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Praise / Merry Christmas Feralheartians!
« on: December 25, 2020, 10:26:57 am »
Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and happy holidays everyone!

I hope that despite this year being the way it is, you can still have wonderful holidays spent hopefully with your families!

 I hope 2021 is a tad bit better! 🎄❤️❄️

Game Discussion / So what's new?
« on: November 16, 2020, 09:52:43 am »
Hey y'all, I haven't been here in a minute. I've fallen off the radar unless I was posting a drawing or two on the forum.
I was just wondering if there's anything new around here? Are there updates coming up anytime soon?
I've seen that the Winter party is coming up so I'll try to participate but my computer died and I'm only using a laptop for college and I don't wanna put games on it lol
I hope everyone's doing great though!

Art Gallery / Obsxura's Art Gallery
« on: May 29, 2020, 12:01:14 pm »
Hello again Feral Heartians! I come by every now and then so I thought I'd share some art I've been working on recently

Patreon, Commission price list and more (

Some of my recent full art pieces:

Older stuff:



I hope everyone's having a good day, cheers!

Leaving / Peace out
« on: December 30, 2019, 01:13:09 pm »
Hey y’all, I know my activity here has been pretty much non existent in the past month, so I thought it would be a good idea to make this short post. I’m not much active on here anymore, although I still love FH. I've been contemplating making this post for several months, but I wanted to leave in peace, when the time felt right.

I’ve been occupied with art more than anything, so here’s some links where you can contact me at or commission me:

Instagram: obsxura_art
DeviantArt: @obsxura
Twitter: @obsxura_art
Discord: Obsxura#6652
Commissions, TOS, etc.:  Journal

I hope 2020 goes well for everyone, and for the game as well!

Farewell, Feralheartians

Game Help / “Wrong password” in-game (Works)
« on: August 30, 2019, 06:48:24 pm »
I keep getting the wrong password error when I try to log in, ingame. I’m typing everything out correctly , my keyboard works just fine. The Forum login and playgame works just fine.  Don’t really know what to do about this

Game Suggestions & Ideas / Game Suggestions & Ideas
« on: August 02, 2019, 11:49:50 am »
a List of Game Suggestions & Ideas

Here are some game suggestions and ideas, both the ones I’ve come up with myself and some of the ones I’ve dug up from far in the past of this Forum xD. I apologize in advance about any spelling or editing mistakes I might have missed.

In-game screen capture option
The idea is to have a small screen capture / screenshot button in the game. Possibly somewhere on top of the page, next to the Map but very small so it doesn’t take a lot of space. The button should be optional.
Example is Minecraft top chat and pause buttons when you play on the phone or tablet.

It will make a good add-on for people who have sticky keyboard keys or if a screenshot keyboard button doesn’t work properly. Also it would be a good feature for people who don’t have this built in originally.

It could be annoying for people who don’t want more buttons on the page.

Advertisement chat
I believe this has been mentioned recently and the idea of it always seems to pop up somewhere, but, I’d like to shed some light to it again. Having an advertisement chat would be very useful for people who want to advertise their groups and the ones who are looking for one. One feature to this chat that would be added is cool-down mode. Meaning that if you consistently post let’s say 4-7 comments in a row, you’d get a simple warning to not spam too much and have a little countdown of maybe 20-30 seconds ‘till you can comment again.

Ability to have a separate chat made specifically for advertisements, without flooding other chats with group, commission or other ads.

Unsure what would happen with Movie spams and how would people use that, if the advertisement chat was added.

Text bubbles in-game
Similar to IT, chat bubbles would appear once a person has commented. This would be an optional feature in the game and you could easily turn it off in the game settings.
They would appear above a user who’s commented in the local chat (or whisper) and would fade away after a few seconds.

It would make things a bit more interesting and if it’s optional, users would be able to choose whether or not they want to use it.

Lag, especially in Local chat, if added to this specific chat.

Fur and Mane lengths
In the character creator, fur length would be changeable. Just like tail length we have now, there would be an option to change the length of the fur and mane (each would be separate).

Easier to make your character look more like you’ve imagined.


Different colored eyes
Ability to have different colored eyes in character creator.

It would make things much easier for people who have characters with different colored eyes. They wouldn’t have to “pick a favorite” anymore. Unless each eye has different shades in it xD.


Seasons textures
Now this is a possibly a bit too far in the future of FeralHeart, but having Seasons would be fun and entertaining. There would be an Official separate texture pack for each Season that would be optional.
You wouldn’t have to download it if you don’t want to.

