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In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / Re: Raging Embers
« on: May 27, 2021, 12:54:55 pm »
Good luck with this group, really the designs of both characters are very unique!

Thank you, Do aim to make presets for both of them for the group later on as well. I just wanna have a concrete design reference first. I Likely will edit this if I'm able and add the references in as well.

In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / Raging Embers
« on: May 26, 2021, 01:57:03 pm »
In the beginning, our planet was a cold lifeless rock. But that changed the moment the God and Goddess Came.

The God, named Solarus, and takes the form of a Male Lion with a firey Mane. He brung Light, Warmth, and Life to our Planet.

Art by Alex Griffithe(just design possibility, Hoping to make him some reference images and such when I have the time)

The Goddess, named Enterna, and takes the form of a 3 tailed Wolf with a pelt of Stars. She brung Water, Calmness, and beauty to our planet.
Art by KaypeaCreations(just design possibility, Hoping to make her some reference images and such when I have the time)

Together the God and Goddess created all types of creatures. But their was 2 that they made in their likeness.

Solaris created Lions and all Felines in his Image.
He then gave his children gifts(alibies/skills) in Strength, Courage, Bravery. Great skills in Leadership, Combat skills, and quick wittiness.

Enterna created Wolfs and all Canines in her Likeness
She then gave her children gifts and abilities far different from Solaris had given to his children. To her Children she gave skilled abilities in Healing(herbalism), Seeing into the Veil(Seer-like abilities aka telling the future and premonitions), and other abilities of this nature.

But this infuriated the Felines as they got no such abilities. So, they all banned together and decided they would create a Kingdom. This Kingdom would focus on their God, Solaris. However, they would ban any mention of Enterna in their religions texts as well as refer to her as a hateful Dark Goddess. As for the wolfs and canines, they would oppress them. Slowly Taking away the ability to use the gifts that Enterna gave them.
The wolfs being strong but not able to contend with the Felines strength and combat skills reluctantly submitted.

First, The Kingdom spread fear of the Goddess Enterna and shortly after Banned the worship of her. Branding the Wolfs and those that didn't give up these beliefs or practiced any form of abilities she had given as Witches. And their action with these wolfs and canines were swift. They would be given 1 chance to rebuke the Goddess and  give up the practices. If they did not they where killed.

Some wolfs and canines fled into the deep woods to hide. Those caught were killed.

Overtime more and more privileges' where taken from Wolfs and Canines.
They where banned from certain jobs. They where looked at Much different than they had been before. Healers, medics, those to help you spiritually. Merciful... helpful...
They where now seen as dangerous, tricksters, deceptive creatures...

Today, it is 6 generations passed sense The Kingdom of Solaris's creation. The King Donar is bent on creating worse means for the Wolfs and Canines.  And by this time many wolfs and Canines have forgotten the old ways.
But, as we all know even then in the darkest times... all it takes is a Spark to start a fire.

We go threw eras in the rp. Our Current Era is...
Raging Embers, "The Pathless Traveled"

This is a warning that this rp contains mistreatment of wolfs and canines and certain restrictions for them. This plot is about what can be done to work this type of issues as well as how to change them. The Plot changes and morphs to fit how the rp goes. So what is said and done has a huge factor in how this plays out as well as how long it takes to change these issues matters.
WE ARE....

Mature(Cursing, Blood, combat, minor gore)

Semi-Realistic(We will accept unrealistic colors but no neons and not anything to outlandish)


Plotted but also Member Driven

Detailed Lore

Long Term

Mapped(The old FH Maps)


All Species allowed(Not just Canines and Felines, but no mythical creatures)

Dice roll Skill & Combat System(it is very simple and uses a dicebot on our discord server. Not its still being worked on)

Discord User- 📻 Radios-Static📻#6726
Quickest way to join is threw discord by joining the server or PMing me on their.

We hope to build a website for the group at some point. But not rn.
We do have requirements for wolfs though they are small ones


We have most Ranks open right now. Any high level ranks you may have to interview for it though.

