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So people, I'm back.

I guess the question at hand is, where are we at? As part of my return I requested a restructuring of the staff, which is something I have been working towards ever since the site came back online. That’s the primary reason I didn’t post as while I had a general concept, I hadn’t sorted the details.

So, what’s new?

Firstly, the teams, I took from what I learned in the second part of the future of Feral Heart thread. Ressy and Sura are running entirely separate teams, they both have their own mod selections, staff rooms, discord channels, etc, etc. Ressy and Sura communicate together, with their own team and with me. The teams also have an 'optional' social area where they can get together if they choose to.

How does this help me?

Going forward, my involvement will return to dealing with my fellow admins, authorising and allocating work. It’s been made clear that I’d like regular updates just to keep in touch with what's going on, even if it's just to drop me a message explaining that "this week, this happened" without the need for me trying to find regular meeting times. If there are any issues they need assistance with, I’ll still be available.

How does this help you?

They say variety is the spice of life. More people, more ideas, more methods. I do believe there's more than one way to do things. Teams may do things differently and with smaller groups of people every voice is heard, nothing is lost. Decisions can be made faster as fewer people need to be involved. I hope to see at some point one team looking at how the other approached something and learning from it. Each team can be much more focused with fewer tasks floating around. You have a choice of people to come to. Not only do you have the MOTS, but you have two entirely different groups of people you can come and talk to should you need.

The drawback and the answer.

There is a fatal flaw in this plan that some of you might have noticed already. If the staff teams are completely separate, how are we ever going to hope for moderation consistency? Well... Moderation is going to have to change. My proposal is to have very short bans placed by MODS. Once a ban is placed, a very small team of people will be notified to look over it. The ban will then be adjusted to an appropriate length. This should solve any inconsistencies. If there are any issues, I'm sure they can be tweaked.


So that’s the plan. But other things have been going on that are completely separate. I’m going to do my best to fill you in. I don’t like to name names but I might have to in places to keep things making sense for those unaware.

While everything here was shutdown, a podcast was made. This entailed ex-staff members discussing what goes on in the staff. If I’m completely fair to the viewpoint, it's completely false, but there's little things that were missed from it. When you put in all those little things, it stops being a one sided attack and becomes a pretty reasonable situation. Just to give one example: Say you have just had a meeting and someone made a decision on something. For whatever reason you are unsure about what you need to do. You've asked others and they are also unsure. Do you not drop a quick message to the person who made the decision for some clarity? I’m not going to go through the entire thing and pick it apart. But yeah perspective is a wonderful thing.

As you can understand, people/staff this podcast was directed at were upset. Yes, some of them said at the time these people should be banned. It's the heat of the moment when people are angry and upset, this is why in a court of law your victim is never your judge.

I still took onboard all the comments made. But I had my own feelings about the situation. Being that there was such a difference in opinions on what should be done. I took the time to speak to people who had seen the podcast other than the old staff. I gave them all the available options of punishment. I filled in as much information as I could. Then I allowed them to come to their own conclusions as to what should be done. The responses were almost the same across the board. I’d like to make it abundantly clear that the research I did here was the basis for the punishments and not the input I had recieved originally.


So the four core people involved were Calvary, Wolffox, Jango_Fett and AlphaEclipse.
The resulting punishments are as follows.

Calvary, for divulging information about the internal workings of staff and shedding a very closed one sided light on the old staff, as well as painting them in a much poorer light than they ever deserved. Your apologies were taken into account over said issues and as such your only punishment is not to be permitted return to staff.

Wolffox, for backing up Calvary on her entire statement even though you were not staff for the beginning of it and as such you were technically unable to ratify the entire thing. There was no effort made to limit the amount you agreed with Calvary. Put simply, as an ex global moderator I would have expected you to step in rather than just going with the flow. Your punishment is again, not to be able to return to staff. (However I would like to make a footnote to this particular punishment. It has been said that I wished for Fox to return to the staff. That’s true Fox did some very very good work for the staff. I appreciate it immensely, however before I reached the point of punishments, I had spoken to Fox. She made it clear to me that she would only return to staff if she could work with Ressy rather than under Ressy. This would mean Fox returning to staff as an admin. I simply cannot reward Fox's behaviour in such a way. Based on this they would not be returning to staff anyway so I saw little purpose in placing effort on reducing the punishment.)

