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Praise / .: Just Some Thoughts :.
« on: July 23, 2020, 09:23:32 pm »
You know, I haven't really properly thanked this place.. Maybe because I can't help but be lengthy, but, I still want to properly thank this community and even this game in general. Just another user, joining in the year of 2O12... back in May. Another user who didn't think they would accomplish nor achieve so much over the short time they were here.

This game, truly means so much to me. This game alone has sparked my interests and even made me discover things I didn't really know about. My love for Coding, Preset / Map Making, Website Designing, Character Creations, Animations.. and just so much more.

This game is the birthplace of one of my most beloved characters I've ever created... P a n d e e r.

This game itself, created a community.. who all wants what's best for it and want to see it flourish and thrive for many years to come and despite the rockiness that has befallen over this place.. We're still here.
And now, more than ever.. we need the change... we need the passion that we have for this place to shine through. The same passion... that blossomed Friendships that would soon become my My Feral Family.

It's this same family... that gave me the confidence to help those in need whether it be around the forums, in-game.... or even In Real Life.
Because of my passion.. as well as seeing my amazing Feral Family go out of their way and play their part in showing this community in a positive light.. It was what motivated me to do my part.. Step out of that shy box for even just a moment and show how much I cared.

I moved in with an amazing mate ( friend ) I had made over this game.
I did countless requests while furthering my skills in art.
I became MOTS 2 times and continued to show my love and support for the place I called home.
I soon branched out and became a Leader in two communities on an app.
I became a CNA who's now going to go back to school for their LPN.
I'm slowly juggling my online and IRL lives to return to a community and lead a future Group.

And all of this... and so much more, because of a community made up of individuals like Y O U!

So I thank you all... for giving me the voice I needed.. and to stop being an onlooker on things.. to actually come on and post what I'm truly thinking and to once again, thank this game and what all it has brought over the years..

Now, I can't ignore what has happened.. and it shouldn't be ignored as well.
What's done is already done.
And be that as it may, whether it gets brushed aside and never gets spoken about again.... or maybe it'll even get properly addressed by some miracle, in the end, we are allowed to do whatever we wish, respectively.
You are welcomed to continue to support the future of this game whether you choose to walk away or continue to cry out until something gets done.... However, sometimes... things don't always get a happy ending nor is there closure. But that still doesn't make the situation okej, even in the slightest.
For those that are defending the actions that were taken, you can not sit there and disregard the other voices that are opposed to your thoughts and words.. For they too, are fighting for a cause as well.

For those from past or even future moderation teams I want to thank you for all that you have done thus far when it comes to providing what you can for the community. Even though you're currently in the light and there's some things that needs to be addressed, you still took the times out of your lives to do what you do for this game, free of charge and on your own free will.
You m u s t remember that you are the ones running this show and the various members that makes up this platform is what gives you a community to run in the first place. As it has been pointed out numerous times even before now, you're all humans who makes mistakes..
When a mistake is usually made, you have to own up to it.
Or don't.. because one doesn't always have to.. It's completely your choice to do so.
But just know, the trust that you have built between your community and yourself will diminish.. and this is something that even I had to learn the hard way.

Taking action without consulting your team? Not always the best course of action.
Making decisions or just jumping into the fray with little to no discussion or information? Kinda silly..
Letting your emotions get the better of you? Maybe you should step away and breathe..
Needing to crack a joke that doesn't contribute to the conversation at hand? That can go either way.
Jumping to conclusions during the heat of the moment and taking extensive steps to prove a point..? More harm than good..
Sometimes when you think you know what's best.. It isn't always the best.

But again... thank you.

Thank you to all the members here who continue to show their love and passion for a cause when they know something isn't right no matter the situation.
Thank you to the staff who grow from their mistakes and are willing to correct a situation when they know something doesn't sit well with them nor their members..
Thank you for all that shows ambitions and branch out to take that drive, that passion.. and turn it into something memorable.
Thank you for making up this community with talented and thoughtful individuals.
Thank you for those that show great patience and understanding..

Thank you.. from another member.. who started their journey back in 2O12 and jumps on this interesting animal game because it's where it all began... because no matter what, these are the games that seem to pull me in every time and I don't want to see them go ~
So here's to many more memories with you.