King of kingdom: Closed King Donar Rowan Blackthorn(Flamag)
Head Adviser(Private assassin):OPEN  {Feline}


Leader of Guard: OPEN
Leader of Feline Warriors: OPEN
Leader of Canine Warriors: Closed    OwlFlight F CLW (Flamag)
Head Assassin: OPEN
Assassins: OPEN
High Ranking Warriors: OPEN
Warriors: OPEN


Head Medic: OPEN
Experienced Medics: OPEN
Medics: OPEN
Medics in Training: OPEN


Lead Hunter: OPEN
Experienced Hunters: OPEN
Hunters: OPEN
Hunters In Training: OPEN


Elders: OPEN

Pregnant Females: OPEN

Youth Sitters: OPEN

Youths: OPEN

You can post your applications below if you wish. But you can also PM me in game or Discord as well as joining the group. Just Know that higher Ranks May Require a interview.

Meshes / Mossy Stump and Wooden Mug
« on: May 18, 2021, 10:46:52 am »
I only have about 2 Items in this Pack unfortunately. I was hoping to have alot more.
Unfortunely feral heart kind of died on me. I downloaded some meshes from the forms and I guess FH wasn't happy about it. In the middle of working on a map it went down. Now it wont even open. I even uninstalled all the items and meshes and such I had downloaded and it didnt do any good.
I have tried to redownload FH and everything and it just wont let me back on.

I hope in the furture I can redownload Feral heart agian but for now I cant.

Feral heart actually inspired me to start fiddling with 3D models in blender. I didnt get very far unfortinuely.
What I was able to do was start converting free 3D models to FH format.
Mainly did that to get myself use to working with blender. These two Meshes are the Result of that.

Just note, These Models were not made by me. I just did the work to transfer them over.

My next project was suppost to be a whole set of 5 different mushrooms. And some varients.
The model I got for those was a free low poly model and so I was got try to retexture them. But I Obviously cant Do that now sense I cant test them in FH. So Unfortunately those may never be released.

But what I did get is these two.

Mossy Stump

This was the very first and took me 2 days to finnally get into the game. But I was Victorious.
Its just a mossy stump. I do have a couple warnings for you about the meshes though. They are named really odd. The Stump mesh is called kand. So when you put it in Object Creator the Mesh is kand.mesh. As for the material its called Stump1Mat. Only major issue I had was at first you can walk right threw the stump. You have to add collisions in order to be able to stand on top or not be able to walk threw it. You have been warned. (I know I misspelled Collisons. I'm sorry however note this information I gave is not in the READ ME within the download.)

Wooden Mug

This one was my second and a very easy mesh to apply. Simple, Mesh is called Mug.mesh and material is called Mug. All you have to do is follow the read me and install them in and just go type those into the object makers mesh and Materials an it will pop right up.

Hope you guys enjoy the Models and stuff. Hopefully I come back to Feral Heart Someday.
Till then, that's all folks.

Link to the Downloads. If it doesn't work let me know and I'll fix it.

Leaving / I'm Sorry Guys...
« on: May 18, 2021, 10:00:21 am »
I'm very sorry to have to write this but I cant get on Feral heart anymore.

I was making a map and downloaded some Meshes and such and I guess FH Didn't like it.
Every time I open up FH it just goes blank for a moment then crashes. And I've uninstalled anything I downloaded and it still kept having the same issue. As well as I reinstalled FH and it still didn't work. So in other words I just cant get FH to work anymore.
At some point in the future I may try to redownloaded FH.
But as of rn I'm unable to...

Makes me sad to go. But I am not leaving without a little bit of what I was working on being released to the FH community. I was working on learning how to make things in blender. Don't have much reason to learn how to Work with blender now though, I was at the being of my journey with that. So I wasn't really able to make my own models and stuff yet. but I was able to convert some free 3D models over to FH format.

I only have about 2. I was working on about 4-5 low poly mushrooms which was gonna be my next project where I was gonna try texturing them myself. But now I cant even test those. So its pretty much a lost cause now.

