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Forum Games / Riddle Me This
« on: Yesterday at 11:12:28 am »
I'm not 100% sure if this is a Forum Game already, but it's been on my mind for the past day or two. Now I'm thinking eh, what could go wrong? The competitive play will be friendly.

So, here's how it works:
Person A (me in this case) will post a riddle but not the answer.
Person A also gives a timespan for how long people have to figure out the answer (i.e 2 days, next 24 hours) up to 1 week maximum. Person A also offers a prize. For example: "if you guess the answer to this riddle, I'll give you dA points/+Floof/a free preset/a free art piece" etc etc.

Then it's a matter of, whoever guesses the answer to the riddle correctly, wins.
Person B (who answered the riddle correctly) then has to post the next riddle, the timespan to answer & a prize. Person C guesses the answer correctly, wins a prize, then posts the next riddle, a timespan & the prize offered.

Make sense?

NOTE!: If you don't want the prize, you're more than welcome to transfer it to a friend or a user of your choice. But please let them know before doing so.

1) Don't google the answers.

Here is the template for the people posting the next riddle:
Code: [Select]
[center][size=12pt][b][u]Riddle Me This![/u][/b][/size]

[size=12pt][b][u]The Timespan![/u][/b][/size]

[size=12pt][b][u]The Prize![/u][/b][/size]
[i](NAME YOUR PRIZE HERE)[/i][/center]

Ask Me / Let Me Entertain You
« on: April 09, 2021, 05:15:16 pm »
It's been a while since I've been around FH and now that I've returned I thought I may as well start one of these up.

Ask away?

I also can't be the only one that thinks of the Adam Lambert song from my thread title?

Discussion Board / Condolences
« on: April 09, 2021, 11:40:18 am »

It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen has announced the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.

Leaving / Defeated
« on: August 23, 2020, 12:41:37 pm »
Hi all,
some of you may know me and some of you may not (in which case, hi and bye).
I've been around FH for as long as I can remember and during NMO, really fought for the better of FH. As some may know, I was then appointed as part of the New Team and blah blah blah.

Nevertheless, this isn't why I'm writing my goodbye.
Over the past few year or so, I guess I've just... lost everyone?
I no longer belong in the same friendship circle I used to. I no longer feel as though I'm seen as a friend, to many people, mostly all within this community.
I can only put the blame on myself - I disappeared for quite some time and was very on & off. My activity was up and down and my existence on Discord was near enough nonexistent.
I just feel shut out to everyone. I don't belong here, truthfully speaking. I feel as though I'm seen as a nasty person - which I'm truly not - but when I try my best to make efficient changes, it's never recognised and the true me is just pushed into a cage by the rest of the world, as my "malevolence" in personality is apparently the only me.

This isn't true, but I feel defeated.

No matter the effort I've put in, I guess I'll just be the same old miscreant to everyone I know.
So I'll be taking my leave from FH/FHU/Discord. With this account, permanently. I might return under a new alias someday, but I'll for sure not announce my return if there is one.
I just feel battered and bruised and, I guess I'm giving up and putting away everything I stand for, for the... better?
I don't want to be a burden to people and FH/FHU anymore, so it's better this way I guess.

I've loved every second of being here, through thick and thin.

Request a Preset/Marking / Seeking a Preset Maker
« on: June 17, 2020, 03:33:54 pm »
Hi there folks,
I recently bought and have definitely fallen deep in love with my new main OC, who is a closed species.

I'm currently looking for a preset maker who knows how to fiddle with codes, textures, as well as parts of the feline model that may need erasing/editing to suit the character itself. I'd do it myself but my preset making skills only go so far and, I'm incredibly rusty due to my Feral Heart break, leaving me with not so much memory as to how I used to do it all so well before.

I would drop the full reference here but I'll keep it to a PM as there is mature content on the reference sheet, done by the artist I bought this character from.

I'm more than happy to pay via deviantArt points or PayPal.