Jango_Fett, for providing the space, aiding and even encouraging the distribution of staff information. You were aware of your position as a MOTS and what you were and were not allowed to do with it. When I attempted to negotiate the removal or even just an editing of the podcast, you were unwilling to cooperate. As such you have been removed from MOTS. A ban will be entered on the record your account for two weeks, however you will not have to serve this ban. The ban will simply disqualify you from MOTS for the next two years as per the MOTS Proposal.

AlphaEclipse, for also providing the space and aiding. However, when I re-watch your involvement. I note that you were the only person to say and I quote "Do not attack the staff". Your attempted to rein in the cast to some extent at least. When I approached you for assistance after the podcast, you did your best to aid me. In the knowledge of this, no punishment will be given.


So I put a much shorter version of this in the staff room with no descriptions as staff had been nudging me as to what was going on. I wanted to speak to each of the individuals above personally and explain. I go to bed. The next morning I wake up to some annoyed messages. At this point I have no idea what's going on. I assumed I could deal with it at work. I get to work and I have a job booked out for the morning. I turn up at said job and it takes all day pretty much. I get back from the job only to discover someone on the staff has leaked what I posted. I’m pissed that after everything that’s gone on, someone is still trying to make my job harder. At this point I leave a snotty message in the staff room for someone to put their hand up and nobody does. Later on, I then kick all the new staff. I know its not the old staff as there's too much bad blood going around. So at this point I know I’ve stopped the leak.

I’m refusing to return any of the new staff to the team until someone puts their hand up and shows me they actually did it. I’m aware some of the staff were planning to leave anyway and are happy to take the fall for something they didn't actually do. Though I cannot believe at this point that whoever did it doesn’t have the balls to step forward. They are booted from staff, their friends are booted from staff. Apparently whoever this selfish person is didn’t give a damn about their team, and don’t assume its because none of them want to come back.

When I kicked the staff off the forum, I missed some permissions for some of them. Staff who are not even presently on the team have been using the permissions they had left to help out with the trolls on the forum and even just general tidying up. All I can say to these individuals is, hats off to you. It really is commendable that even in such a situation you continue on. Such amazing dedication.

As it stands, the offer remains for the new staff to rejoin whichever team they wish. However, I do require the instigator to come forward.


Ressys new team.

Jumping to now, Ressy has selected a new team to run with; I’ll let them deal with their own introductions. As I said above, some of the new staff already made it clear they were going to leave anyway. In order for there to be a place for them to come back to, we needed at least the basics of a team. As a result, this small team has been formed. Should the staff rejoin, it may become substantially larger. Should they not, at least something is in place.

I hope this answers all the questions people may have. There are still components of this setup being put into place, but for the time being, the old staff will continue to handle moderation. MOTS will be reselected next season.

I think that covers everything.


News Archives / The Future of Feral Heart
« on: July 12, 2019, 09:44:49 am »
I'm aware the rumour mill is turning once again.

So to clarify. As of last night I no longer feel that I can hold up the commitment to Feral Heart that I have for the last 8 years. For one the role I came in on has changed beyond recognition. I was only meant to look after the servers. But as time has gone on I have ended up wearing many many hats.

I'm not going to start detailing the problems as there are many and I don't really want to start pointing fingers.

The crooks of the matter is now have a short period to decide what to do with Feral Heart. I am on the clock here because I need to either resume the site for the ads to pay for the servers or cancel the servers entirely.

Options being.

1. Re-attempt to carry on with it as it stands. If I can find the energy.

2. Hand the the entire thing onto someone else. Though I don't know anyone else who has both the technical know how and I trust enough with all of your data.