Commissions, Trades, & Requests / Lend me your Children-
« on: March 20, 2020, 08:36:23 pm »
Cheers ~! Long time no see huh?
Especially forum wise that is-
I'll try and make this short and sweet and hopefully this is the correct thread to post this here...
I plan on opening commissions in the future and to get me going, I would like to draw other characters other than my own ( if that makes sense ). I want to be able to see where my limits are and test various styles that is right for me. Human or Animal, they're welcomed..
Also please note that I may not get / used EVERYONE'S characters. I have posted this on another social platform so having variety is nice.. Plus, taking a break from anymore requests since I've done requests since I can remember... this place being the first <3... But ANYWHO,

So if you're interested in possibly having your baby drawn, feel free to leave a reference below. Even if you have to use a maker so I can have a visual and get the colours right that's fine by me. Once the work is done, I will of course credit you and post my prices whether it be on here of even on other social platforms c:

And to be fair, here's some examples of my works / sketches / wips. If you wanna check out more works, feel free to check my Instagram & Twitter. I'm becoming more active on there now. Thanks again!

@VirtuousEffects < Twitter
xhaku_hakux < Intstagram

Leaving / Did I Even Return... ?
« on: January 08, 2019, 12:42:53 pm »
If you're reading this, well... Once again I guess I'm taking another leave..
Although.. Based on the time I made my last comment , post , etc and announced my 'return' up until this point I have remained pretty silent, haven't I..?

Well, a lot of factors can go in as to why I've just became a mute and seemed to have... sheltered and distanced myself from the community and even friends ... whether it be on different platforms or even in real life.
Ranging from passings to drama to my name being slandered, etc... I think I need to focus and just.. try harder starting here and now.

Hopefully this new year will be a fresh start for myself so I can continue to be there for others as well.
There's so many promises that I have broken to so many people and I'm grateful for people understanding how hectic and busy my life can be... especially since I seem to be a workaholic that just LOVE to add more and more work for myself.. so I'm hoping that I can actually get some things done and take myself more seriously.
However, there are some things that I'm hoping to do and focus on more so I can actually come back and be a part of a community that has been one of the huge part of my adolescent life and up until now. I know I've told my friends and even joked how one day I would make some grand entrance of a return but... even that's starting to become a dream, heh.

I do hope that I can return and start rekindling and reconnecting with friends that I haven't spoken to in... well, in months.
I usually tell them I'll be there for them but my actions sure don't seem like it and I want to change that.. change myself for the better.
So, while I'm away there's some things that I'm wanting ( and is currently doing ) before I return:

Character Redesigns / Whole Character Wipe
- I'm going to be cleaning out my entire character lists both in-game and even on social platforms. Some ( if you watch me on DA or seen my works on other social platforms ) seen two characters already. One being P a n d e e r who gotten a redesign and a preset for them will be made as well.. but also my new sona 'Zeboi' who's going to be a zebra and Koi hybrid. I'm still working on the whole body and tail designs for the most part. I'll be sure to have a link of the presets somewhere when and IF I do end up returning..

Maps & Animations
- Everytime I boot up my old baby ( laptop ), I see that blender icon and just tinker with it.. not really doing anything with it. I enjoyed making my very first animations and felt really proud trying something I have never done before and even sharing knowledge with others that was curious as well.. I wanna get back into doing something like that. I really did enjoy it and I want to continue making things for this community and even others as well.. Not to mention just getting the feel of doing something that I had once had a strong passion for.

Same thing can be said with the maps. I feel like I'm slowly starting to get better of design layouts, the masks, the dimensions and placements of the items as well. I am hoping to do a REVAMP version of the seasonal map that I released awhile ago. Looking at it now, I'm not too proud of it and I feel like I could've done so much better on it. Soooo much better..

Growth as an Artist and myself..
- Another main thing I'm wanting to do is take my art more seriously. I want to continue to grow as an artist and not stay stagnant. I want to continue to have the enjoyment of drawing mine or even someone or friend's characters as well. I want to learn as much as I can while I'm still breathing and able to create.. I'm currently going through my DA folders and wiping out a good majority of my art and hopefully stashing it someplace else for the time being and making everything more clean and organized..

That's all I wanted to share with you guys and hopefully this follows the rules here still. Even after re-reading the regulations, I'm starting to forget some things.. heh.

So for the most part, I'm away once again.. Mostly silent in this community.. However though I'm still reachable in other platforms like Amino Apps, DeviantArt, Discord, etc... but I'm easily reachable on DeviantArt & Amino now so don't hesitate to shoot me a note ~!