Hopefully one day I can come back to FH and play around again. But until then.
Good by FH...
You Made my childhood great. Returning after all the years was fun. I hope you survive another 10 years. Maybe I'll be able to come back and see you again someday.
Go back to Eastern Pass and see that beautiful scenery again. I'll miss all that and all the friends I've made and seen.

~Goodbye for Now, Flamag

Request/Find Meshes / Asian Dragon Whiskers and Tails
« on: May 12, 2021, 08:49:03 am »
I have a few characters I want to make in FH. However, I don't know how to use blender to make them and it seems really complicated to me to learn to use it. So I was hoping someone would be willing to see if someone might be willing to make some items that are combatable with the standard V$ tiem pack that everyone in game normally uses.

Asian Dragon Whiskers
First thing I really would like is some Asian Dragon whiskers.
It would be cool to have them 3 Variations un size. (short, medium, long)
Id love them to be able to change the texture on them though as I have so many characters and they come in various colors. So I would love to have that be a thing. Not sure if that's possible or not.
They wouldn't have to be animated but that would be cool too.(Canine model mainly is what it would be used for. But would

Example of Small Whiskers Variant

Art by Dawn on

Example of Medium Whiskers Variant

Art by babycat1982 on CGSociety

Example of Long Whiskers Variant

Art is a screenshot from "Spirited Away" by Studio Ghibli

Snake Tail/ Furry Tail
Second would be a Snake tail. Would like one with a floofy tip(Like a fur tip, also a scale or fin tip variant if possible. Also possibly a completely furry version of the scaled tail)
Like to have it animated as well but doesn't have to be. Also would like this one to have the ability to color change as well. Idk if it would be possible to be able to add markings to it like all the other various tails in game.

Example Snake tail Variation
(Note, I'm tailing more so about the tail than the lizard)


Example of Fin Variant
(Just exchange that fin like tip for fur for the Floof tip example)

Artist is Unknown

Example of Completely furred Variant

Art by Natsuakai on DA

Not really sure if both of these are even possible. But Id really like to possibly see these made.
I know it maybe a tall request. But I'd be happy with anything close to any of these.
I can make do with whatever anyone is willing to do.
Thank you, for even taking the option to look at my request to begin with. Have a good day or night. :3

Character name: Meadowsong

Age: 10yrs old(In her species ages this makes her a young adult. Equivalent to a Human in their late teens early 20s)

Gender/sexuality: Pansexual(Prefers females)

Personality/short description: Very shy, nervious and anxious around crowds. Her own kind view her as quiet odd and normally either is very mean towards her.
She is a skilled herbalist and normally sticks to healing animals or anyone that is brave enough to come to her for aid.
Most of the people from the village that exist close by her home chase her away as they call her a witch for her oddness and herbalist skills among other things.

She is part of a variant of my original species I created. They are called Snaketailed Terradogs. They look like a cross between a wolf, Asian fox dragon, and a snake. However Meadowsong isn't the best example of a Female Snaketailed Terradog. Males normally are the only ones to have long flowy whiskers. she has this trait. She has no markings which is extremely rare and practically never seen.
Also her tail as a multicolored holographic hue to it. So its color can change from day to day, which is also never really seen. (Please note I did my best to create her in FH. so not all these traits are present in game)

Why you want to join (optional): Because I have nothing better to do. I recently returned to FH, and want to get back to rping.

Questions (optional): Would it be accepted if I rp my way into the group sense my character is pretty shy and leery of people to begin with?

Request Other Mods/Creations / Statue requests
« on: September 19, 2014, 11:27:18 am »
I would like to request a couple statues that I could use for a linkable map, the one I am making is a Shrine,

1)Cloaked Lady statue
2)A Pheonix in Flight Statue
3) A Horse Statue
4) A eagle/Pheonix head statue[this it just has to have it's bead open so I can make them look like fountains]

Could someone please help me find these or create them? It will be really helpful, Thank you.

Meshes / Re: .:Tetsu's Converted/Handmade Meshes: 2 new packs!:.
« on: September 15, 2014, 08:07:42 pm »
I was wondering if the pack had a Eagle head statue.

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