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!! Information regarding registration !!
« on: February 23, 2015, 03:25:09 pm »
General Information Regarding FeralHeart Registration

How does the registration actually work?
How the registration is set up currently is to randomize times throughout the week the site will open up the registration. These open registration times can vary greatly, it can open in early mornings, late mornings, mid day, early afternoons, etc. Once the registration actually does open it will show a new option in the yellow box next to the banner to register an account, but that's of course only when it is open.

When/how often does it open?
In this case, random is random so no one can tell or predict when it will be open, if registration were to be open at a certain time one day it doesn't have to open that time the next day. What can be said though is that it tends to be open every 12 hours or so, and every time it does open, it opens for one hour stretches, usually opening or (closing) when an hour changes; this means reloading the page every five minutes will not be the best way to get an account and will not increase your chances directly, instead maybe consider checking in every one-two hours for best effect. Just keep checking in and you will find an open registration time eventually!

Why does the registration work this way?
A lot of people ask the question "why" the registration work this way, and the reason is quite a reasonable one. Feralheart is really just another game online, taken care of and run by people in their free time out of mere interest and love for the game itself. We want to make sure it works as well as we can, and that's where quantity is not the only thing to think about. We want to keep the site and game up and running smoothly without hiccups and issues due to the registration part, and just reduce general abuse of the registration system where users would intentionally hog accounts, those who really want or need an account will get one eventually. Even though a greater number of players is always fun to see, it cannot always be a priority since we need to look a bit further ahead than just that.

Can you open registration for me or my friends?
Not only can't we know when registration opens like any other users, but we cannot and will not open the registration on request. If one or two users get the registration open for them, so should everyone else. As it stands right now everyone needs to find an open registration time if they want an account and we excuse for any inconvenience that might bring.

Why don't you post schedules when it opens?
Not only don't we know when it will be open as mentioned above, but it would really defeat the whole purpose of having random registration times to begin with. Sometimes when we do catch the registration open, staff might post about it on things like our tumblr page or even deviantart, but having a pre-made schedule is not something we can have.

!! Good To Keep In Mind !!

Don't make too long usernames!
Make sure you always make usernames at or below 16 characters of length due to game limitations. Any username longer than this will NOT work for the game and we will not be able to edit your username afterwards. Also try to stay away from special symbols if possible. The registration should block most odd symbols that are not supported by the game, but keyboard layouts can vary and sometimes users might have issues due to special symbols used for their account.

If you'd have issues logging into the game
If you have issues logging in, make sure you followed the earlier advice regarding username length, but also that you keep in mind your password is capital sensitive and must match the password entered during registration. A notice if you have numbers in your password as well is that the numpad does NOT work in the game. If you haven't activated your account, you may have trouble logging into the account. When you sign up for your account, be certain that the e-mail you're signing up with is valid and still exists. Make sure you are keeping open the connection page via the "Play Game" tab on the site, as well.

Activate your account right after registration!
If you do not activate your registered account the server will automatically remove it in due time. If you didn't get time to activate your account via the activation link before the registration closed, there is the likelihood of your not being able to successfully play on the account. The activation code you are sent via your e-mail address MUST be clicked on and activated while the Registration is open. If you did not receive an activation code upon creating the account, you will have to create a new account. Keep in mind that it can take up to a few minutes to receive an activation code, so simply because you do not receive one right away doesn't mean one will not be sent. If you didn't get an activation code, this may be because the Registration closed before you finished account activation or you entered an invalid or nonexistent e-mail address.

Regarding account usage and sharing
Make sure you always keep your account(s) to yourself only, more information on that HERE. Sharing accounts can cause some issues if you as a player is not careful enough, so please mind how you use your account(s). Thank you!

Hope this helped and answered any questions you've might had regarding the registration.
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