So far now, thank you Feral Heart. Thank you, you lovely members of the community. Just thank you for everything that you've done for so many members here and to those that are no longer here. Just thanks.
And may we speak again soon or in another lifetime.

Farewell & Here's to another year ~!

Introduction / .:: Hello .... It's Me... ::.
« on: September 29, 2018, 03:49:34 am »
Lemme Stop Myself Right There..

'Ello lovely floofies. I doubt anyone recognizes thy username and character but anywho,
just wishing you all the best during the mass hysteria <'3

I thought since I'm starting to get a bit more active on the forums again ( and slowly making my way back in-game ) I should do an official post to announce my return.

I WON'T be sharing my viewpoints on the situation because most of you guys know where I stand. . But in the end, I'm still looking out for that silver lining and nothing but it.
I have to admit that I missed this community d e a r l y and it's nice to know some familiar faces are hanging around even though I just vanished from here.

Who knows what'll happen from here on out but I do hope to just enjoy each day as it come. Life's too short to be worrying so much, that I have learned during my time away.
So let's enjoy every second like it's our last and make memories that'll follow us til the end of time itself?

See ya Around ~

Forum Suggestions & Ideas / Staffer Updates Board / Thread ....?
« on: September 26, 2017, 12:44:03 am »
So, this idea that I've had for a good while now, just never really thought about suggesting it until now.. I believe this sort of thing might give a general idea on a current Staffer's situation IRL / In-Game, etc..
Of course, before I go into detail about this particular idea, this is no way trying to butt into a Staffer's Personal Business for it's up to the Staff themselves on how much they wish to share when it comes to the situation at hand ... but for a general idea as to why a particular staff member isn't available at such and such a time and isn't able to be as active as they wish.

So with that being said, let's jump into this.

So, what exactly is a Staffer Update?

In general, this would be a thread / a pin / a board, whatever have you, to give the community a general idea of a staffer's availabilty.
Of course, a staffer isn't always going to be on and there will be times where they're MIA but the thing is, unless the Staffer themselves that informed the others told them about the situation, the community is left in the dark, rumors are started and the particular staff in question is targeted and attacked. I say 'attacked' because there will be cases when members of the community would start to question their leadership roles or their roles altogether because they weren't updated on such a matter and the other staff kept quiet.
Again, let me make this clear, yes, It's up to that particular staffer to inform the others of their whereabouts and unless they wish for it to be private, then there's not much we can do... However I do feel like it'll be fair as a whole if there was that sliver of light for us so we know the situation together and not wait until someone brings it up.

So... How will this run?
This is a version I talked it out with, with a friend. I'll go into much detail..

"......Like, the activity meter can be ranged from lowest to highest ( there would be an in-game activity meter and a forum activity meter ) ranging from 1 - 1O or Low / Moderate / High.
Not everyone would see a Staff's signature and know about their current situations... but if it was pinned somewhere or on a board.. then it might be beneficial for the players that only check the forums long enough to do so and then jumping in-game.. or for the players that do spend their times on the forums to inform others that don't do such things to be in the 'know' and there won't be any confusion.
Again, this isn't something that needs to be personal. It's more or less of a general update and it can lessen the pressure on MODs that feel like, they're not doing much or they just want to focus on a task at hand and just aren't able to get on as much.. and the community will see and hopefully be more understanding.
Nej doubt they inform other staffers but, it's nice to see updates like that out to the public ( again, doesn't have to be personal ) so everyone can be up to date on a certain staff members situation."

So basically it's an update thread. It'll be branched off into 2 sections under the Staffers Name ( or however they wish to go about decorating this ), where there'll be:
> In-Game Activity ( Ranging from Low - High )
> Forum Activity ( Ranging from Low - High ).

Examples: Let's Use The Current Staff. ( Remember, this isn't true.. these are what it possibly might look like ).


Raz ( Razmirz ) ( Is sick, has the flu ).
In-Game Activity: Low
Forum Activity: Low

Sugarmuffin ( Lordsuragaha ) ( Got a promotion. Wants to focus on job a bit more ).
In-Game Activity: Low
Forum Activity: Low - Moderate

Global Moderators

Nynx ( Warriorstrike ) ( Computer Broke / Using A Friend's Whenever They're Able ).
In-Game Activity: Low
Forum Activity: Moderate


KynsView (Kynvuu ) ( School Starting Up ).
In-Game Activity: Moderate
Forum Activity: Moderate

Kiwi ( Kikiorylandia ) ( Out Of Town ).
In-Game Activity: Low
Forum Activity: Moderate - High

Moggy ( Morgra ) ( On Vacation, Living It Up ).
In-Game Activity: High
Forum Activity: High

Mods In Training
( This Is Optional in case they do want to have the MITs in here as well ).

