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Weekly Meet-up(The Gathering) 9-17-2022
« on: September 12, 2022, 08:49:05 pm »
The Gathering
a Weekly In-game Meetup
Currently going to be held at 3pm-5pm EST on Saterday, at Kiwimbi Beach(READ FOR MORE INFO)
Hello everyone,

Hopefully everyone is having a good Evening/morning/day/etc. As we all know currently, everyone seems to notice activity in the Game has been very low. However, Myself, Ame, Domino, and FermieNerd devised some plans to bring activity in-game backup and bring more new players into the game.
Hence, Been working with some friends in the FHS server to come up with extra ideas and ways to bring new people into FH and promote activity in-game.

Currently, this is will be our 3rd Gathering coming up.

First of all, these are our goals for starting up these weekly meet-ups in-game.

This would be a place to socialize and meet new people and for groups to advertise and gain members.
This would give a place for newcomers to come to see the community gather and make friends as well as find packs and groups to join.

This will only be once a week and on the same map and area. But if the activity gets good enough and they become a bigger thing we may have the meet-up happen 2 times a week. But for now, we will stick to 1 time a week.



This week we had a low turnout of members. Only 3 People showed up(Abaddon, Emerialis, and OddLynx), but thank you to those who did show up. I suspect it was due to the time change for the meet-up Last week. But have no fear. The Meetups times are back on the normal schedule again :3

Next Meet-Up News

Meet Up times have changed back to 8pm-10pm EST(Last week was a once-off change. Keep checking back each week to make sure it doesn't change again. As you never know what will happen.)

Screenshot Funtimes!!!
As usual, I will be online if anyone is open to it. I will be online an extra two Hours. 1 Hr before the event, 7pmpm EST. And 1 hr after the event 11pm EST. This is a stand-in for another event I was wanting to host but was pushed to the back burner due to the weekly meet-ups.
These times will be dedicated to taking awesome screenshots for Ourselves as well as our social media accounts. I know I and a few people have Unofficial Feral-Heart media accounts. So during the events, we will be taking screenshots as well as during these time slots we can go elsewhere in FH and Take Screenshots of the as well.
Figured this was a good idea for everyone since Most will be online anyways and will already be at the event might as well set some time aside for screenshots as well.

Currently, I plan on going to Cherika Valley And Kibou Ridge to Take screenshots.


We will be having games this time around. We are trying to think of more of these games to play and are open to suggestions.

- Would You Rather?(yes, Agian)
- Hide and seek(Most Likely)
- Tag

Additional News

Fall is closing in Fast!!!
Personally thinking up some good contests to hold and maybe implement into each week. Also, keep your eyes open. Pretty sure FH will have an Offical Halloween Party as always.

The free Halloween Preset Slots are now Open. Only 2 of the 3 are left open. If you want one I'll leave the link to the post below this.

Still Planning on Hosting come Contests of my own this fall. Hopefully, I can find judges to help me with this. That said I will put out an announcement for that next week Hopefully.

That all said, I think that all the updates I have at the moment.
Hope to see all of you at the event this week!!


Where is the Meetup or "The Gathering" Taking Place?

8pm-10pm EST This Saturday. Are held Every Saturday.

Kiwimbi Beach

This is our normal 'main hub' of the meet-up or Gathering.

Of course, groups and players are welcome to go wherever they please. But the main hub of the place. Or the central area of the event will be located here on the map below.

The yellow mark is the hub.

Visual of the Hub

*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:

For Newcomers and people that don't know how to get to Kiwimbi Beach, I'll include the image Guide to the FH maps. It will help you find your way to Kiwimbi Beach and around the maps in general. (It was posted on the forums somewhere as well but I couldn't find it.)

*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:

What times does the Meetups Take Place?

I debated and sense most people normally have the weekend off. Figured it would be best to schedule the meetups on the weekend.

After debate, I figured out the time as well…

Saturdays at 8pm-10pm EST(Eastern Standard Time)
(This is subject to change if we decided to have the Meetup last longer or less)

Final Bits of Information

There is a chance that we will make up a Spotify playlist to add to this. Also, we may just stream it on Discord as well who knows?

Link Spotify FH Meet-up Playlist

Also will be streaming it in FH Theater discord.

As well as we may decide to have fun activities planned in the future. Depending on how our Weekly event grows.


I hope to see everyone possible at the Event. I will enjoy seeing everyone there as well as speaking to friends and making new ones as well as new memories. I hope you guys will too.
See you guys there :3


P.S. as a courtesy. Please Let me know if you intend to attend below. Lets me know if this method is for In-Game activity is working well enough.