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Leaving / I think I deserve a vacation
« on: June 27, 2016, 02:13:58 am »

News Archives / Adding/Trying out some Profile functions
« on: June 26, 2016, 04:33:30 pm »
I'm rather certain a few of you have already noticed these, but if not I will be sure to bump them in here and explain them a bit further.

With the update of the forum, I've gone ahead and added a few new profile fields that you can edit by clicking the "Profile" tab in the forum menu, and then select "Forum Profile". Forum profile settings is the same menu that allows you to change your signature and avatars so nothing new there, but it should now boast a little bit deeper customization for users and give people around the forum more of a reason to explore peoples profiles.

We can start off with that you can now add your other social pages to be displayed under your avatar in posts/on your profile. You should be able to see an example of this if you look on the left of this very post. List of current ones are:

They are completely optional, and users are free to use them if they want to more easily be found on these sites and make this forum a bit more of a good hub to share your work or interests, maybe just to get in touch with someone.

Moving on with these profile fields, you may also enter a species that represent your character or you the most around the boards or in game. This list is pre-made with some common ones to choose from. At the current moment it is real existing animals, but just as before this field is completely optional and just a fun little thing. If you feel like particular/common species are missing, let me know and they could probably be added. There's also a field for a user's main group that allows free typing that will once someone visits a profile. If you have a pride, pack or group that you see as your ingame or forum family you can show it to everyone who takes a look. I hope that this will improve awareness around the boards of ingame groups and who might be in which group the most.

As a last one we've now got a nice description field on your pages. This field can be used as many different things such as a bio, or sharing links, or any social matter really. The signature can sometimes be a bit too tight, and maybe you just want to share something about you. These profile fields allow BBcodes so it basically will work like a post you'd make on the forum, only that it's slapped onto your profile for people to see. It is currently set to a limit of 2500 characters which should be good enough for most.

Some examples of what you can also stick on there are:

But you can of course photoshop/edit your own pictures and turn them into links and all that other funky stuff. Hopefully we will not find that it cause problems or works wonky as we'd be forced to revert back to just text. But as of now it should give you guys some options to make your profiles pretty or just more interesting.

As a last note, all these things has the forum rules applied to them so be sure to follow the forum rules when editing these fields. Thanks for reading, and have fun.

Forum Discussion / This is always a fun thing to see.
« on: June 09, 2016, 08:06:13 pm »
Raz let us know that we broke another record tonight.

Most Online Today: 693. Most Online Ever: 693 (Today at 10:02:28 pm)

Very impressive fluffs, very impressive indeed.

News Archives / // Feral-Heart Game Update June 2016 //
« on: June 09, 2016, 12:10:34 pm »
This patch/update has been made without any access nor modification to the game's source code. Please keep this in mind as it's more of an overhaul and a mod of the original game than it is a new game. All changes experienced has been possible without the modification of the game's source codes and all accounts and account information will remain as is! No changes has been done to users accounts. Also please avoid posting help related issues as replies on this thread, turn to the FH help section on the forum instead, thank you!

Feral-Heart Game Update
We got some big news for you guys. We're rolling out a FeralHeart game update for the first time in 4 years! There's been many obstacles on the way and very likely more to come, but we're proud and happy to deliver something new to the players of the FeralHeart community to bite into and enjoy. We encourage everyone to take a good look around as this update is here to stay and will be replacing the old game with immediate effect. You will connect to the game like before by clicking the "Play Game" tab, and your account, characters, friends and groups will not be affected by this update and remain as is, you will however need to download and install the new game client by using the downloads provided below.

Feral-Heart Game Installer (Torrent)
Feral-Heart Game Installer (Websetup)

(Also keep in mind that this installer will replace most of the old files if there's already a copy of it in the game, make backups if you want to be on the safe side)