Along with this, there will be a timezone as well. Not every staffer is running on the same time ( at least that's not always the case )
so being aware of their timezones can give other members an idea on what time they're normally on and how different timezones is a huge thing in Feral - Heart. Just because some of users don't generally see them at a particular time, doesn't always mean they're never on.

But knowing a Staffers timezone can be pretty problematic at times because it lead to members getting on and misbehaving... despite reports going in or just for some havoc to rise.
Of course, from the looks of things, this can be easily an issue and some not so good players might use this sort of thing to their advantage ( which is usually the cases on some sessions because they're timing it well ), but, it doesn't have to be.
Of course, the staff is currently understaff ( at least IMO ) and they can only do but so much as well as balancing with real life problems and life already. This of course is a game and sometimes certain tasks takes a higher priority over a game. With that being said, it can give the Staff a general idea on how they would go about picking future and active staffers.

Some are living on there sides of the world like Europe, Asia, Australia and can cover the ones that are living in the USA.. Because again Timezones.
There could be some players out there that just have a bunch of time on their hands and can be playing a session for hours on end without many breaks. Doesn't mean that they don't generally have a life or anything, it just means that they have the time to give without any problems.

So the whole point of this thread ( and sorry for sounding redundant ) is basically giving the community an idea on how active or able a particular staffer is able to be in-game, on the forums, or both overall. It's to hopefully lessen that sort of pressure on the staff because they know that the community is in the know a bit more and they don't have to worry about returning to a bunch of accusations, threats ( and yes, that can be a thing if it goes to the extremes and despite it not happening as often now, can never be sorry ) but as an overall give the rest of us an idea that they're doing their best but something suddenly came up, they're to work though it, etc.

Bottom line in general, it's still up to the Staff themselves how much they wish to share. If they don't wish to, it's their choice.. we can't force someone to do something they're not comfortable sharing or doing. That's the truth of the matter in the end. Sure, it's not fair,
but is it really fair for us to push them to the point we're forcing them to spill the details. Who knows, they might've wanted to share but the timing isn't right.
But, to keep this on topic, Staff are humans / floofs / creatures like you and me and they do have lives. Having a status update every now and then instead of always posting on the leaving boards or writing in their signature ( because again, some don't usually click / find a staff just to see their signature on a status update ) might give them a bit of breather. I guess a problem that can come from this might seem like extra work and all, but if they're willing to put in this sort of effort to update this every now and then, might not be so bad.

But yeah, this is just a suggestion and I'm probably missing something else..

User Creations Collection / ⌠ .::. Hakumi's Menagerie .::. ⌡
« on: August 30, 2017, 06:50:02 am »
☼ W E L C O M E ☼


~ Welcome To My Menagerie ~

~ Below you will find my little collection of my little creations with their respective links below if they're available. As time pass, I will update this thread with possibly more creations for those that wish to try out what they see for their own pleasures ♥

If you have any questions or even want to throw in some requests, feel free to do suggest. If I have the time, I might be able to get right to it c: ~


► T a b l e   O f   C o n t e n t s ◄

• A n i m a t i o n s
• F u r   +   E y e   T e x t u r e s
• I n t e r f a c e s
• M a p s
• P o d i u m s
• P r e s e t s
• ( Possibly More )

Praise / .::. From Me To You ♥ .::.
« on: August 29, 2017, 11:38:16 pm »
Hej ~!

It Has Been Awhile.

So, I'm going to make this as 'brief' as I possibly can. So work with me here, Lol.


First, I would like to thank everyone for the support over the year of my absence. Really means a lot to get that sort of support and the type of impact I've made in the community without me even knowing I guess..

This community really has come a long way from how it was before to be honest. This community also gave me a little push in the right direction whether it be for just getting more involved over a game or site to real life, I think I changed for the better in my opinion. I'm more confident, opened but still sticking to my original self. c;

Oh, thanks for the Happy Birthday Wishes ~! You guys are just peaches, Lol.