3. Drop the project back to how LKD designed it and pretty much abandon it to run itself.

4. Shut it down and release all the info required to run a blank copy.

5. Come up with some insane new idea about how to deal with this project that I'm not adverse to doing.


In case I end up with option  2 or 4.

I've got a few things I'd like to say as things may just disappear.

Firstly thank you to all those who helped on this project over the years. Feral Heart has been a better place for it.

Also I'd like to take this chance to apologise for a few things. I do have a few....

Firstly I'm sorry that we didn't have the source when LKD left. He actually offered it for Reds keeping back in the day. I told Red that if we take it now LKD will have passed it on and that would be the end of the updates. I didn't anticipate that he would just leave regardless.

My second regret even though it technically wasn't my job was that I didn't really pay any attention to the 1.15 update. I guess I just took it for granted that it was going to be the right thing. I really didn't look over it until after it was released like the rest of you. Maybe if I had it could have been tailored somewhat differently.

Moving on I feel you should be aware that getting a copy of the source code is not a new thing. In fact I have been sat on a copy of the source for years now even the rest of the staff were not aware I had it. It probably would have remained that way if I didn't feel that the servers needed certain security updates that could only be achieved with alterations to the client also.

The unreleased 1.16. With my lack of attention on 1.15 I knew I needed to to pay more attention to this update. I outline a requirement for this one and i hear work was going on. But even then I didn't pay too much attention to the ins and outs. I heard work was still going on so I let it go on. I hadn't realised work was going on on completely different things. If I had such things wouldn't have been started and the time wouldn't have been wasted.

I haven't treated you the community very well over the years. I still hold a grudge back from when I was hosting IT. Which is why when Feral Heart came in I opted to a background role. A lot of the times when I posted I've been harsh sometimes it was for good reason to keep eyes where I needed them to be. But on occasion I'll admit I was simply doing to to have fun and that was wrong.

On a final note. I'd like to point out while I haven't always agreed with the communities opinion. ( I don't believe just because a lot of people want something it makes it the right thing to do. )  I have always had the communities best interest at heart even if I don't explain my side. Where there has been community wants there has always been alternative ideas to address these issues without generating the problems I see in the idea handed to me.

Well I guess we will see what happens from here.

Should this be my last communication good luck to you all.


PS Sorry the site looks broken I didn't feel it warrented the fix time.

News Archives / 1.17 The fixing
« on: July 10, 2019, 04:17:23 pm »
Just going to drop this here as it may be useful to some/many

NOT Considered a BUG
Anti-viruses / Windows warning about the program (Systems are now paranoid about any new applications)

FIXED no reinstall needed
marking colours
The banning when you attempt your password more than 5 times (its slightly different now)
Friends list showing friends after disconnection

FIXED needs user intervention
Char sizes can be sorted in the user-panel

Tailless option
Keyboard shortcut layout
Files not overwriting and asking to re-download

Minor/fix later things
tails too large
markings colours in movie maker
custom emotes don't reset when choosing another emote. (can be switched if all sliders are set back to 0)
Blinking custom emote values reset after an actual blink.
Preset Sync

User fix needed
animations not working need exporting

News Archives / Feral Update November 2018
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:00:25 pm »
This was supposed to be October part 3 but alas there are not enough hours in the days.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the new staff on their excellent work in hosting the Halloween Party of 2018. For those who attended, I hope that you all enjoyed it. It was an amusement to see them running about to turn it all round in time as it was short notice.

I assume that you have discovered this thread very quickly, you probably may have gone in-game and noticed of our new login page. I am aware that some of the community have been missing out on events and news etc. But all recent news can be found on the new page, alongside upcoming events. This should allow easier and faster dissemination of important information, it will be updated on a regular basis. Again, a big thanks to those who contributed - not only to the new staff team, but also some of the old ones.

