Author Topic: 🎃Judges and Prize Volunteers needed for Halloween Contests!!!(4/6 OPEN)🎃  (Read 4285 times)

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Hello everyone,

This year we are having multiple events and contest going on.

Right now we are in need of Judges for the Various contests we are having. These contests include the following...

🎃  Character Creation Contest
🎃  Short Story/Writting Contest
🎃  Digital Art Contest

Note some will be held more than once. And Judges will switch out allowing some judges to participate if desired.

We are also in need of volunteers to provide Art or Prizes for winners of the contest. I already have volunteered myself. But it would be nice for others to help with that.

We need a total of 6 Judges(2/6 judges places filled)

Another note about the RP Events. Those will be posted soon.
Note they will be based on slots. This means each event will be able only to have so many people in it.
This will be done to prevent issues within the event. However, there will be more than 1 which will give everyone the opportunity to join one. (I made a total of 4 prompts/ Scenarios for these rps. so I'm pretty sure I made enough.)

Fastest way to reach me is threw Discord, 📻 Radios-Static 📻#6726
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