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Videos / FHMV - Badgers (Badger Badger Badger)
« on: July 14, 2021, 01:11:13 am »

Screenshots / Laharu's Snuh Day
« on: May 27, 2021, 09:49:55 pm »
Snuh fell all over the lands today. Laharu was overjoyed!

I do not own Laharu. Laharu is (c) Lioden. I just like to play as him. ^^

Game Help / Login Panel/Character Creator has no background
« on: May 26, 2021, 10:29:15 pm »
Just got a new computer and downloaded FH. It looks like this...

Anyone got the image file?

Even though we have the source code now, the possibility of a new model is unlikely with everything it takes to make one. :(
However... if there was going to be one, and YOU could pick the species... what would it be?

Remember when the game updated, and the tail slider glitched people and made some characters too long?
Let's let people be able to do that intentionally. Make their characters longer, taller or wider without affecting the other sliders. This would be neat for animals with long bodies and short legs like dachsunds, corgis and weasels!

Screenshots / Solstice - A Story in Screenshots (Very Image Heavy)
« on: February 14, 2021, 08:08:55 am »
This is the backstory of Siobhán, a character from the TGWOGL (The Gaelwolves of Gaeland) literature universe created by me.
Note: This is book canon. This will happen in Siobhán's book once it is out, though it most likely will not be word for word.
Another note: Gaelwolves are more intelligent than normal wolves and have a grasp on more "human" concepts like romance, gender identity and morality. As a matter of fact, Siobhán has two mothers and two grandfathers.
Character textures used are Badbutt-Textures.
Siobhán is pronounced Suh-Vahn.


"Nobody understands."
This was the hard and naked truth for Siobhán.

For years she had always felt out of place.
"What's wrong, Niall?" they'd ask. "Nothing," he'd say. In truth, there were many things wrong with Niall, but he just didn't know what.

Then one night things changed, when Niall had a dream so vibrant, so unlike anything he'd ever experienced. A giant, black she-wolf, a cyclop with one large white eye, had stood over him and spoken to him with a voice that resonated like it was coming from inside himself. "Things are not always as they seem," said she. "You are not who you may believe yourself to be."
When Niall awoke his body was unchanged. But his mind inside was transformed vastly. He'd realized so much.
Only he wasn't himself anymore.
Sure, he was still the same wolf. But he was now she.
She was Siobhán. Siobhán, a name she had chosen herself, meaning grace of the spirits.
As she sat surveying the landscape, that story played out over and over in her head. Nobody understood. Surely they'd laugh if she tried to explain it.

Siobhán was so lonely. She was so lonely, she felt like she could cry. So she found a place, and she did.

Siobhan was a bit thirsty, so she went to the lake for a drink.

She took a swim as well, to clear her mind.

Siobhán looked over the lake, letting her mind wander across the waves and follow the path of the fish swimming under them.

Her train of thought rose up into the sky, following the clouds and birds.

Everything that was going on made her feel tired, so she found a spot for a nap. She curled up and let herself drift away.

When Siobhán awoke, it seemed as if she had woken up in a completely different place.

The air was mind-numbingly cold. What happened? she thought.
She stepped out of her den and saw that a blanket of fresh snow had fallen over Gaeland.

It also seemed the landscape had changed too, but she could not put her equivalent of a finger on how so.

Siobhán began to walk across a path that had been cleared through the snow, perhaps by demons, or maybe a herd of large animals traveling in a line.

Finding a nice place to relax and think, she sat.

She still felt sad. Nobody understood what she felt. Nowolf else had ever even heard of it.
"What if King Luag's right? What if I really am meant to follow in his pawsteps, as king?"

"No. That's not what it's meant to be. I know it. If it was, I wouldn't be feeling this way."

Siobhán continued to explore.

On her travels she passed by a campfire, started by demons and left there carelessly by them. It would likely spread to the nearby foliage and cause a disaster if not for the snow.
"Fire..." she said to herself. "Fire is feared by all Gaeland's animals. It burns. It destroys. It kills."

"They will."

"Someday they'll learn. I won't let myself be silenced. If they don't understand me, I'll make them."

She looked up at the sky, and there she witnessed an amazing sight.

The Eye of Celestialwolf was shining brightly tonight. Celestialwolf... yes, this was the wolf she had seen in her dream. She was spoken of in legend. It was she who had helped Siobhán realize who she really was. Her eye was just what she had seen in the dream - a round, white eye, luminous and large.

"Thank you, Celestialwolf."

Siobhán climbed to the top of a tall hill. She lowered her croupe, raised her chin and let out a low, drawn-out howl. I am Siobhán of North Gael, she proclaimed in her howl, and I am who I am, whether you want me to be or not.

Siobhán descended the mountain and smiled. Morning began to sweep over Gaeland, and so began the Eye of Celestialwolf to fade.

"I can't follow in my grandfather's footsteps as a king. But maybe I can..."

" a queen."

Characters / Playroom the Perfect Cringe Sparkleyeen
« on: February 01, 2021, 12:10:49 am »
Warning: Click away now if you have sensitive eyes or dislike brightly colored/"cringy" characters

Who's this?
It's Playroom!

Cringe culture may be (debatably) dead, but Playroom is the physical embodiment of all things people may consider "cringe." Zie has it all- crazy colors, color-changing and pattern-changing eyes, a fiery scrolling tail, crazy gender, crazy pronouns, rainbow hair... but zie likes it that way!

Features of Playroom:
-Two animated eyes, one that alternates through four textures and one that's ever-changing binary code
-A shiny gold tooth
-Rainbow mane!
-Fiery scroller tail
-All sorts of colors on zir fur, skin and eyes

For those wondering, zir gender is genderchromatic. It's connected with bright colors (obviously).

Do you like this sparkleyeen? What do you have to say about zir? Is Playroom the sparkliest a sparkledog can get?

Screenshots / A weird statue-like object in TG
« on: January 31, 2021, 06:53:56 pm »
I seem to have found this in The Grounds... It appears to be a stone canine head, with textureless white ears and hair. (I have a texture pack mod installed so that is why the rock texture looks different.)

I have nametags on and this dude has no nametag (nor is it moving at all), so it is not a player with a preset who glitched into the wall.
More proof it is not a player: One ear is folded and another is normal. I do not have a mod that turns one of the ear models that way.
Is this supposed to be a secret of the game? OR... Could this be teasing something? 🤔

Game Help / Manes/tufts appear to ignore lighting
« on: January 30, 2021, 11:30:59 pm »
I notice that in game, especially at night, manes and tufts appear to glow, ignoring all lighting changes from the environment.
For canines I tried taking "lighting off" and other light related lines out of cmain.material, but nothing changed. I assume this will be the same way if I try it with felines.
How can this be fixed?

Game Help / Strange cave in LC
« on: January 01, 2021, 09:21:13 pm »
So I saw a strange cave here...

When I attempted to go in it said "Cannot find Map file."
Is this supposed to be here? What is its purpose? Is there something I must download?
I have not played oFH in a long time, I apologize if there is something I should know but dont.

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