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Hey everyone, so I have been just letting my warrior character sit on the character selection menu and rot away. I was hoping that FeralHeart may have an active warriors rp group that stays true to the stories and does not use fake/fanmade clans. I have ran around a little bit in the grounds seeing if anyone would be advertising, but no luck most are basic animal rps and not many fandom rps. I would create my own FH warriors rp group with a map to go with it, but I already have one group I made that I am still working on getting members for, plus another group that I joined, so creating a group of my own is probably not the best option at the moment. Anyways I would like a literate or at least semi literate warriors rp group that stays true to the books and does not have any fake clans and what not, also would prefer a group that take their rping a bit more seriously and does not chat too much during rp.

Hey everyone, so if you did not know this about me yet, I am rather spiritual and I enjoy looking stuff up about Zodiac, the supernatural and much more. So have you ever wanted to know anything specific about your Zodiac? Your lucky numbers, your traits, your ruling planet? If so let me know, tell me your zodiac sign and what you want to know about it!

NOTE: This is not a psychic reading thing, since you can't give someone a reading unless you are physically in front of them, this is just more a questions and answers thing.

I can also give you information regarding spirit animals if you want, just not as much as I can give about the zodiac.

Hello everyone and welcome to my group advertisement, here I will give some information about the rp, I will also add the map download for the map that the group would be using. Anyways, in short, Kingdom of Lupoj is a mature (17+) pack based rp with up to four packs that all exist in the area. This rp takes place in a time where humans have gone extinct due to their carelessness of how they treated their planet and eventually they died off leaving the wolves as the dominant species. The wolves live in tribe like communities now rather than the typical primitive pack and unlike long before there are mixed hybrids of those who are not just a single type of wolf breed but are mixed, though there still exists purebred wolves they are fewer now. Interested yet? Read on for further information :3

The story of the land

Long ago humans were deemed as the dominant species on the planet, they built the biggest structures, invented the most high tech devices, and even went to space and have explored the sea, but they became arrogant and began to believe they were better than any other mammal on the planet most began to abandon the old ways and the majority of mankind had little respect for Earth and her creatures. Eventually man's arrogance and carelessness led to their own demise, they became extinct and Mother Earth took back her world. What remains now you ask? Well though humans became extinct, mother Earth's children who still respected the laws of nature remained, those children in question are what the humans would of called the "wild animals". These animals still exist and thrive on her planet as buildings slowly become engulfed by overgrowth and road and streets decay and break, among these animals include pray population such as deer, elk, boars, and other hoofed animals along side the predators of the land. So since humans no longer exist, who is the dominant race on the planet? Why the wolves of course, they have proven to humans in the past time and time again that they have a sense of civilization with their advanced pack hierarchies and way of life.

For centuries the wolves have shown an intelligent way of thinking and have also shown human-like traits such as grieving and burying their dead, living in groups that can be compared to a family or colony, and much more. The wolves became the dominant species on the planet once the humans have became extinct. They now live in tribal communities that, though still are packs, they are more advanced now and have ranks and tribelike virtues. 

The four Packs

The landmass known as the Kingdom of Lupoj is an island with four different biomes and four different packs who inhabit it. The four packs have their own customs, their own ways of doing things, and their own history though they come together as one living on the same island. Each pack is in need of an alpha and members currently, only Bloodmoon and Coldmoon has an alpha. All other packs are open to those who think they can roleplay alpha well, but you need to follow each pack's history and story line and incorporate it into your OC if you wish to play as the alpha of one of the packs.

•About Bloodmoon Pack

Backstory/History: Bloodmoon Pack is the oldest of all the packs, they have runned this land for generations, the pack was first formed by Shadow's great great grandfather's father, Darkmoon, and was passed down from father to son as the pack continued to grow. It is not unheard of for them to of passed it down to their daughter if they never had a son, but the thing with Shadow's family is males where vary common and females uncommon to be born from his bloodline, there for no one's first child in Shadow's family has been female yet. Edgy names are kind of a running joke in Shadow's family, but that is just how it is. Bloodmoon pack makes their territory in a forest known as ebony forest (The Oak Forest in the Map).

