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🎃👻Halloween Writing Contest [Prizes Included]👻🎃
« on: October 08, 2022, 01:27:02 am »
💀The deadline is October 21, 2022 at 6pm 💀
Hello Everyone,

I know I'm a little late. Sorry about that. I do apologize. (I had to rewrite the whole post cause I was having computer issues. It ate my baby!!! TTnTT)

But either way we back on track now.

I finally finished the preparations for the Contests to be posted. As far as I know, some of these will be the first of these types of contests for Halloween!! So let's get to them!!!

This contest will be the Writing Halloween Contest!!!

As far as I know, this is one of the Firsts for FH!!!
I originally came up with the idea for people that don't do standard art.
And since rping is a big thing with FH I figured it would be best to open a writing contest for you guys!!!
With all this said I'd like to introduce your Judge's panel for this contest...

🎃 Domino
🐈‍⬛ TheEarthSpirit
🦇 DylanCheetah
👻 Ame

Let's give our Judges a big Thank you for helping out with the Contests. Without them, we wouldn't be able to hold our Contests!!! So thank you to all of them!!!

Yes, First before I announce the Prompt and other info I wanna make sure I outline some rules for this Contest. These are standard rules to follow though if we do run into issues. Us Judges all together will decide to add new rules and changes. Hense these rules can change at any time if deemed necessary.

These are the rules you must follow with your entree.

1. No Sexual Content is to be used during your entree period.

2. If you use blood and gore in your entree please add a TW(Trigger Warning) to the title and disclaimer below the title of your entree and/or before your entree is posted. It is also advisable that you also include why the trigger warning is included. Such as TW Blood and Gore.

3. Entree has to be your original work. Obviously, plagiarism is not allowed here.

4. Your entree must be made after Oct 10, 2022. This is to keep the Contest Fair to everyone

This is just to give you guys something to build on so everything isn't all over the place.
This contest will be based on Short Stories.
 To make this even easier, we want you to base these short stories off these 3 images, figured this would get your guys thinking gears turning!!!

(Artist is already credited in the picture)

Forest Lighting by Darren Carey

Cabin by Kyle Maurer

Your Requirements are as follows...

1. Your entree must be submitted as a Gdoc. (this is so you can add Trigger warnings when you add the link. Also allows us, Judges, to easily access and share it without clogging up the forum description.)
2. Your entree must follow the prompt.

3. Your entree must be at least 2 documents Pages long.

Your entree must be submitted before October 21, 2022, at 6 pm. The winner will be announced at the Offical Halloween Party on the 29th of October as well as posted that day aswell.

You will be Judged on these 2 main things...

🎃 Your descriptive abilities

🎃 Your ableness to tie all the imagines together in the Writing Piece in some way.

How to Enter

Write a short story, as a gdoc that meets the entree requirements above before October 21 2022.
Post the entree, under this forum with this format and information.

Discord user:
GDoc Link:

As another note, Make sure you have the Gdoc set to anyone can view the link. This way others can read entrees, as well as judges, can look at the written work.

The First Place winner Will receive a Free Shaded Headshot of any character they choose by me, TheEarthSpirit.

Art Examples

The second 2 are from my old user name when I was taking commissions. Those 2 are examples of free profile pics I used to give away.

All being said I am Excited to see the contestants and read all your lovely stories. I'm very sure all the other Judges will be as well!!! Let your creativity Shine!!!! And very good Luck Guys!!!

~ TheEarthSpirit and the Halloween 2022 Contests Judges
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