Speaking of the grumpy old staff, they are now making a return and will be working alongside the new staff team. Issues have been resolved and they are back, stronger and better than ever, with their new buddies to help. They have been discussing and helping with things from the sidelines ever since they left, so I'm happy to say: a big welcome back to Shally, Lord Sugarmuffin (who seems to have no clue what a cookie is), Nynx, Kynvuu, Morgra and that odd little Kiwi fruit in the corner.

Ressy, who has basically been acting admin since her return, will now also be taking a full Administrator role, therefore a huge congratulations to her for her constant hard work and dedication.

Unusually today is actually Nynx and Edo's birthdays. I don't think we have ever had news on the same day as mods birthday before. So Happy Birthday you two.

On a final note, this being the main event of this post, I would like to announce that we have finally got another patch! Hopefully, the first of many to come. Not a lot will be said here as we will give plenty of room for the wonderful LaughingWolf and Lazy_Alizarin to explain their participation in the creation of this patch. Another HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was involved for this patch's release and, I know we are all looking forward to the next one. Also in celebration registration will be open for the next 24h.

Downloads are now available on the Download page. HERE
If anyone comes across any issues with characters in blank maps/empty voids, simply reset your home location and 'go home' in the User Panel, which should resolve the problem.

Think that about covers it.....


News Archives / October Update Part 2
« on: October 04, 2018, 10:01:11 am »
This one isn't so much of an update really but more of a reflection on the past 2 years ish.

Going back even further. 2 years ago my family acquired a new home.
But lets say it wasn't really a ready to move in home....

The first 6 months were spent acquiring building permits, gutting the place and arranging for builders to come in.
(When I say gutting I'm talking everything a couple of the interior walls remain and the exterior wall all plumbing, wiring, ceilings, even the roof came off.)

While this was keeping me busy it wasn't causing me to be so busy that I was losing much time with Feral Heart stuff.

Next, the builders came in. This is where I ceased to be able to work to my own time scale. Certain things had to be done at certain times.
So other work could be completed and I had to find time to do this outside of my job and my other volunteering commitments which consume a few nights of my week.
Basically if it had wires there's a pretty good chance I put it in from the electrics, lighting, network data points, the alarm system, for some reason I ended up wiring in the boiler too?
(Thought that was the plumbers job.. Where's Mario when you need him?)
I'm also a bit of a pyromaniac. I have both a fire pit and a log burning stove so took it upon myself to split and chop all the old timber that came out rather than letting it be ditched.
At one point there has a huge pile of scrap wood in the probably about 4m wide 4m deep and 3m high.

During this 12 month period, I was struggling to keep up with whatever was going on with Feral Heart and the staff.
I dumped Skype off my phone, which was the main method for communication.
Why? Because I was getting home incredibly tired, and the late night calls (all the staff at the time were American) kept waking me up while I was trying to sleep.
I didn't cut all communication ties though. My phone number has resided in the staff room for-pretty-much-ever, even if only on very, very rare occasion the staff have used it.
I also use Telegram (Russian free speech version of whatsapp). Sura had me added on there and was dropping me messages as and when I was needed.

The last 6 months on the back of that was/has been spent moving and settling in. We didn't use a removals service which in hindsight was a massive mistake.
I don't think I have ever moved so much stuff in my life. This continued the tired and need to sleep issue.
On top of that, during the build, we foil insulated the entire house. The upshot of this was upon moving in I discovered that mobile reception was patchy at best.
Basically, if you wanted to call me I need to go outside. You might say "What about the internet?"
I now have probably one of the most unique connections going. I'm bonding (legally I might add) a number of connections from around the neighbourhood.
I actually have a mast of antennas picking up signals from all over the place. While this is great and technically free in the long term (I did have to buy a shed load of equipment to do it).
The upshot of it is that it isn't very good for calls. The call jumps between connections of different latencies, which it seems no calling software is prepared for and you end up with a really choppy call(something else I need to work on).
I very recently installed a mobile booster on the roof so the issues I was having until now have been pretty much solved.

