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🎃👻FH Halloween 2022 RP Events!!!👻🎃
« on: October 10, 2022, 04:29:41 am »
Hello Everyone!!!

Finally, I can bring you these. These RP Events took a lot to set up. And even more in the days leading up to each one. It was stressful doing it all last minute. I put myself through pain for your guy's enjoyment. 😅
Either way, this will be fun for me!!!
I hope all of you have just as much fun as me!!!

Ok these RP Events will be set up like a DnD Campian. What I mean here is they will have a DM that leads you forward in your adventure. You may even be asked to roll a dice and such.
Though, if you think your DM has total control, you'd be deathly mistaken. Your actions will affect the outcome and plot. So, you effectively have just as much effect on the outcome as the DM will.

There will be a total of around 3 events. Each event will have slots or a certain amount of people that can partake in each one. This is because if there are too many people, it becomes too hectic for the DM and the rpers in the event. So we have settled on about 5-6 rpers in the group excluding event helpers and the DM.
Some will have rolls to fill. Others will just be purely open without discretion or roles to fill.
After you apply with the following information I will add you to the slots taken and send you a link to the event discord. At that point, I will give you access to the event chat and dice roll bot. I plan on allowing you guys to see The DM roles.

Note: You can always change which character you use as long as you notify me.

FH User:
Discord User:
Which RP Event do you want:
Characters Name:
Little info On your character:

Once this is done and your character is locked in for you out of your arsenal of characters to use. I will then As you to jump Online and join the rp Groups in the game I will set up for this event only. This is so that we do all our rps in there cause of course we have no general and as DM I have to see and read what's going on to monitor my actions and make sure they line up.

I will however open up for spectators to take a spot to watch.
Spectators alls gain the ability to be picked to help in or with the rp events as well.
They just have to follow the same protocol by entering the info below.

Discord User:
Desired Role: Spectator

For each Event, you will get exclusive stuff for that event. Each will Have their own "Movie Poster" Artwork!!!
This will contain references or full bodies of the characters within the rp. I have also debated on doing Movie frame Shots too!!!

Example of the Movie Poster Artwork By me!!! (Sketch, Name of it may change of course)

Wolfs are all character stand-ins. Doesn't have to be a canine either.

Every Participant in the RP Event will get a copy!!!

By Joining the event you are agreeing to these Rules. These rules may be subject to change if a situation occurs.

1. I should not have to say this but no NSFW!!! Gore etc if permitted by the topic of the rp but no sexual stuff.

2. Listen to the DM. DM just like in DnD is your guide to the world and build etc of the world. If you searching for clues, needing more info, etc they will give it to you!!! They will tell you what you find, include important info, and so on. They are very important to keep the RP moving forward!!! So Please Listen to them otherwise the RP will fall appart.

3. Know that what you and your characters do affects the story. Keep this in mind. DM does control the rp to a large degree but you do as well with your actions. Remember Actions have consequences!!!

4. We will Be using dice rolls at some points. If this does DM will roll them. Dm will be fair. Even if they do not roll dice.

5. By joining you agree to anything that is within the rp Event. This includes any gore, blood, etc warnings given in the rp event post!!!

6. It will be stated in the rp Event Post if it entails characters dying within the rp. If you Join with this Knowledge you are agreeing to have your character die. If so and you die you are allowed to spectate the rp but can not return or give clues.

As stated earlier there will be 3 events in total. The First 2 will be leading up to Halloween. Each will State the date/dates they will take place if there is an overlap. All of these do not have posters drawn out. If they don't will talk to those in the rp event for inspiration.(RP is not finished in 1 day.)

The third will be the week after Halloween if the Demand for these Events is well received. Until I see how this goes I will not post the 3rd Event.

Each will Say, Name of the RP, Date, Layover Date, How many slots are, who is the DM, Trigger Warning such as Blood and Gore, If characters will die, Helpers, and Back-Up Helpers, and Give a Description of the RP itself.

That said, let's see what we Have on the table this Year!!!

