Author Topic: Discord RP ~ 1x1 & MxF.  (Read 1587 times)

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Discord RP ~ 1x1 & MxF.
« on: August 20, 2017, 04:37:38 pm »
"Maybe if I'd never sent that letter for my school assignment, or never even responded after he sent the first letter maybe I could've avoided the heard break 4 years later when I sent him the letter stating I had feelings for him. Maybe I should've flunked the assignment my freshmen year and never gotten involved...he caused my heart to finally break, and the 2 years has been hell for me. I was in a very bad accident, that took my brothers life.. and I'm still haunted by it... Now I'm a sophomore in college still haunted by the crash. I'm a cheerleader at Lone Oak College, and I'm a captain, my life so far has been for the better, then I get confused when I see him.."

Plot: (_Your Character Name_) & Rikki have been writing letters to each other since she was a freshmen in High school, while you were in the military; she did it as an assignment, and you did it because your CO told you too. When Rikki was a senior she sent you a letter telling you she had feelings for you, and she wanted to meet once you were out of the military. Though you sent back a letter stating you saw her as a sister, but you knew it wasn't true; as you knew you had feelings for her. She stopped sending you letters, and y'all didn't communicate for 2 years, and you got out of the military a year after y'all stopped talking. You go to Lone Oak College enrolling into the school to seek her out.

MxF - Need a male.
College RP.

Character fill out sheet.(Optional, but it be good info)
Discord Username(Only thing Required in this):
^If you want to PM this to me you can do that.
Your Character name:
Age(He will be around 23 - 24):

My Character fill out sheet.
Discord Username: I will Pm you my discord information.
My Character name: Rikki Carleen Rybicki.
Age: 20.
Piercings? Yes, 7 ear piercings on each other, a tongue ring, and belly button ring.
Tattoos? Yes, on back, left leg, and right arm.
Back Tattoo:
Left leg:
Right arm:
Personality: Find out in RP.
History: N/A