Pack Values: The wolves of Bloodmoon are very confident and powerful, all where trained to kill since birth and can more than hold their own in a fight, even the Omega is taught to fight in Bloodmoon. Though they are battle hardened wolves, they prefer peace over war and their leader would much prefer to just come to and agreement with a rival pack instead of risking his family, his pack, in a pack war. They are a fearless, confident, powerful, and well respected pack in the land and most know not to hurt one of their members unless you have a death wish, the wolves of Bloodmoon are very close and have a bond like none other, if you hurt one of their own, the whole pack will hurt you back.

Specialties: The wolves of Bloodmoon are highly skilled in combat though they prefer a peaceful existence. All pack members are taught to fight once they receive their pack rank from the alpha, even if they are Omega they are still taught basic self defense and combat. Though the Bloodmoon Pack reigns supreme in battle, they lack in other areas, hunting is not one of their favorite activities and hardly any other pack members who are not Delta or Hunter will hunt. Bloodmoon is also skilled in ambush attacks under nightfall, they are very stealthy and quick on their feet, no one ever seems to see them coming if they ambush an enemy.

Traditions: Bloodmoon pack has somewhat mixed traditions even though their alpha bloodline comes from purebred Timber Wolves, the rest of the pack is mixed in heritage and are of multiple different breeds of wolf. Though they have mixed traditions there are a few that only seem to be followed by Bloodmoon and no other pack in the area. They worship their ancestors and believe in the existence of only two devine forces a God and a Goddess, their belief system is heavily influenced by the religions Wicca which originated in England and Ancestral Worship known to be done in the old times of China and some other asian eastern countries. Every full moon they hold a ceremony for their God and Goddess and their ancestors where they will celebrate by doing chants, hunting as a pack with everyone (Which only the Delta and Hunters do normally), and various other ceremonial activities. Those from bloodmoon typically have dark red, black, or dark blue markings, sometimes natural and other times warpaint to resemble the pack more.

•About Coldmoon Pack

Backstory/History: Coldmoon Pack is a pack made up of a mix of different wolves, though their first Alpha was a purebred Arctic Wolf. The Coldmoon Pack made a name for them self when they beat Harvestmoon pack in it's prime when it had many members which is one of the land's most infamous pack. The Coldmoon pack has a peace pact with the Bloodmoon pack and they will aid each other in war should they need more help. the wolves of Coldmoon are strong, cunning, adaptive, and peaceful, they would prefer to make peace instead of war should they be threatened even though they are a hardy bunch of wolves and could hold their own. Coldmoon wolves make their territory in a place called silvershard flats (The place with Fir Trees in the map).

Pack Values: The Coldmoon wolves put family above everything else, they see pups as the most important thing to the pack since they are the future generation of pack members. Coldmoon pack would usually solve their problems peacefully as best they could, this does not make them weak however, quite the opposite since being strong is sometimes knowing when not to jump into the fire and fight. They are patient and try to remain allies or at least neutral with the other pack to avoid unnecessary risks and getting their pack members injured. The Coldmoon pack has a great family bond almost as well as Bloodmoon's bond with each other.

Specialties: Coldmoon wolves are masters at communication and are usually very persuasive, they are peaceful wolves who know the best way to solve an issue is simply by just talking most of the time instead of jumping at one another tooth and claw. The Coldmoon pack also has a history of honorable combat they have some wolves that are just as strong as some of Bloodmoon's though not as ruthless in combat as them, they run with finesse and elegance.

Traditions: The Coldmoon traditions and customs are rather strict, they demand their females be powerful yet feminine and their males to be honorable and brave, they are still somewhat stuck in the times of gender norms and expectations, yet they are a very nice pack of wolves and are a peaceful bunch. The Coldmoon pack's beliefs consist of things similar to strict catholic beliefs and they hold to their belief no matter what, they dare not question it. The Coldmoon pack also hold a gathering with Bloodmoon on the nights of a waxing crescent moon, in these events they simply chat, hunt together, play, and hangout, this is simply a part of their peace treaty and just to be friendly with one another since they are allies after all and should there be a war they would have to both join together with their packs and become one pack so it is good to keep a relationship with them. The wolves of Coldmoon usually have light blue, lavender, or white markings, sometimes they are born with them and other times it is war paint they use to resemble the pack.