⊰▬▬▬••●🕯●••▬▬▬▬ 🎃【☪】🎃 ▬▬▬▬••●🕯●••▬▬▬⊱

Trigger Warning: Murder and Gore, May contain Fowl Langauge
Characters Will Die in this one!!!

Dates: October 15, 2022  Overlap Date: October 16, 2022
Time: 3-5pm EST(Can be discussed in the Event discord about times)
Map: Cherika Valley

   DM: TheEarthSpirit
Helpers: DylanCheetah   Backup Helpers: N/A
Slots Open: 6 of 6


Movie Poster

Rp Plot Summary

Currently, you and your friends have recently graduated from the police academy. You had been looking for a job for a while when one of your friends brings up that he found a town in a decent area looking for 6 new officers.
All without any experience is needed as the town is a small rural town in the middle of a rural area.
Seeing as you and all your friends are looking for jobs and that you all would be able to stay together. You all think it would be a great idea to apply for jobs in that police force.
Long story short all of you get jobs there. However, as all of you arrive you find that all isn’t well in this little town. There are tons of missing posters, however, the officers seem to not care about marking them as “people always go missing here” and “They always come back around. Maybe they just went camping and got lost.”

However, regardless of any worries, the town officers refuse to raise alarm with the locals as the local Harvest Festival is coming up this week. And due to how much money it brings in for the town and its citizens, none of the local officers or officials want to take precautions or any actions to deter any tourist from coming to the Festival.

Of course, this backfires when bodies start turning up left and right. Soon you find a mystery to go along with the homicides.

So now, it's up to you and your friends.
Will you find the murderer? Can you solve the town Mystery?
Will you even survive long enough to know the truth?
Or are you stirring the pot for something bigger?

⊰▬▬▬••●🕯●••▬▬▬▬ 🎃【☪】🎃 ▬▬▬▬••●🕯●••▬▬▬⊱

Trigger Warning: Gore, Blood, horrifying scenes.
No characters will die, Only NPCs

Dates: October 22, 2022  Overlap Date: October 23, 2022
Time: 3-5pm EST(Can be discussed in the Event discord about times)
Map: Cherika Valley

   DM: TheEarthSpirit
Helpers: DylanCheetah   Backup Helpers: N/A
Slots Open: 6 of 6

Roles: Team Leader[OPEN], Tech Member[OPEN], Spiritual Member(Spiritual Protection of the team)[OPEN], Research Member(digs in history etc)[OPEN], 2 Newbie Team members[OPEN]


Movie Poster

Rp Plot Summary

You currently are part of a small paranormal team with your close friends. You have decided to call yourselves,[Rpers decide the name].
Due to a recent investigation at a well-known location gathering very extraordinary evidence and gaining notoriety. The Paranormal Teams' popularity has skyrocketed, however, this comes with unforeseen issues for your team.
Your team gets flooded by many people asking for help with varying issues of the Paranormal. Ranging from thinking their home is haunted to people pleading for help due to violent and malevolent hauntings.
You and your team are overwhelmed and are unclear about what is fact or fiction. So come together to decide what your next course of action should be.

This is when you receive a call, and soon find out it's from another older and well more renowned research team. This team is known to work for a well-known university as their Paranormal Research Division. And is funded by the university itself.
Seems they are having issues with the Team Lead and, Team Mediums' daughter.
The young girl of only 5, as well as the parents and team, seem oddly worried for the little girl. The little girl is suspected to have abilities like her mother.
However, in the past 2 months, the girl has been acting odd as well as the appearance with a strange and odd-looking doll that she carries that they have no idea where it came from. As well as paranormal activity around the home and team that has been disturbing and violent in nature.
They called asking for your help.
And especially with a small child, you jump on the case immediately without hesitation.
You and your team have no real clue what you're walking into, will you be able to solve this case? Will you be able to protect this little girl?
Or will you become victims of a malevolent force yourself?

⊰▬▬▬••●🕯●••▬▬▬▬ 🎃【☪】🎃 ▬▬▬▬••●🕯●••▬▬▬⊱

This all Said, I hope you guys like these events.
I look forward to seeing everyone there!!!
Spectators Bring some popcorn and watch the mayhem!!!

~ TheEarthSpirit
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