Fun to have in game, to set the mood, especially around Christmas time or beginning of Summer and Fall.

Time that will have to be put into making a texture pack for both game textures, objects and user interfaces for EACH Season.

More weather
Days in FeralHeart maps can be a bit dull sometimes. Having a rainbow show up in the Grounds after a short rain, or sudden clouds forming and covering the Sun during the day, followed by sounds of wind.

Makes the day in FeralHeart more enjoyable and interesting, let’s not forget about all screenshot ideas you’d come up with!

Possible lag for slower computers, but Cherika has different weather and it’s not that laggy once the rain starts, on my 8 year old computer xD.

More actions
Tail wag, playful pose, more dance actions, etc.
There aren’t that many Official actions so far, that have been added to the game without having to use the ones made by users, that are not Official.

You’d have more actions to interact with friends.
Not having to download any of these separately.


Take a look at the new WolfQuest update. They have some beautiful shadows and I don’t think why FeralHeart wouldn’t have them as well. This would be an optional feature of course, to reduce lag for users who experience problems.
Having tree, bush, rock and character shadows would be a cool feature.

It would add more realism to the game.

More lag but It would be an optional feature so that would be easy to fix.

Time of the day pointer
It would be neat if there was a pointer that would show what is the time of the day in FeralHeart. This would be an optional feature. Example is once again, Minecraft xD. The clock we’d have in game would be similar to the one in Minecraft, with the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other, with a little pointer moving along towards the Moon as the day passes by. It would be all in one color and wouldn’t stick out too much, plus it would be small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

You’d be able to see exactly what time of the day it is in FeralHeart right now.

If too big, it could take up space on the screen. (Although it’s an optional feature)

Better nighttime shadows
As of right now, when it’s nighttime in FeralHeart, the character you’re using doesn’t look that different during the night.
It has some blue undertones but that’s it.
I’d suggest having it a bit darker and more appropriate for the night.

More realism to the game.

Not everyone might like it, but that goes to all features I’ve listed anyways.

Chat emotes
Having simple, one colored chat emotes in the in game chat.

More ways to interact and express emotions while chatting.

Where would they show to be added somewhere in the chat?

Also, please take a look at these most recent suggestions as well, they’re all really neat and useful:

Ellen11v’s suggestions (chat ideas, clickable links, etc...)

Likuu’s suggestions (interface, animation, etc...)

Deucaliorn’s suggestions (Localization, chat commands, etc...)

EuchadraMelech’s suggestions (Wing makings)

Rebel.exe’s suggestions (Different eye markings)


W.I.P. Map Pack

Picture 1.1. - preview, objects by Bawfle and Bloo.

  • This map pack is still work in progress, but will eventually be Free to use for everyone!

Here I will be posting any new updates of the pack until it's finished, after that a new thread will be made with the full download link.

The idea of the map pack is similar to what our Cape of Distant worlds is right now.
There will be a main map that will similarly to Cape, have various portals of random fun and unique maps to play in. Some of these maps will be bigger, and some much smaller.

This is the idea I have of how the Main Map (Portal Map) will look like and where all other portals will be placed:

The portal will be a little island (name is still tba), most likely an open space, not a cave or what old Lonely cave used to look like.
It will have only a few things in it because the idea is not to stay in that area for too long, there's a lot more to explore!

The main map (the portal island) will have 12 portals which will lead to different maps. These maps will be very unique and different from each other.
For example, you could have one portal that leads to a map with floating islands and a portal that sits right next to this one, that will lead to a forest map!


[Previews for Portal Map]


[Previews for Map 1.]


[Previews for Map 2.]


[Previews for Map 3.]


[Previews for Map 4.]


[Previews for Map 5.]


[Previews for Map 6.]


[Previews for Map 7.]


[Previews for Map 8.]


[Previews for Map 9.]


[Previews for Map 10.]


[Previews for Map 11.]


[Previews for Map 12.]


As of now, there is no set date for the release of the map pack!

If you have any suggestions and ideas of maps, please comment down below, I'd be happy to hear what you want to see! :D

Praise / Happy Easter, Feral Heartians!
« on: April 21, 2019, 09:08:28 am »
Happy Easter, citizens of Feral Heart!

Wishing everyone happy upcoming days with your family and friends!
I hope today brings joy and happiness to all of you out there. ❤️

Characters / Valar.Morghulis’s Entry
« on: March 08, 2019, 06:28:57 pm »


Is thought to be an elderly lynx at this point.