About Bluemoon Pack

Backstory/History: Bluemoon pack is the youngest of the four packs, they still have much to learn from their more historical counterparts who share the land with them. Their alpha bloodline is a mix and is not pure like most alphas from other neighboring packs, they are rather looked down upon by the other packs since their alpha is basically a new comer as well as their whole pack. Bluemoon does not have any peace treaties with any other packs other than Coldmoon, Bloodmoon refused since the alpha stated to "put down roots and make a generation and them come talk to me" and Harvestmoon, well no one really likes them as they are a ruthless pack who are very careless and does not have the most accepted lifestyle.

Pack Values: Bluemoon has not yet laid down any specific pack values that they live by, though it is noted that they are close as a family and stick together even though their hierarchy is kind of shaky. Most of the Bluemoon wolves act like a group of childish friends more than a family or pack, their alphas and beta are the ones who are closer, this is one of the reasons that packs other than Coldmoon would not make an alliance with them, they do not seem serious enough as a pack to actually be considered one of the four packs by the other wolf packs in the area.

Specialties: The bluemoon pack has not made a name for themselves and has no noticable things they are good at, they somewhat behave more like the primitive wolf packs from centuries ago back when there were still humans on the planet. This pack would get their tail whipped in a fight against any of the other packs.

Traditions: The only known traditions of Bluemoon pack is that they have a pack hunt every full moon though that is all that is really seen from them. The Bluemoon pack is somewhat the odd ones out and is not as advanced and has no respect from other packs, Coldmoon only allied with them due to their make peace not war mindset and the fact that they are just nicer than most packs in the area. As far and religion goes, Bluemoon seems to worship nature though they are not of Wicca belief like Bloodmoon, because they don't believe in a divine force, they believe that plants have spirits and those spirits are those of the pack members who had died. The wolves of Bluemoon usually have markings that are aqua, teal, or purple, some are born with these marking colors and others use warpaint to resemble the pack so that others know what pack they are from as all do.

•About Harvestmoon Pack

Backstory/History: Harvestmoon pack's wolves are somewhat of the barbarian class, they are rather careless about the other packs and are quick to fight even if they will lose. Their first Alpha was a purebred European Wolf and went by the name of Achilles (Called himself that) though his true name was Flare, he had ruled his pack like a tyrant and had rather low IQ since he would fight with other wolves for no reason and would lose most of the time. The Harvestmoon pack is one that has a bad reputation for not behaving properly and also having no respect for others. One can only hope they will get a leader one day that will run the pack right and not act like a teenager on steroids, though sadly that day has not come yet for the pack and they continue to be led by abusive and disrespectful leaders, many of the pack members have left the pack in the past because they disliked how stuff was done there, these wolves typically migrated to Coldmoon or Bloodmoon as an alternative pack when they left Harvestmoon. Harvestmoon wolves make their home at a small volcanic area which no one really knows how they survive there.

Pack Values: Though the pack is rather barbaric at first glance they do have pack values as most established pack do. The wolves of Harvestmoon are ruthless in battle, bonded by blood and war, and have a rather questionable lifestyle. They are adaptive and strong, though they lack intelligence most of the time and seem to think the answer to everything is fighting, this is why their pack is so small, they are destroying their own existence behaving this way and not using their brains enough if they even have any.

Specialties: Harvestmoon wolves are ruthless in battle though they lack the cunning trait usually needed in this world now and days. They can and will fight to the death, but they get tired out easily as they worry more about physical strength than anything else. Other than their forceful way of fighting they really have no other specialties that are unique to their pack.

Traditions: Harvestmoon lacks in traditions and usually always is looking for blood. They have no long developed customs or traditions, they live by the motto "Fight or Die Trying" which is not a very safe way to think, since as strong as they are, they usually do in fact get killed easily in battle since they lack other skills that require mind or speed. Their religion is that of one written in blood as they worship a brutal god that demands blood sacrifices and burnings as offerings. These wolves will no doubt fall eventually since they lack compassion for other wolves and act so violently, but until that day they reside on the volcanic land of the Kingdom of Lupoj. Harvestmoon wolves typically have orange, yellow, or magenta markings, they can be born with them or used war paint for them to resemble the pack more.

