Author Topic: ~In search for a RP Partner or 2?~  (Read 5165 times)

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~In search for a RP Partner or 2?~
« on: November 15, 2018, 01:30:44 am »
Hello there~!

I've been on the hunt for rps and people to rp with but i can't seem to find any groups that interest me or my characters don't fit in with the plot very well.
So making this quick post as i'm hoping to find someone to RP 1-on-1 with! or even a small group of 2-3 people would be do able but i do prefer long term 1-on-1 Rps. I want to create stories with the rps I do so I need to find someone who is dedicated and the rp isn't going to die out in two days! Prefer more literate partners that can write detailed post, (Doesn't have to be heavily detailed but at least someone) and can write more than three sentences? (short post happen, just dont want them to be every single post ^^)

Preferably looking for people who enjoys supernatural rps, Human Rps, Medieval RPs, ETC. Will do some feral but i'm not that great at posting in feral (Which is why i'm better at rps that are more humanoid, with the possibility of shifting into an animal ^^). But i am also willing to give new RP ideas a shot!

Here is a list of the characters i currently have more worked out bios and personalities for- All art was done by Snorechu on DeviantArt/Instagram!
Not listed is my newest Character Nimue - Vampire. Still needs a ref. I can also create characters on the spot to fit certain rps! Please either comment here or send me a message on discord (Lady_RavenRose#8630) if interested!~




Nevara is the white haired one <3 Dont have a proper ref for her yet

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Re: ~In search for a RP Partner or 2?~
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2021, 09:09:15 pm »
Hey there. I'm interested in roleplaying with you