So if you have sat and read though all of this, you're probably thinking this is some huge ass excuse. Honestly this is kinda how life works.
In my position there's really no excuse I can make for disappearing for the best part of 2 years... But at the same time I don't have anyone else I can pass the job to.
Other staff would probably have left. But if I leave who else has the understanding of the server?

So that's the initial issue. Though it doesn't explain what actually went wrong.
Before my activity took a tumble I started a the next patch with the staff. As you all should know we called out for map makers among other things.
LaughingWolf and Lady_Alizarin were selected to produce maps.
They were provided a framework to work within but generally what you will see from these maps is there own work with little bits of staff input here and there.
I certainly saw almost all of Laughing's map go up and was able to make sure Lady's was on the right track before my activity dropped.

So X months down the line, after Christmas really, this patch was pretty much ready.
Sura contacted me so, now this is where I'm a little hazy.. I know from the conversation that I have been back and read in telegram.
Sura did tell me that the patch was ready! I did also mention in the same conversation that I had the flu. So I probably forgot.....
Again I'm not trying to make excuses this is just how it panned out. Following this was a number of contacts about a call.
I was either moving in or moved in roughly when these occurred, so it was either sheer tiredness, or because I wasn't going to stand outside at night in February/March time for calls.
I did, in that period though, answer questions about users and rebooting the server a couple of times on request over messages. Oh, and some broken Boards stuff here.
Months ticked by, other less frequent messages for calls arrived. Again, I didn't arrange anything. Website had an issue.
Other text based discussions about random stuff. But still I hadn't actually got into a chat with all the staff. Or really discussed what was going on with the patch.
Rolling round to start of august august I got a message about object groups here's me thinking "Blimey, they are still working on them maps".
It was a long message so I left it till later to answer properly. Again it was clearly forgotten as at the end of august I must have picked up on it and threw back an apologetic response.

This was also where my first concern about the patch was raised.
"There are a few meshes that need to be "private" and not accessible in Object Maker." I'm immediately thinking; this is what happened with the old markings that went in game.
People wanted to use them as in presets but the creators disapproved.
Since replacing those its been the general consensus that anything that goes into Feral Heart can be used by all of you. Realising there's an issue this is about when I rolled back into Skype.

In a Skype call I had with the staff, by staying back at work late, I discovered the work the staff had been doing went well beyond the original intended patch.
I was now looking at effectively 3 new maps and other changes throughout the Feral Heart world, including complete removal of the grounds.
On top of this the world logic (positioning of maps by maps in 3D space) introduced in the last patch looked like it was going, by the way.
I know a lot of people weren't and aren't happy with the last patch. But I don't see that the good things it brings to Feral Heart should be lost.
To me there's two issues with these maps. They need some additional fun elements and as role players you need more environments than are currently available.
In my mind this this had gone ahead without my consultation, and while I really don't like to see good work go to waste, I would really have to have a deep look at how I could fit these maps into the existing structure that the world provides.
The response I got back from the staff was that of huge disappointment, that they had worked for so long on these maps for them to potentially not end up in game.
Also a distinct sense that I was ignoring the benefits of what they had done, and how they had done it, almost by community request.
Please note at this point, even though I still hadn't been in the maps myself, I knew in the back of my mind that there's been so much work gone in to this that people are going to leave if I can't find a way to make it work in game.
I wasn't and I'm still not really prepared to sacrifice the world logic we have obtained for the old maps.
Its my belief that in doing so is no better than to revert that last patch. And that's going backwards not forwards.

So following this call I made it my mission to at the very least take a quick look around the maps at the weekend.
I was expecting an awkward integration from the call. But seeing the maps it was looking impossible. I couldn't in my head find a way to make them fit with the existing world.
The upshot of this is a 3 week argument with the staff.
I'm saying 100% these maps are not going in game unless we can find a logical place for them (I also made it clear that I was willing to let the staff leave over the issue).
I have the staff claiming that the logic was through out and while it loosely worked it didn't quite fit.
I also took issue with modifying existing maps which were not part of the plan to build these new maps inside them.
Maps which effectively became backdrops for the new maps; increased complication already complex maps, or were simply what I felt to be an improper representation of the original maps they were connected too.

