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« on: September 02, 2018, 02:14:54 am »
"How deep do your roots run?"
"How loyal are your people?"

Glaellerial is a human roleplay with an extraordinary twist. These humans are not normal, they have a shifting ability which ranges from canines, felines, and rarely avians. Glaellerial is set in the medieval times somewhere further into a magnificent valley of mountains. All may seem at peace in these healing mountains, but things are never as they seem. Murder, assassinations, poisonings.. could the Kingdom of Lospain finally be taking it's fall? Find out for yourself and join us today.

LITERATE: A RPSR is needed and can be written through discord dms.
MATURE: Some events may not be suitable for younger players.
ACTIVE: We try to be as active as possible, in which we encourage our players to join events and roleplay with others!
A HUMAN/FELINE/CANINE SHIFTER KINGDOM RP: Our 'theme' of this roleplay is kingdom with humans with special abilities.
SEMI REAL: Only the shifting part makes this roleplay semi-real, everything else is considered realistic.

PLEASE JOIN OUR: (IF you are interested! If you want to join, please send on of the admins a ROLEPLAY SAMPLE before joining the discord/site)
Discord: (private)
Once you join please read through our channels.. we have many. All admins are ready to help if you need help with absolutely anything group related. Once you're ready, please change your nickname to your character's first and last name.

Please join with your FH username and then change your name to your character's first and last name.

-High ranks are open!
-We have adoptables
-We have been up and running since April 18th, 2018

STAFF CONTACTS (mainly for questions and/or roleplay samples!)
- Queen Mara: coco #4122
- Nurse Matvey: dane #3898
- Princess Elizabeth: Roro #6488
- Prince Lorcan: TormentedLiar #6240
- Prince Erik: Bastille #6454

If you have any questions or comments, reply below and I will get back to them as soon as I can.
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