Here's a little teaser of my new bab:

Introduction / hi
« on: June 14, 2020, 06:39:24 am »
Some of you might remember me as Nommy Shark, or Shurtle, or have known me as Scallywag since the username change.
Perhaps from the group, Shadows & Dust (which has been inactive for a while now, but that will change eventually).
I took a long break after some tension in addition to my leave from the FH Staff. Hopefully, that tension has died off by now. It's been a while.

I guess I just can't stay away?

Despite all of the issues lingering amongst the game and with the community/staff and with all the discussion going on, I did basically start my roleplaying career here as a child. I guess I want to continue that? I don't know, it will depend on what I can cope with when it comes to managing a group of my own and joining other peoples' groups.

I'll stop rambling as I'm never any good at these but hi, Scally is back.
Yay or Nay?

Shadows & Dust / Events
« on: January 27, 2020, 03:46:55 pm »

February Valentine's Event 2020


February Gaming Galore 2020


Shadows & Dust / Announcements
« on: January 27, 2020, 03:40:59 pm »

Australia - 08/01/2020

As some of you, if not all of you, are already aware; Australia has kicked off 2020 with one of if not THE worst fires we've ever seen. As the owner of Shadows & Dust, I value the wildlife that roams those lands, as they are magnificent as they are majestic - despite having some of the largest and scariest spiders I've EVER seen - with their cute kangaroos and koalas. However, if not enough action is taken, for all we know, these wonderful creatures will cease to exist for our future generations.

Please visit the following link to see what you can do to help. <3

iiPaw - 'My Country is Burning, We Need Help.'

Staff Changes - 12/01/2020

As of 12th January 2020, Kaziro/Veli/Malaika stepped down from their position of S&D Staff.
This decision had not been made out of the blue, as it had been discussed with Kaziro when it was recognised that they were perhaps struggling with the stress of looking after the group and running things when Skolrar Verr and Faraji were absent. They agreed that it would be best for them to not have so much weight on their shoulders, particularly with education on their mind. Kaziro/Veli/Malaika worked very hard during their time as Staff, especially so during our opening week! As a result, they will be given the title of "Honourable Member" to never forget the hard work they put into this group, however this won't effect our "no complex hierarchy" concept.

We love you, Kaz! <3

Staff Changes - 20/01/2020

While both Skolrar Verr and Faraji/Svafar are currently facing some activity issues/significant decreases, there will be members approached about taking their place either temporarily or permanently.

What I'm looking for:
🐾 Active members
🐾 Members who can follow #schedule and recruit, as well as drive roleplays and events.
🐾 Benevolent lions/lionesses who've gotten to know the rules and can enforce them with a patient, understanding yet assertive manner.
🐾 Capabilities of working under pressure/with more weight on their shoulders.

I will be approaching up to 2 people to take on the role(s), and later on be deciding if they have earned their job on a permanent basis or will only continue temporarily, however, will be rewarded the Honorable Member role alongside Kaziro.

Shadows & Dust Changes - 27/01/2020

We now have an Official FH Thread and Child Board, deviantArt group and Facebook group.

>Official Information Thread<
>Official deviantArt Group<
>Official Facebook Group<

Affiliation Notice - 27/01/2020

We are now officially affiliated with Bawfle's Zambisi Pride. Friendship!
Check out their dA pride and give them some love!
>Zambisi Pride dA Page<

Staff Changes 29/01/2020

We welcome our dearest member, Ranak, to the Shadows & Dust Staff team!
Faraji and I have been keeping a close eye on who we thought who would best fit the role. While Ranak doesn't roleplay anymore, they're active and consistent with their feedback and input in just about everything. They're very sweet and very chatty, and I do believe they'll do a brilliant job of the tasks to come and challenges to face.
Congratulations, Ranak! <3

Shadows & Dust / Shadows & Dust
« on: January 27, 2020, 01:25:37 am »

"We mortals are but shadows and dust.
Shadows and dust, Maximus!"
- Proximo, Gladiator, 2000

Shadows & Dust is a feline group that was founded by Scallywag on 1st January, 2020. With the creation of Scally's character, Skolrar Verr, alongside some investigations as to what drew people into groups and what would keep them dedicated, having fun all the way; Shadows & Dust was born, co-founded by Aphrodisia, known as Faraji. Together, they pursued a dream of running into the unknown - no idea how successful they'd be, if they'd have the dedication to last - but so far, so good!

