roleplay- no. we do not mess with slowly walking half-alive beasts with them looking like they used to look like back to the time when they were still human. You'll be messing with utterly terrifying beasts that are classified in four classes - easy, difficult, hard to kill and it'd be given a suicide to kill one. In this roleplay you will need to team up with other players and their characters to survive, since living on your own is as reckless as trying to kill a trojan on your own.

The factory fiasco was officially founded in 2016 april/may, but after a year the roleplay slowly began to die out and the ownership was given to another trustworthy staff member that currently runs the discord server and the roleplay overall - Caroline. With her leadership you will experience the most terrifying and thrilling roleplay as it grows with time. You will be given a chance to prove yourself worthy enough to survive, to join a group and rank up with your character. The plot is a thrilling experience, giving you the chance to choose between living or dying, between risking your life for someone or coldly taking your leave just to stay alive. As the plot progresses, your character will be driven to take sides, religious groups will be forcing their way into the current world, the crazy infected worshipers will drive you insane 'til you give in.

it is worth a shot.

We do have strict rules for our members to follow, as we will not tolerate anyone who will either break them or ignore some.

1. respect is the most important thing here. this is a rule that will carry forever on, as original owner wanted nothing more but to create a friendly and loving roleplay for everyone to enjoy.

2. literacy is also a must. if you cannot construct sentences, this isn't a place for you.

3. Realism. This is a post apocalyptic land! We're not going to have cellphones or devices such as that. do keep in mind that we have a monetary shop running in the website, thus you can buy stuff off from the web. (ppft)

4. we have a character limit, which is 3. it is a must to use all of your characters occasionally, so no one would be left out.

5. This is a mature roleplay, meaning you must be comfortable with gore and/or sexual content (very, very limited)

these rules are originally written by the previous owner, edited by current.

These are what live with us, above or below ground.

Green indicates they are simple to kill.
Yellow indicates they are difficult to kill.
Orange indicates they are hard to kill.
Red indicates it is a given suicide if you dare face one on your own.


The Matron

She calls herself "mother" of the infected. Burrowing deep in various caverns, the Matron lays hundreds of eggs that soon hatch into all the infected you see below. Often devouring her mates, the Matron proves to be the most fearsome and gruesome of them all. She controls her hive... and some could safely tell you she's likely smarter than you are.


Stalkers travel alone, in groups, or follow you for miles. Stalkers are given their names for their peculiar ways of hiding in the darkness. Stalkers footsteps are nearly inaudible, the only sound emitting from them being clicks and trills as they track down their prey. A stalker's sense of smell is their best friend. A wound? You better cover it before the Stalkers cover it for you. Stalkers are not blind, however their vision is motion based. Staying still will sometimes save you... if you showered that day.


The fact that their movement underground is inaudible makes the Trojans perhaps the most terrifying creature on this earth? With many limbs and a mouth full of venom, Trojans are purely solitary after leaving the hive, though will return to feed with it's Matron. Trojans burrow deep below your feet, and will burst from the depths near their prey. Meeting one is almost always fatal-- and tragic.


Solely female, Drones are the creatures that come to be when born a female, but not a matron. Drones are completely blind, though find their prey through an advanced sense of echo location. Thus, they are often trilling, clicking, and whistling. The calls and sounds Drones make is comparable to your average bird.


Traveling in small groups or freakishly large ones, Offspring are the parasites that eh, didn't leave their host. Using the human corpse as an outer shell from what is inside, the Offspring can be killed at a simple blow to the brain, for that is where the parasite functions and thrives.

the infected are originally created by the previous owner.

We have a website that is still under-development but if you are interested in joining reply to this thread with this form filled in:

Code: [Select]
[b]Character name:[/b] Answer here
[b]Character age:[/b] Answer here
[b]Character faceclaim:[/b] (If has one)
[b]Short character personality:[/b] Answer here
[b]Weaponary:[/b] Answer here. One large gun, one pistol and two taggers allowed for starters
[b]Your age:[/b] Answer here. Only if you are comofortable with stating your age
[b]Short RP sample:[/b]
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Re: |The Factory Fiasco| Restarting discord roleplay
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2018, 08:00:27 pm »
Character name: Thry Woodcrow
Character age 22
Character faceclaim:not yet
Short character personality:Welcoming, Caring nature, Suspicious, Can't trust easily, Realistic.
Weaponary:Rifle and a machete for a close battle.
Your age:17
Short RP sample:Thry walked slowly. She felt as with each step she took her knees grew weaker, shakier. She was a mess that couldn't hide and be stealth anymore. Her last hope was her moto- go with the flow. Soon enough she heard water, as she turned her head to her left aggressively she saw a rotting body of a deer. Quickly her heart skipped a beat, how could she not smell? the rot, it was reeking all over now that she was thinking about it. Without any second thought she moved herself heavily past the carcass towards the sound of water. Her breath was heavy and her pace became slower as the sound of water became stronger. She became wary, quickly holding onto her rifle with her two hands in a deadly grip, as he, decided her fate.