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Leaving / im sorry,,,
« on: May 05, 2021, 02:49:34 am »
hey there, its been a few months has it? since I last played and posted

the reason why my long hiatus is because of my life, dealing with depression and another mental issues and health issues is taking a toll out of me alot and it cause me to not be active at all and cause of that mistake, most of my new friends I made a few months back never be active anymore like my old friends.
I dont know what happen during while I was gone but now I know that there are only four staff left ;-;

I really do love the game and its memories I made in the game, but I think its about time that I just go,,,,its a hard decision yes but I know that I might not be active once more at all in the game
heck I love to help the game but I know im not a game designer nor a coder and etc, my lover is tho abit, tbh here is my own feelings tho

I hate seeing Feral Heart dying slowly and just crumbling, we all know its time is slowly coming to an end, ever since the drama and many more, its been going downhill, less people leaving due to life and etc or just move to FHU
its sad that only four Staff members are active and is still trying their best to keep the game alive and I have respect for them for them doing that and I hope that the staff will grow again and this game to be alive(like really active like the old days) and well again but we just have to wait and see what happens in the future

maybe one day I come back and play but as for now, not at the moment, im just dealing with alot of issues at the moment

if u wanna talk to me or be friends with me here is my discord
Sleepy Prince#9941

I'm so sorry,,,,for not being active during those few months and just leaving for now

so I just recently added the old FH maps I found on the forums and I went though them and miss them dearly

so one of my fav maps was Last Cave, during those days since people didnt know how to get there or just dont feel like travel all over there, it was mostly just bare and empty.
I normally just chill in the map and it was calming and quiet and it was away from busy and crowded places like bonfire and tunnels.

Introduction / Hello!
« on: November 24, 2020, 08:03:00 pm »
hello there

hi I am FoxxAngel on here, I just got back into this account which im surprise I remember this account but anyway I like to make new friends on the game since my old friends I dont know if they play Feral Heart anymore which saddens me but its life and we move on and etc

if u see my username or this lion in the game please talk to me or hang out and be friends and many more, im pretty much a sweet person but overprotective of my friends tho

Praise / Thank you
« on: November 24, 2020, 04:50:37 pm »
hello there

its been since 2014 has it? that's the first time I got onto this website and played Feral Heart, I was 15 on 2014 and now I am 21 years old. over the years before I stop playing Feral Heart, I made amazing friends on here and I wish I meet them again someday as I disappear like 2 or 3 years now oof.
but anyway, This game was my childhood MMO I used to play alot at my home and at my grandparents house, it help me through my depression state alot of times but I had to stop playing cause of schooling and many more. Im so glad that I made so many great memories and friends on this game, and that I thank all of the staff for this amazing game and im surprise that Feral Heart is still around, yea I know its slowly dying(maybe I really dont know I haven't been on this website for a few years until now ack) but it is everyones childhood MMO game years ago.

I hope I play Feral Heart again and just see my old skins and many more and hope to make friends again.

as that, thank you again Staff for this amazing game and thank you community for being here and ya and the staff keeping this game alive until its final breath.

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