So three weeks of battles roll by staff tensions are at an all time high. By this point I'm convinced that the staff are blind to what they have created just as a parent can be blind to an ugly child.
I'm dropping into late night calls that I was far to tired to really be in. The staff have setup another group chat and are having calls without me.
I have a solution to logical map placement and I've provide it in chat. It's simply been over looked or ignored.
(It's not until after the staff leave that I discover that they didn't understand what I was trying to layout.)
If i wasn't sure before that the staff were going to leave, I've become pretty certain now.

During this time, Shallow was trying to mediate the situation. I fail to answer a message on telegram. I get one back which seemed snappy to me.
At this point I snapped back. In return I get a message stating that she's done mediating and that I'm on my own.
I'm thinking well that's it then. I needed something in place for the staff leaving. So up pops "no moderator October".
On the back of that Nynx releases all the WIP patch stating that I have no intention of allowing it in game.
From my point of view this is simply a political release to side the community with the staff.
I ban Nynx on the basis of lying about my intentions and I kill the maps server side to stop the leak.
I remove Nynx's comment under my no mod October post on the basis that I'm assuming she's gone rogue.

The Staffs response to this was to walk out collectively. Which changes my priorities, even if i make no moderator October work, I still have no forum staff.
Time I was spending on coding is swapped for seeking staff. Hmm was created. And that brings us up to date I believe.

Obviously I made mistakes here. There was clear misinterpretation from both sides. But perhaps now there is an understanding as to why things happened the way they have.

News Archives / October Update Part 1
« on: October 02, 2018, 10:40:18 am »
Part 1. - Because if you hadn't all noticed already there's a lot going on and I expect there will be several updates this month.

First thing to note is No mod October is off. Yep, I found some staff to fill the void (with great help from returning moderator Ressy). Hopefully they will all say hi after this post.

Redlinelies has stepped back up into a staff training role. He trained pretty much all the staff even on an indirect basis since shortly after FeralHeart Began.

Secondly I have been talking to around 20 odd members from here. Some of you were aware of a hidden thread called "hmm".
I'm very aware its content has been leaking out to the world. This thread has now been locked and published now in News.
Sometimes it's just easier to talk to a few people than to try and respond to everyone.

Now not only do we have new staff but the way the staff operate is about to change.
As of the next Member of the Seasons selections. A proposal that I made to the staff back in February 2017 called the "MOTS Proposal" is being implemented.
This proposal never passed simply because I could never get all the staff members into a unanimous agreement.
I felt it was unfair to force such a radical change to how we operate upon them.

MOTS Proposal

Most of you know Members of The Season(hereby known as MOTS) are selected by you, the community, as examples of the best members you have to offer and for their deeds to be seen by everyone.

Being that these members represent the community, we, the staff would like to invite them to join us in the staff room.
MOTS will be able to see what is happening regarding the game, join in discussions, meetings and have a voice to propose and vote on current affairs.

- MOTS access will not be limitless. MOTS will not have access to MIT(Mod in Training) selections as it's not uncommon for MOTS to be discussed for MIT positions.
- MOTS will not have direct access to reports from users.
- The final thing MOTS will not have access to is the historical archive of the staff room. We believe it's unfair on previous staff who would probably never have anticipated this change to have their posts suddenly under public scrutiny. But all posts from this point unless under the two categories above will be available to them.

Now to make clear the MOTS new status. They are here to create more transparency between the staff and you the community. If a MOTS feels we are not doing our job they can pull us up on it. But if we find a MOTS simply spewing information from the staff for the purposes of popularity or other reasons not beneficial to the community, they will be removed from their post (This will be discussed with the other MOTS at the time). MOTS will not be receiving moderator powers. MOTS are here to bring your ideas and opinions directly to us.