While Shadows & Dust was born in Feral Heart, we are hoping to expand beyond. There are thousands of games to be played, and we hope to give as many as we can some good loving! As well as being overrun by S&D members, of course. Not only do we roleplay, but we come together as a family to just have fun of all sorts, so that the group is completely adaptable to people's gaming needs and preferences.

Key Points:

🐾 No Hierarchy
- Aside from "King" and "Queen", there is absolutely no hierarchy in this pride whatsoever. We have Honorable members of such, yet this is to praise them for their work towards the group over time, this doesn't at all give them any superiority in terms of power in the pride. We want all of our members to do different tasks to perform well in every aspect, so that if anyone is absent everyone else can pitch in on their to-do lists, if any exist. Why do we have no hierarchy? Because they are boring! While it does create organisation, organisation can be made by tasks, events, and orders alone.

🐾 No Roleplay Sample(s)
- Roleplay samples are best known to be the most off-putting requirement when it comes to joining a roleplay. It is time-consuming, and can be humiliating if you don't meet the criteria. So, Scallywag & Aphrodisia both came to an agreement that such a criteria would most certainly not exist! What's the point? This game is for roleplayers to further develop their roleplaying ability, so to put a barrier that they haven't practiced enough to overcome, we see unfit for our goal.

🐾 No Literacy/Realism Standards
- Shadows & Dust aims to allow all roleplayers of age and ability to improve their literacy and language skills by exploring with terminology they may pick up from other, more experienced roleplayers. As well as being able to just roleplay in general on a character they have the freedom of being as creative, neon, dark, as they like. S&D is completely open to anything with the feline model, so have as many wings, items, be the brightest colour you want!

🐾 No Discord/Website Registration or Joining Requirements
- While it is extremely helpful to have a set platform for people to remain in communication with the group, Scallywag is completely flexible. Should you have a preferred platform to use - i.e Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram - then Scally is more than happy to add you there. We keep in mind that adding them on these platforms is strictly for group purpose only, and to keep everyone updated on upcoming changes and events.

Joining Shadows & Dust

Joining Shadows & Dust is simple, drop us a message!
You can post below to contact Scallywag your interest, PM them on the FeralHeart forums, or you can find them in-game and drop a Whisper or send a Join Request with the character you'd like to have added to the group.
Job done!

Useful Links

Shadows & Dust Official Website
Shadows & Dust Official Facebook
Shadows & Dust Official deviantArt
Shadows & Dust Official Instagram

Introduction / Never been good at these
« on: November 18, 2019, 03:16:45 pm »
Well, here we are.

I just wanted to write up a brief introduction thread as well as an apologetic one.
For some, my expressions of opinion have not been the most benevolent. For others, my actions have been questionable. When I took a short-lived leave from FeralHeart I left behind a few people who were actually very dear to me and have cared for my wellbeing from the beginning. Other friends I left behind having ended on an awful note, in which I was too ignorant to see the situation as my fault when it was. Where I thought i was mature, I wasn't. Where I thought I was reasonable, I wasn't. Where I thought I was right, I wasn't.
Previous dramas within this game and community had greatly influenced my emotional state, being traumatic in some cases and therapeutic in another when things were going as/better than expected.

To the members of Staff that I hurt in my time working with them, I'd like to deeply apologise for my behaviour and actions towards the lot of you. "New" & "Old".
I don't expect forgiveness, after looking back at some of what went on between us. However, I can't not express myself here and now to get rid of the weight that's been on my shoulders for several months, hoping to at least prove in the time I've been away, I've grown up and gotten a grip of myself. I'll not touch the subject on what we went through although I do hope we can at least comfortably be in one another's company from now on.

As I'm not very good at typing up apologies, I'll keep it short.
I suppose I'm back, if I'm welcome?

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