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Leopard Of The Lost World - 2011 💙🌊✨
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July 13, 2015, 01:44:07 pm
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    Hey there, friend! Happy to see you pay me a visit! Want to know more about me?
     Well sure, I don't bite, don't worry! ( Unless of course... You behave badly. Don't make that mistake~ It will hurt- )

    My name is BluuLeopard, but you can call me Bluu for short. If we become good friends, feel free to give me new nicknames, haha~

    I joined FeralHeart since 2011 or so, however on another, older account. I grew fond of the kindness within the community, and it became a huge part of me later on, and still to this day. Hopefully, FeralHeart can still do the same to the rest of us and the newcomers that join!

    As for myself, I'm currently a skilled preset maker, but aiming to become a professional digital art illustrator & animator. Therefore, I'm quite busy. But I always jump into the game, every now and then! If you spot me, then you'll most likely see a pretty blue, but actually more teal-ish leopard! I'm always open to talk and make new friends~ <3

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