To be eligible for MOTS you cannot have a total ban time longer than two weeks in the last two years. For example if you have had three, five day bans the last eighteen months you cannot be eligible until the first ban elapses over the two year mark. We do check the other accounts you have as well. If we find any MOTS is receiving repeat votes from multiple accounts of the same person they will no longer be eligible for that period. A currently elected MOTS cannot be eligible for a second term in a row. But they can be re-elected every other term without limit.


Regarding the "patch" certain aspects are ready for release and will be out shortly. I've had a lot to juggle the past month.
I'm hoping to get you a release in the next couple of weeks. Certainly before the end of this month.
Personally I think I'm better for getting it out there than just telling you about it so please be patient.

As for the now ex-staff. I have been in more communication with them in the last week than the last year probably.
I expect in Part 2 we will probably have a joint post explaining what went on. But for the time being my priority is moving forward. Gap filling can happen later.

News Archives / Welcome to hmm
« on: September 26, 2018, 11:15:12 am »
Hello all who made it this far

News Archives / A couple of notes
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:34:14 am »
Well here we are guys right now its just me and you.

Those of you who know me know I'm not one for explaining myself.

But I guess a couple of notes are needed.

Those who disagree with moderator free October. You seem to be wildly over simplifying its operation. I'll give you a hint block != ban or even  blockx9000 != ban.(important note != is not = for those unaware != means does not equal)

Also note moderator free October was preparation for the staffs departure.

As for lost characters. PLEASE in future check where your download is coming from. If it doesn't come directly off I cannot be held responsible for its content. So if its some random mediafire link think twice before you download.

I wont restore your characters quite yet as it seems people are still loosing theirs. I'm not about to start some daily restore of lost characters. There are other more pressing matters to attend.

I'm also aware prior to the staffs departure, certainly in the staff room and possibly around the forum posts were blanked out. I will also have these restored in good time.

Sorry its so brief as you may imagine there's now a lot to do.


PS: THE SERVERS ARE NOT FOR SALE xD (I've suddenly had a lot of offers) (And yes there are more than one)

News Archives / Moderator Free October
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:25:26 pm »
Interesting concept no?

Lets call it a test / trial and forum operations will continue as usual. In-game however you will have no moderators.

Nope I'm not crazy of course something is being put in place. Note: if its not working it may not even be a whole month.

I know there are a lot of you out there who provide reports etc back to the staff.

Well for the month of October and maybe beyond. You the community will be in charge of self moderation.

How is it going to work?

Well from your point of view as a community member you have a very simple job to do. If you see someone or something that shouldn't be going on block the person.

The system in place will identify people being blocked. It will assign bans accordingly. I'm not going to give too much insight to its workings for now as things may change as more information is collected and to prevent any attempts at abuse of the system.

So I guess what it boils down to is can you guys keep a clean and friendly environment? Or do you actually require people to sit and watch you?

Roll on October!


News Archives / Site Oo
« on: June 17, 2016, 09:35:57 am »
So yeah we got a game update woot!

Now its time for the site to have a bit of an overhaul.

I'm hoping that it wont affect the current access to the game but things don't always go to plan.

As part of this upgrade you may find at times the site might look a little messy.

You will find that during the freezing period to move over you cant post or pm etc.

But the thing that I expect will grind most peoples gears is from now registration is completely disabled.

It will be back new and shiny with fewer activation problems.

So now you've all had the heads up.



What is not working at the moment:

The Registration is now OPEN, but please be patient if there are any bugs we have to work out.

Minor text operations, such as the spoiler tag.

These will be fixed in time, so please be patient!

Update: The Registration has been built and is now working! For Registration hours and additional info, look here.

Forgotten password system is fixed.

E-mails and usernames can now be changed/edited.

Preset Sync has been remade and fixed.

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