Well that is that for the story and information if you wish to join the group and maybe be one of the alphas for the one of the other three packs in the rp then please feel free to go to our discord server and ask. Yes we use a discord server as our main place of office since the group actually started as an rp server on discord and then I thought it would be nice to bring the rp to feral heart since it would work perfectly for this type of rp! Anyways have a nice day/night and please refer to the links below for other information! Goodbye for now (OwO)/

Other information:

•About the Map and Where to Download it

•Kingdom of Lupoj Original Discord Server

Finished Maps / Kingdom of Lupoj RP Group Map
« on: March 27, 2018, 06:21:44 pm »
Kingdom of Lupoj is a rp I have been working on that I would love to get new members for the group, it is basically a pack rp, but has multiple pack and a fantasy based storyline, anyways to learn more about the rp this map is made for I will link to a group advertisement I plan to make for the group since this is just about the map we use and not so much about the rp group. Anyways basically this is a mixed biome map with the concept of pack vs pack in mind or just pack rp with multiple packs in general.

The map I made from scratch with the help of FH objects and textures of course, since it is made purely with vanilla items so to say that come with your FeralHeart download it should not be too much of a hassle to install, I purposely did not use downloaded object sets so that it would be less complicated for people to install, also because I have a history of forgetting to add custom meshes and textures if I use them, though this is an accident I promise I am not trying to annoy anyone X3

The map consists of four different pack grounds which all have dens if I remember correctly, sorry if I am wrong I worked on this all night and am somewhat tired, so I was probably half asleep when I finally finished it, I will fix it later on and post an updated download if it turns out I did not add 4 dens. Anyways the map also has multiple biomes namly an oak forest biome with a lake (Bloodmoon Pack's Territory), an open plains near the ocean and including its own lake which is very close to spawn point (Bluemoon Pack's Territory), a fir forest fielded area with no water source other then the river that runs through the map (Coldmoon Pack's Territory), and a volcanic area that looks somewhat like a dead zone but still has dens and a small water hole though if this was real life that water would be unsafe to drink (Harvestmoon Pack's Territory).

Here you can see the volcanic area, it is smaller than the other territories, but if you are edgier then Shadow (My OC and Bloodmoon's Alpha) then you may be right at home among the dead trees and skeletons around the area. Though this would not be my first pick for a pack territory, think of what it would do to the pup's mental state when they are born in a territory like that XD Just screwing around, but still it would be the truth (O_O)"

Welp that covers the basics of the map, read my DA post of it for further information and perhaps a quicker explanation of what Kingdom of Lupoj is actually about, last but not least I do have rules for people in the map who are not part of the rp group, so here is a copy and paste of the rules I listed on my DA post, sorry if I sound kind of mean in the rules, but like I said tired and I wanted to make sure people know that I don't mess around when it comes to people getting along and following rules.

The rules of the map for non-group members:

-All Dens are owned by the 4 packs of the land so if the roleplay group comes in and your hanging around in their den and at their pack territory you need to give them their den and packgrounds back. Other times you are free to "rent" it when no one who is part of the rp is there.

-Be respectful and do not rp if you weren't invited by one of the pack's alphas. We are a closely regulated rp group with rather strict rules and a story we need to follow when rping, so please if you are not in the rp group and you where not invited by the pack alpha to rp then do not just jump in and start rping with them.

-Do not take the name Kingdom of Lupoj or try ripping it off. Technically this is a trademark and I myself invented the rp therefore I own the title and the rp of the same name, besides if you have to steal a rp name or something like that because you can't make your own, then I am sorry but you are crappy person with no imagination or respect, your are also highly immature as well if you steal someone else's things.

-Listen to the map admins and also follow the rules of FeralHeart itself. The map admins so far include ShadowMT13 and Airowin. As always you also are expected to follow FeralHearts rules at the same time as these ones.