Now get out there and explore, we will meet you all in-game soon.
//FH Staff

Feral-Heart Changelog patch 1.15:
Maps & Worlds:
-Remade "Lonely Cave"
-Remade "Cape Of Distant Worlds"
-Added "The Grounds"
-Added "Seaside Grove"
-Added "Ficho Tunnels"
-Added "Cherika Valley"
-Added "Eastern Pass"
-Added "Kiwimbi Beach"
-Added "Zama Grotto"
-Added "Bonfire Islands"
-Removed "Bonfire Island"
-Removed "Ficho Tunnel"
-Removed "Fluorite Plains"
-Removed "Temple Of Dreams"
-Removed "South Pole"
-Removed "Atlantis"
-Removed "Last Cave"
-Removed "Sky's Rim"
-Modified login screen map
-Modified character selection screen map(More focus on character creation)
Items & Equips:
-Changed items list order
-Added antler items
-Added candy cane item
-Added ear feather item
-Added glasses items
-Added rose items
-Added spine items
-Added tail ribbon item
-Added twig item
-Added tail leaf item
General Game Changes:
-Added "Moonwalk" animation
-Added ingame rules in start map(Impossible to miss, no more excuses <:) )
-Edited "Headbang" animation(No hip motion)
-Removed "Buttswing" animation(Replaced with a more considerate moonwalk)
-Reworked some ground textures
-Remade a majority of the game-markings(Now free to be used and modified as players please)
-Added sound FX object group(For mappers)
-Added environmental sounds to maps
-Replaced music tracks in the game
-Re-textured UI
-Modified in-game UI position(Buttons and minimap, more room for roleplay posts)
-Modified text and tag colors(More easy to read and fits with theme)
-Added new meshes
-Reworked all object groups(Cleaner listing of object groups)
-Reworked game folders and files(Easier navigation)
-Added two versions of the game(FH & FH Light)
-Added a credit list in the main FH folder

(Something missing here? Let us know)

To read more information about the patch itself check the post below

I don't know, radio, maybe watch something. Chit chat.

Doesn't matter, started the stream and maybe "you" guys can jump in and all that fancy stuff.

News Archives / It may be cold outside.
« on: December 24, 2015, 04:51:59 pm »
But for us here in FeralHeart it's very warm and we want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays!

It's Christmas time and we on staff are happy to know that our home and fluffy community has been around to see yet another winter. We wish to thank each and every one of you that has been with us this year and that you all have an amazing Christmas, you deserve nothing less.

Happy Holidays! Wishing you and your families a very happy, healthy, and successful New Year! Stay safe! Let's rock 2016 with another year of Feral Heart fun and cheer! Long live the floofs! ~Lord Suragaha

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you're able to enjoy the love and company of family and friends during this holiday season and appreciate what matters most. Have a safe and wonderful new year! -Warriorstrike

I wish you all good times, treasures and new golden adventures for the memories of tomorrow. May your Holidays sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. My only gift to you this year (and throughout 2016) is lots of love, joy and happiness. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year lovelies! - Bawfle

Happy Holidays! I wish for all of you a wonderful time filled with tons of love, happiness, and joy this festive season. Stay safe and be sure to enjoy yourselves as well as the company of those you love and hold dear to your heart. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Panzram

Season's greetings, loves~ Thank you all for being a part of our journey through 2015, and we can't wait to share many more adventures with you as we bring in the next year. Keep smiling, and stay inspired. <3 ~White/Allegra

Lots of nuzzles from all of staff.

As many users in our community might have noticed there's been quite a few things going on around FeralHeart Game, Server and site. Most commonly referred to as "Feral-Heart being hacked". The hacking itself has been quite unfortunate and forced us to take down the game server while addressing the situation. We're back online now and we've noticed quite a lot of discussions and speculation about this incident so we're hoping that a lot will be explained in this post but we would also like to assure you the players of FeralHeart that there's nothing to worry about. This post is here to sum up and inform.

During Friday 27th last week we had a breach in the game where a group of users tried to cause some havoc for the community by taking control of staff accounts and abusing a limited set of moderation powers, they also altered some characters sizes and proportions. The combination of odd looking characters and usage of staff accounts in a bad manner, managed to get quite the attention from players and staff of the game, so in response we took the game offline. As we're sure that most of our readers understand, it's quite a serious matter to have users accessing accounts which aren't theirs. It's truly something we wanted to look into and deal with. During the last couple of days we've had a lot of speculation going on around the game from players, why, how, who and of course what this will mean for Feral-Heart(which is to be expected), but we've not provided an explanation because we wanted to be sure what we're dealing with, and focus on working it out.

Most importantly your passwords and personal information are safe with us, and these "Hackers" were not able to get a hold of any login information. The "hack" appears to be that some users have gotten hold of the game source code, and probably built a modified game client and/or found a small hole in the game's connection process to cause the events that took place. How exactly they may have obtained such information we don't know. Last we were aware only the game creator KovuLKD had such access and knowledge. While there are rumors of other users having access to the source there is no reliable information to confirm this. If this is the case the game is in a bit of a rough spot for these kind of attacks but we're working on more security measures server side to prevent any similar abuse. For now we're still working out how exactly things are going to work in the future and restricting the users from playing that have been actively involved the "hacking" that took place.