Egyptian Great Lynx

Egyptian great lynx are about 90% bigger than European lynx. Their size allows them to hunt and kill prey or enemies much larger than them.
Their claws are approximately 4 cm long.
Though, there were found some with over 7 cm long claws, which makes them a kill-machine.
Front teeth of these animals resemble saber teeth quite a bit.
Because of their size, they can't fit in the mouth, so they stick out, therefore making the Egyptian great lynx a terrifying creature.
They have golden collar necklace with bright shining diamonds. Some also have more gold on their bodies.
On their back, there is a saddle, used for riding. The saddle is too covered with gold or silver.
The rider holds on to their tight fur while on the go.

Interestingly enough, as far as personality goes, they are quite similar to regular cats.
For the most part that is.
They don't like to be touched, unless you are their rider.
These animals get attached to their rider and will only allow them to hop on their back.
They are also adventurous creatures, who love exploring foreign lands.

The Egyptian Great Lynx could have been found in the Sahara in the past, most commonly in various oases, or even in rare cases, in Pharaoh's homes.
People loved them because of their exceptional size and strength. Usually they used them in purposes like hunting, or even defenses from enemies from distant lands who wanted to
to conquer the rich Oasis of the Sahara and the black treasure that was said to be under the ground. The Egyptian Great Lynx were the top hunters, grabbing the prey even bigger than theirs.
They were also known for being able to survive even in the desert wilderness for more than 5 weeks without food and, as it is only known by the stories, and even 2 weeks without water.
These animals were ruthless to their opponents, with their sharp claws they could have given you deep and deadly wounds, because of which not even the best medics could have cured you.

Years passed, and so has the age of people. And those who were called the riders, the most experienced warriors. As the years have passed, there also came many diseases.
Egyptians treated their illnesses very well, they were experienced, but nothing could be done to prevent what was about to happen.

Unfortunately, with that, another one came. The last one. The one everyone feared, the death that they called Plague.

Years and years have passed, and the disease did not go away. Civilizations have been lost. Thousands of living creatures. But one species has survived the disease.
One type of animal that disease could not touch. The Egyptian Great Lynx were immune to the plague. After long and rough summers, people disappeared.
The disease had swallowed everything in front of it, and so did them.

These animals, unfortunately are now left alone on this planet.  With no humans to teach and train them, no food in sight and barely any left for the cubs.

So, after ages of waiting, the rest of Egyptian Great Lynx decided to take a long journey to the far North.

But when they arrived at their destination, they were unpleasantly surprised.
The Northern Lions pride occupied an area that everyone claimed to be empty, until recently.

When they were attacked, the rest of starved and tired Egyptian Great Lynx gathered all their strength which they could and tried to resist the great power from the North.
Dozens died in that battle. Now known as 'The Northern Battle'. The battle in which there are only a few, dozens as it is said, Egyptian Great Lynx survived.
And with them, so did Smauron. The strongest and fastest beast of their area. Smauron had no offspring, he was just an old warrior now.
Which in the past reigned with the Pharaohs, who was led by the most powerful Pharaoh that lived during their time.
Smauron, like other animals, lost everything after the death of his rider. Never, no one will ride on Smauron, as well as others.

It is rumored that the lost passengers, who managed to escape dangerous lions, are now settled far in the North. In the highest mountains far above the clouds.
They do not know how many of them are there, just by stories.

It's said that they are waiting for people to rise again, so that their offsprings reign over Sahara once more.

Other Information (Optional):

A drawing (which resembles the Egyptian Great Lynx much better)

Finished Maps / The Valley (Public map)
« on: February 19, 2019, 06:20:08 pm »

Hello once again!
I don't make maps very often at all. In fact, this is only my second public map.
Therefore I will use a separate post for it, not combined with other creations. It would be way too cluttered.

First I wasn't sure if I want to actually release it, because It's Grace's home.
But after thinking a bit I figured I might as well do it, since I won't use the map 24/7 and It would be cool if others used it for their role plays!

The map itself shouldn't be laggy, maybe a little bit for old computers but that's it. Loading in is pretty decent.
There are plenty of meshes and in my opinion it's well detailed. At the very end, my computer started to lag while I was editing the map,
so I figured it would be the best not to add any more stuff in it. Mainly because I didn't want to have issues with the map or worse, map not even exporting (it happened before).

Here are a few screenshots (a lot actually):
-click on the spoiler-


!!! Please let me know if there are any issues !!!

- don't enter my cave, there's a big X in front of it  ;U; screams   adsdsadassads-

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