Author Topic: Beyond the Great Mountian  (Read 4867 times)

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Beyond the Great Mountian
« on: January 16, 2018, 01:25:05 am »

(post-apocalypse, 6,000 years into the future. fantasy family/friendship, adventure, possible romance, no hardcore violence)

The world described in books ended a thousand years ago. We don’t really have the resources to print new books, and we need to heed the warnings in these sd Where I live, nothing matters more than pleasing the Wrunek. Those who cannot do so, for any reason at all, are sent to die in the Pits of Mortea, a place filled with beasts and disease. The awful Pits form around the Great Mountain, where my ancestors supposedly came from. I don’t understand why anyone would want to leave such a beautiful place, for this land of dust and hopelessness. All my seven years of life, I could never shake the feeling that something isn’t right. I feel a call, deep inside me, back to the Great Mountain, over its cliffs. Wrunek Hilth says there is nothing beyond the Great Mountain but death. I don’t believe him, and for that I will soon be executed. My name is Kai. Slaves like me aren’t allowed to be able to read or write, but it won’t matter anymore once I am rotting in the Pits. This is my last chance. If this is not found near my body, then I am somehow climbing the Great Mountain.