Anywho, I have done some things during my time away, things I wanted to try for fun. May not seem a lot, but it sure was for me. I want to thank my little helpers, DarkLustyHumor & Azura (ArcticGalaxy) as well. Without you both, this would've never gotten done, so I love to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart ♥ Thanks for the help & keeping me updated on what goes on here. Now that I'm back, I'm not too far behind nor lost really c;
Thanks to my lovely floofens for sending me messages whenever I managed to check them and asking / checking up on me. Really brought a smile to my face and it actually motivated me to finish as soon as I could just so I can see ya again.

Now, I could drone and go on and on about about how happy or good I felt, but I rather not for now. Lol.

But, before I close this out, I would like to say thanks to those that let me draw their lovely characters. It was a fun challenge and it was just another way of saying 'Thanks' I suppose. If your character isn't on here, don't worry... I'll be doing another thing like this.. but in the future. But yeah,

Thanks For Putting Up With Me.

Thanks For Le Love & Support.

Despite the community having bad patches here and there, I don't really care much for that sort of thing. My main thing is the connections I made over the years I've been a member here and the lasting friendships / bonds I created with people in the world. ♥

But yeah, that's all I wanted to say. So,

See Ya Around ~!

Game Help / Smol Map Question ~
« on: July 02, 2017, 05:11:14 am »
Hello All ♥
I have a small map question if someone doesn't mind answering ( because I've been looking nearly everywhere in this help thread and haven't found a solution yet ) ,

But anyways,

How would I go about sending a map file to someone so they can edit / work on said map and then return it back to me? I feel like the solution is pretty simple but I wanted to be 1OO% sure on this. I'm guessing sending the files from the export alone and then compressing it into a .zip folder isn't enough?

Thanks for the help if anyone can help answer this ~!

Leaving / Not A Goodbye ?
« on: June 29, 2016, 08:58:16 pm »
Haku Here ~!

Uhm, For Starters This Isn't A Goodbye, I Promise. This Is More Like A.. 'Until Next Time' Sort Of Thing ^^;

Anyways, I've been making a list of all the things I wanted to do, now that I officially have some free time. Most of the things on my list is like a little 'Thank You' for the community and all it has done for not only me, but a lot of other floofs that just needed a welcoming & loving paw to get them through the rough times ?
So, after making this list, going over it a few more times and finally settling with it, I think I have something nice to give back as well. Granted there's so many talented floofs out there already that's already doing so much and I want to be a part of that, even if it's just a teensy bit, because it's truly a nice thing to see & I can't help but smile whenever I see all these new creations and such ~!

I've already gotten to work on some of these things, but, I can't help but coming back to Feral-Heart again ( especially the forums ), to see what's new and such / help out and all that other good stuff ^^;
So, as hard as it's going to be, I'm going to step away from the forums / game ( except when I need to test something out ) altogether so I won't let myself get distracted so easily, Lol. I have already gotten rid of the shortcut ( FH Icon ) off my desktop so I won't be tempted & I'm making sure my friend will help me out from checking the forums by distracting me with something else ( You Know Who You Are ) & hopefully... in a couple of months or so, I shall return with a few new things to bring to the table as well ~!

It's going to be weird to just drop everything but I'm determined so I can make this work and get some things done, Lol. Anyone is welcomed to keep in touch with me outside of Feral-Heart via DA or even Skype or some other... Social Media, Lol.

But ja, I think I got everything I wanted to say out as it is. Can't wait to return and be active with the community once more though ~!

So until then,
Continue Staying Awesome Fam ?

+ Hakumi Signing Off ? +

Community Activities Hub / Feral-Heart Ugly Duckling Challenge !
« on: June 27, 2016, 10:51:10 pm »
Hej Floofs ~!
Ready For A Challenge? Psh, Of Course You Are!

Then Step Right Up To ....

? Feral-Heart's Ugly Duckling Challenge ?

Myself, Kiaz and M'Lass were talking and we came up with this challenge!

This challenge is calling out to everyone to try and make what most would consider to be an undesirable character into a good looking character that you would take home to momma ~!

An easy challenge because all you have to do is make a new character with these guildlines:

- Pelt color must be a natural color
- Must have a mane
- Add four items randomly (click through the list and add without choosing any)
- Must have a marking on either head, body or tail. Or all of them. It just needs to have a marking
- The marking cannot be natural colors

o An Example: Click Me ~!

So That's Basically It.
So Go Out There And Get Creative And Post Your Wonderful Creations Here Or Even Strut Around In-Game For All To Enjoy ~!
And Remember. . . .

H A V E   F U N  ?

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