Links to other stuff mention in this post:

The Map Download

The DA Submission

Kingdom of Lupoj RP Group

Site/Forum Help / I have a question regarding Rules and Forum Topics.
« on: March 03, 2018, 11:07:15 pm »
Okay I was wondering, can you advertise discord servers you made here? And if so, what would be the best place to post these advertisements at? I thought maybe Off Topic Roleplay or Community Activities Hub. Just don't want to post it in the wrong place if I am even allowed to post it at all, save you guys the aggravation of moving it to another area.

Site/Forum Help / Why are some fonts not working anymore?
« on: March 01, 2018, 03:23:05 am »
Can you guys please fix this, some fonts do not work anymore and instead default to font face, it is pretty upsetting and I enjoy to type in different fonts and find it fun. What happened? Is this a bug and if so can you guys please work on fixing it?

Praise / Just a thank you to the Moderators here.
« on: February 26, 2018, 01:02:38 am »
This is not necessarily a discussion, but I am sure we can turn it into one. For starters let me just say sorry I was off the forums for a while my computer is now broke and does not work properly and sadly I can not successfully download FeralHeart on the currant one that my Aunt is letting me use until we come up with a solution for my computer because her computer is only 4 GB RAM total and not a vary good computer. Anyways I wanted to say thank you to the moderators for all you deal with, after reading some locked topics that looked like rants out of curiosity (Which they where rants) I have definitely seen what you guys deal with. I get stressed just reading some of those, I can't imagine how you guys probably feel, especially when the rants are turned towards you. I my self have had my crappy times where I would post stupid stuff on the forums out of anger or annoyance. Thank you for having patients with all of us and trying your best to deal with the back lash some community members give.

And I guess I could make this into a discussion by asking "anyone else want to thank the moderators for something?"
Hopefully that is good enough, but I just wanted to say thanks and was not sure where to put it.

Site/Forum Help / Quick Question!
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:29:47 am »
Hey, just a quick question since I am completely unsure about where I would post something like this and if it is even okay to do so. So I have found many intresting facts about wolves and I also know some stuff from books I have read in the past, I was wondering if I could make a forum post for fun that is like a guide book to wolves, kind of like an all about wolves thing, so if other people love wolves as much as me they could take a look at it and read through it. If I could where should I post it to, which category? The forum post will also have links to the pages where I got the information.

Sorry I was not reading the name of the childboard, this should of been in Forum Help. (O_O)"

Forum Games / As a new Admin I will...
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:56:50 pm »
Hey everyone, just thought of a random game to do so I went ahead and started it since I am sick of these counting games on here and the alphabet resisting games, I miss the games where you could just get goofy like the "Your banned!" game and the true or false games. So anyways this is how it will work, you will pretend that you just got made one of the new admins. What will you do with your new found "adminship"? You can say something absurd or reasonable whatever you are in the mood for and everyone else will go ahead add their own two sense like this...

First Poster: As a new Admin I will ban the color red!

Next poster: As a new Admin I will make everything red!

See like that, just say whatever you want, but make sure you follow the forum rules and don't say anything that would otherwise be against the rules. What you claim you will do as admin could be anything you want, a rule change, a ban, a promotion, ect. Have fun guys!

Forum Discussion / What is even the point of member of the season?
« on: February 12, 2018, 07:50:14 pm »
I have voted each time they had a member of the season voting poll, but I started wondering what does it even matter if the Admins are the only ones  that can nominate people. Like I get how it works, but it just seems kind of unfair to a degree because if you look at the overall way it is set up it feels rigged. There are certain qualifications nominees must meet, though it would not matter that much if the admins choose who you can pick from. Anyways I don't really care how the admins do things since usually they don't cause me too many problems with things, they usually help me out well as a matter of fact. Just share your opinions on the whole voting system as I did, I would like to see what others think. I don't believe this will push for any changes to the member of the season voting system, but I do still wonder how others feel about it when look at it as a whole.

I may be the only one who feels this way when thinking about the voting system and overall it is just for fun not meant to be serious but still. Anyways tell me how you feel about it when thinking about how it works, because I am curious as to what other people think. Have a nice day/night!

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