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Leaving / Final Goodbyes
« on: August 09, 2021, 11:45:16 pm »
This is Greensleeves/CelticCry,

I've been apart of the community since I was 10. I came in right when General Chat died (still so confused but what you guys mean by that but its fine lmao)
I used to spend hours spamming in all caps as I failed my climb to Sky's Rim. I would waste time listening to drama from anyone who took part in FeralRealms. I miss seeing all the silly Mate Centers and Adoption Centers. All the edgy kids in Ficho Tunnel or Last Cave. The lions and hyenas literally everywhere. The new maps are so pretty. But we lost so many members, all my friends were gone by that point. New friends came and went, nothing feels the same. But I appreciate all the hard work that went into this game. I hope those who still play this game and the newbies the best, I will miss this game greatly. I'm 21 now... that's insane. 11 years of so much joy and so many friendships. All the pack and clans I've been apart of. The hacking.
It's been so much fun. But I need to say Goodbye <3 Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

With So Much Love- CelticCry

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