Author Topic: FH animation creating trick for Blender(+Remedies for animation problems)  (Read 2394 times)

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This is not a strict guideline on how your FeralHeart animations should be. These are tricks and solutions pertaining to FeralHeart animation creation in Blender.

The dots on the panel to the right of the screen(Provided you've followed Goldchocobo's tutorial and added that panel) are keyframes. Highlighting/selecting them makes them turn yellow.

(Solution)Removing the puffy cheeks:
Before exporting, go to the "Default" pose, then you can export and the canine won't have big pyramids for cheeks. The selected pose can be any pose where you don't see any grey skeleton pieces, but having the "Default" pose in focus is easiest to ensure there aren't any puffy cheeks.

(Solution)Removing the skip at the end of the cycle:
Drag the pointer all the way to the start of the cycle, and then(At the bottom of the Keyframes tab/box) click on "Select" and then click "Back in time", those steps select the first column of frames in the briefest way. Once you have the first column of frames highlighted, click on "Key"(At the bottom of the Keyframes tab/box) and then click "Duplicate", then hold down the shift key(Makes the frames snap correctly) and drag the bundle of keyframes/dots onto the end of the cycle, and make it replace the ending row of keyframes/dots.

(Trick)Making things look more natural maybe:
For example the character is kicking a hindleg out behind it to get something off of its foot. Shifting the keyframes of the leg a little bit(Like in the picture below) can make the leg look more smooth or something. The same can be done with the head, arms, tail, spine, pretty much anything.

I'll update this if I remember more.
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