Just to clarify since other games and sites were mentioned by the ones hijacking the staff accounts during the "hacking". This has been a specific attack against Feral-Heart in how it works and no other game or site is more or less vulnerable because Feral-Heart was tinkered with. Nor can we confirm or deny these sites/games involvement, and it doesn't make them more or less likely to have been involved with the "hacking", we'd appreciate it if you users understand this. We'd also like to inform users not to use any stretched out characters found of their account in the game as we will start kicking/banning users found using these characters.

Finally we want to thank a lot of you fluffs for being patient with us in this matter and hanging in there while the situation has been looked into, but also supporting staff in while we had our paws busy with everything else. Your support always means a great deal. And of course a big thanks to Raz for his quick work to sort out the game so we can play it again so quickly.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, we have a new system in place to take care of the game and make it more secure. This requires users to open up a new tab on our site, login with their desired account and keep the browser open during the time they play the game. This tab is one of the new security measures, and as much as it might cause more hassle to play the game, we hope that all users understand the importance of having it there. Instructions on how to use it can be found below:

-Either use this link or click "Play Game" in the right side of the site menu.

-Login to the account you wish to play on by providing the correct details.

-Give it a minute to connect and then launch your FH game client and login through there with the same account.

-Keep the tab and browser open during the whole time you play Feral-Heart.

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Will the login tab stay forever or will we be able to login normally again sometime?
As of now, this tab is here to stay. We understand it might not be optimal for some users and might cause some hassle, but it's for the better.

Will I be able to sign in to multiple accounts at once?
You are able to sign into several accounts at once, however you might need to use different browsers to connect to more than one account at once. Download Firefox, Chrome, Opera or any other browser of your choice and run it in tandem.

It will not let me connect to the game, why?
If you're experiencing issues it could be how your browser is currently set up. We do not allow any proxies so please disable any proxy settings you might have enabled. Also do not run the browser in incognito/private browsing mode and have cookies enabled. If you still have issues feel free to try another web browser all together. Also do keep in mind that we do not let any banned users connect to the game

That's all for now and don't hesitate to private message us on the forum if you'd have any further questions, thank you for reading.

The Feral-Heart Staff

News Archives / Autumn News Update 2015
« on: November 08, 2015, 06:08:37 am »
Updates for Autumn
Greetings all ferals. Autumn has now fallen upon us again and so it's also time that you guys get a little nudge of information around our home and what has been going on lately. As always we have quite a few things to go through so let's not sit about with it.

Board & Site changes

For quite some time now our main page(front page) of this site has remained pretty much as it were back at game launch 2011 as far as the plain information text goes. As the front page got only real care for it's links the story text were left there to collect some dust. As it's now closing up on 5 years since the text were originally written along with oddities here and that we also had this pointed out to us by users from time to time, we scrapped it completely and replaced it with a temporary shorter text. Hopefully we will be able to replace it with something more accurate and suiting for what the game is to us today instead of something past. We believe most will prefer something more updated.

Due to general concerns, thoughts and questions that has been popping up over time(even more so the last couple of months) regarding character copying, and the staff has needed to spend quite a lot of time explaining and informing how these matters work in the game, we've now made and official post about it here in our rules & information board regarding the problem that some might face. Since it's a tricky matter to explain sometimes and also a lot wondering about it, the thread can now be found HERE and hopefully be a welcomed addition to information and rules that applies to this game. If you haven't read through this already we'd advise all users reading this to do so since it's quite good to know how we look at character copying and stealing in the game and what can be done about it.

One board that always seem to be one with changes taking place is the FeralHeart Addons & Mods board. You guys that spend some time in there have most likely already spotted the changes made, but for you that does not we will run through it a bit quickly now. The main board we used to have for certain threads made by the more active or known mod creators no longer exists, it has been cleaned out complete to give a more clean look and now only hold one information sticky about the boards. All user made threads that used to be in the main board has instead been moved over to it's own new section called "User Creations Collection". Why this change took place was because the amount of new threads we got for that sections were a bit rare, the applications system seemed a bit too much like a hassle for many, but also many threads in there were quite old for something laying around in the main board.

Hopefully this approach will keep things more neat and tidy, but also give more users the chance to collect all the modifications made for the game in one place. Huzzah! Shallow and Sura has provided some Sub board stickies so you guys will also be able to understand these section even better. For now though it's rather safe to say that the general structure of the addons and mods board is a keeper and we hope you think so too. You will also notice that the map child boards in this section along with it's stickies are clean and structured.

Events & kewl sturf

As some of you probably noticed, we've managed to have quite a few successful movie nights with the community over the last couple of months. Not only has it been a blast to go back to one of the most rememberable events, but also fun to introduce it to newer players in the community. Movie nights is something we started back summer 2012, but due to a lot of things going on not only in the community but also for staff, kicking it back up again took some time. By popular demand however we've had quite a few movie nights over the late summer, and if you're interested in more information about this or just want to know when next movie night is going to be, keep your eyes open on this thread here.

It's always nice to have something going in an around the game for you guys and since so many seems to enjoy it, we've gone ahead and schedule yet another role-play day for you lots to enjoy. It will be our 6th event this time about and it will take place 22nd of November We hope you all join in and make it the best one yet. If it's your first time, or just more information is needed, click here.

Not too long ago we also hosted our FeralHeart Halloween Art contest. We saw quite a few wonderful pictures submitted by you guys but we had to settle with a few winners. Congratulations to Skyline-San(1st), TopHatlady(2nd) and azurathewolfcat(3rd) for their efforts. The winning pictures can be found by clicking this text.

There's a few shoutouts that are in order since months fly by so fast, let's start off with our summer MOTS and Preset contest winners.

Summer MOTS - Warriorstrike, Wolfie, Ritatalia
Summer Preset Contest Winners - Grandmaster, Enoki, Ritatalia

Fall MOTS - Panzram, Enoki, Mojave
Fall Preset Contest Winners - Taizer, Mewmewcat12, Tailgate

These guys rock in so many ways, be sure to give them your love if you didn't already since their dedication means a lot to most of us.

Our Winter MOTS(Member of the season) nominations are currently ongoing. Be sure to check in and nominate the users you believe has earned the spots over the last couple of months in the thread here. We're sure it would mean a lot to them and if you by any chance haven't decided yet, the nominations are open til 25th of November.

Side note
On a side note this time about we will come both with some sad and some good news. The less fun being that our staffer BigSkippy has resigned from being an active staffer as life calls and there's a future to catch. We thank him for his activity and hard work as a mod working along with us and we hope the best for him. Time must go on however and even though we lost a few helpful paws we got a few back! Since quite some weeks back now Shallow our former global moderator is back in action to help us yet again and we're extremely happy about it. She's going to pick up right where she left off so don't be afraid to reach out to her again if you'd need anything.

It doesn't stop there though since we got some new fresh blood to talk about as well. Since quite some weeks back now our previous MIT(mod in training) Warrioristrike has done a great job during their training period and joined in on the ranks as a full Moderator on the staff team. We're confident they will do an amazing job looking after the game, forum and you guys. If you'd ever need any help she'll be right there to assist. Still talking about the good stuff we also have gotten yet another MIT in the works which is no one else but our Panzram. Panzram has been a very active and dedicated user on our boards and in the game and so they're going to do their best to join in on the staffing adventure around Feralheart.

On a separate note I personally wish to thank everyone that showed up to our Annual Halloween party. We had a blast and it seemed like most of you fluffbutts had such as well. It's always nice to see our community still going strong and having their heart in the right place and not to mention, shaking their tails off to party music. Be sure to keep your eyes open for future events however *cough winter cough party*.

Thank you for reading and stay awesome! Redlinelies out~

General Information Regarding Character Copying/Stealing In-Game

Lately staff seem to have experienced an increase in private messages from users claiming character designs in the game, how other users are stealing them and if we could or should take action against these users. Since this is no plain black and white matter and it has been going on since the dawn of FeralHeart, this post is here for general information for what is and what isn't in cases regarding so called "Character theft" and what applies to you as a user in FeralHeart.

So what "Is" exactly character stealing/copying?
In the most plain and simple way explained it's another user or even users plainly copying a look or design that someone else is using within the game, this can be said for colors used, markings worn on the character or even certain objects and other details on the character making them close to identical. Sometimes it can be intentional where a user just plain off "steals" the look from someone they've seen and sometimes it can be unintentional where a certain set of colors and/or markings match up to make a similar looking character to someone else. Users are prideful of their characters and it's of no surprise, but it's also where heated arguments and fights can arrive when some users might step over the boundaries.

Can anyone get banned from "stealing" my characters looks?
It does depend on the situation but in most cases it's a no. If seen needed we can take action against users causing trouble but as far as characters goes made within the game using the original set of markings and tools provided in character creation to make your character, no design or look can be claimed by "you" as a user neither can it belong to you and you only. We've said this many times before and will repeat it in this thread as well. All tools and markings provided in the game is there to be used by everyone, even though there's plenty of space for creativity and unique characters there's only so many ways one can make a fox or a zebra. Certain combinations of markings will be more popular than others and we need to take this into consideration. We also need to take into consideration if there's more on the line like "Impersonation" or a user trying to take someone else's identity or claim someones work as "theirs".

Someone stole my character, Can I report them?
Even though we never stop anyone from sending in a report we want to inform you that a report does not equal to us being forced to take action against said user and when it comes to a matter of similar looking characters in FeralHeart there's not much we can do. As mentioned earlier in this thread, most cases of so called character stealing/copying we do not, and cannot take action against them. Not only is it hard to know despite getting information in a report who truly used the character first or made the design(might not even been made first the users involved in the situation), but they were all made using the game tools which is a part of the game itself and does not belong to you. You're free to send in a report here on the forum, but depending on the situation we cannot promise anything. Just plainly whispering a staffer in the game too and claiming that your character made has been copied doesn't get anyone far either.

Is there's a difference between characters made in the game and presets?
Yes there is quite a difference when it comes to presets since presets has been made specifically by the users of the game and it represents work they made themselves. If someone plain off is using/stealing someone else's preset without permission we could take action against these users as long as sufficient proof is provided and that the preset at hand belongs to you. We could also more closely inspect the situation if someone appears to have replicated someone's preset or stolen their work but it's yet again back to a case by case situation. No one should really steal or use someone else's preset without permission but we need to be certain.

What do staff suggest then?
Block the users that appears to copying you if they bother you and try to be wise about the situation if possible. There's just two types of intentional copying/character stealing cases. One being a user doing so to intentionally provoke or annoy you with their copy in which it's best not to give them what they want, the other case being users actually wanting the same design as you since they think it's great or that they simply cannot come up with something by their own. The rest is unintentional and probably a matter of "similarity" rather than hard copies of characters.

IMPORTANT: Staff remain the right to kick and/or ban users if they so see fit and they're known to repetitively provoke and copy users characters, and by no means does this general information state that it's ok to steal/copy users characters. Do behave and do not intentionally run around and copy designs. Be reasonable. Thank you.

!! Good To Keep In Mind !!

Is your case an impersonation matter or are they harassing you?
Character stealing is not necessarily the same matter as impersonation or harassment. If a user is also trying to intentionally replicate your username(or in some cases character names) and not only the character, and tries to represent you and your work in the community it could be classified as impersonation which is a far bigger problem. A user should never claim to be someone else or represent someone else's work as their own and if this happens to be the case we gladly look over a report proving this is taking place. If a user is copying/stealing another users character to add onto the effect of harassment as they're attacking another user then we more directly focus on the fact of it being harassment, which is also something we more directly deal with. It's always important we get as much(clear) information and proof as possible of "what" exactly is taking place.

It's a matter of being fair
It's probably easy to feel left out or maybe one might even think the rules are too weak or like the staff do not do enough on the matter but please be mindful of the situation. Staff or moderators cannot simply blindly go and ban/kick users in the game because someone claims to own a character, a character made using the game tools never the less. We appreciate that many users take help of the game to make their characters or even first fursonas, but it truly is a matter on trying to be fair. If users constantly get to claim a basic design made in the game, there would not be many ways users would be allowed to make characters anymore. What users might do to one another sometimes might be really bad and even rude, and we do not support character copying, theft, stealing, replicating or whatever word suits the most. Try to keep this in mind when playing the game.

Don't be foolish
We understand that no one really likes a character stealer or someone that copies users characters, but try to keep a level head in all this. Don't go to attack and break other rules just because they annoy you because that can get you in trouble instead of them. If talking about it leads no where block them instead, no one says you must talk to them or even see them. You know what you know best and you know why you made or use the character of yours.

Hope this helped and answered any questions you've might had regarding character copying & stealing in the game, if not feel free to message the staff on the forum.

Discussion Board / Help out our Razzle
« on: August 17, 2015, 03:26:06 pm »
I might be putting out a little strange request here, but it's a bit FeralHeart related and I'll explain why, and how you can help out.

Not long ago Razmirz phone has been starting to give in and is getting close to barely usable. In order to get things done he needs to get a hold of a new one(not just any phone). Why this matters to us is because he does a lot of work on his phone, work that also related to FH server and site maintenance when he's away outside, not at a computer.

What we all can do to help is to just send a referral by going onto the link below, and that way help him get an invite quicker to buy the phone he needs. The more people OnePlus sees wanting Raz to get the phone, the more likely it is he's going to be allowed to get one sooner. All you really need to click a link and that's it:

Clicketeh Me To help

This thread wouldn't really be a thing if it wasn't important so I hope you understand. Thank you for your time.

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