Author Topic: Days Of Myths (Discord Based RP, Humanoid, Fantasy, Apocalyptic)  (Read 4814 times)

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Days of Myths in a newly created, Fantasy, Semi- Literate, Discord based RP,
That is set in a Post Apocalyptic word where Vampires, Lycans, and Witches live with in segregated territories, Ruled by a Strict ruling Council that put this rule into place. Humans are 'considered' to be Extinct.

Again, This is a discord based RP. Recruiting will occasionally done in game.
But there is no FH group. All Rules, Species info, Can be found on our discord.

High Ranks are currently:
Staff Applications Currently: Open

The rp Is focused in the year 2,800 after a great war between Vampires, Lycans, and Witches known as 'The End'. This great war between these three species has all but made the human species extinct. After war tensions settled, a Council was established and to keep things, 'Peaceful', Since then Tensions have eased as the council put in a place a rule for each species to stay within their own respecting boarders or territories. Any of those found disobeying the council order are either jailed or publicly executed in "The neutral zone". The Neutral zone is an area where the council Resides and is the gathering area for all the species leaders without any worry of trespassing. The Council is also not fond of The Rebellion, finding them to be a group of ruffians and traitors. Any members found to be apart of the Rebellion group are considered traitors to their peaceful ways and are executed on site.

Interested in Joining? Or want some more info? Awesome! Please go ahead and join our Discord Link which will be provided below!
Please make sure after you join that you go over the rules, Species guide, and the ranks before creating your character!
After joining you are given a week to create and submit a character application. If a week passes and you haven't created a character
you will be removed from the discord group!

If you have any other questions feel free to add me on Discord at: Lady_RavenRose#8630
I'll gladly answer any questions you have!

Discord Link: