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News Archives / Re: A couple of notes
« on: September 28, 2018, 10:22:23 am »
Characters never got deleted apparently so it's just wait for them to be put back on once people stop going into the maps, says so right in the thread.

Game Help / Re: Eternal loading screen
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:31:55 am »
If I were you, I'd try another account if you have one laying around just to make sure it's not an actual problem with the certain account you're trying to use.

If you use another account and the same thing happens it's safe to say there's something when it comes to the communication to the server as you're already getting past the login screen.

Game Help / Re: Viruses?
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:29:19 am »
The FeralHeart installer probably still in many cases get caught up as a potential threat from various anti-virus software, this is because there's no real license found for it and nothing can really acknowledge where it comes from or who made it. As far as the installer itself goes it should be fine however and I cannot really speak of it having any viruses over the years I used it.

What sites certain ads leads to however is another story, ads as a whole is the bane of our existence, but also the giver of life as it keeps our servers paid for.

Game Help / Re: Character Absence
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:25:03 am »
Characters didn't get permanently deleted but will probably not come back until people stop using the maps they shouldn't according to the post from the Server master, this is from the link provided from the post above.

Site/Forum Help / Re: about registration
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:22:42 am »
You have to be logged out from the yellow login box for the site in order to see the register button as far as I remember, but I stand to be corrected if not.

Better safe than sorry anyway as you only really need to be logged in for account actions and not to play the actual game, that happens in a separate window that you can open.

Site/Forum Help / Re: Trying to log in with sister but can't
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:20:14 am »
Try to go on the login page and use ctrl + f5 to refresh that page completely, then write in the credentials again, press login. If the box comes up empty try just to press login again without adding any text.

If you still have issues I'd honestly suggest just trying another browser, if they really want to play the game it's worth the try, things like firefox, chrome or whatever works.

As someone who spent on average 8 hours a day watching the chats in FH back in the day when General chat was a thing, I can safely inform everyone here that a lot more bad situations were discussed and rubbed in peoples faces openly, I can also inform that the community didn't behave any better. General was a ticking time bomb all the time. Even less fun when you'd get a hard time from players because of the things that went down inside of it, when you tried your hardest for it not to be that terrible

General chat's design is just not there, and it should've had some sort of limit to how people could post from day one at least, such as a 5 minute cooldown so it's easier to follow and manage, and keep people from spamming worldwide messages that aren't needed for it. The most shame I feel for it was the advertising for roleplays or events and how they lost the ability to do so, but I don't really feel anything for those doing random chatter in it or spamming smiley faces, counting to 100, screaming about how their dog farted or how much they hate justin beiber, all happening several times a day.

General chat is cool sure, great tool also, has it's place in FH it does too, but not the way it worked back then.

Registration on the other hand is quite important nowadays as we do not have the same influx of users that needs to managed properly, and we do need to let the new players in on the action too. I do believe registration has started to open more frequently, but if that's enough I'm not sure of.

In theory an old, really big, empty map with some glitchy rock slabs could be added for people to roleplay in, but if it's not a plain copy of an old map like Fluorite plains(with some potential sparkles) on top of it, no one would care for it in the same way as an old Fluorite plains would, even if you used the same textures or same objects. There would be no "new" place like stone bridge unless it was a copy of that too, and with all the newer maps in the game now and how they are laid out I'm not sure people would be willing to run that far and truly start populating those areas again.

There is no point in making two different FH worlds one old and unmodified and one new, and have two copies of something like lonely cave when one of them is visually a disaster and bring nothing worthwhile to the game, truly the only purpose lonely cave was made to begin with was to move the spawn out of the old Bonfire Island and get people to split out a bit more to other maps, south pole really just appear like a last minute effort, and even when it was new people thought it was a complete disappointment, but people grew to like it since it was the only real snow map in the game for all those years.

It truly is a problem that there were no true standard for maps back then, and that the game had to go for so long without any proper updates to them, left a lot of people shocked from change that should've been good. It's an amusing thought if FH would've had these new maps from day one, and then instead get scrapped and get all the old ones as an "update", I doubt it would've had anywhere near a good reception and I'm sure people know this even if they might not feel it in their hearts.

There's a small more functional obstacle too, that could be worth mentioning even though it has been posted in the past. The old maps were made with old object groups thrown together in haste with what I could assume being the actual game creator himself, these are object names that are not compatible well with the new ones I put together myself that is used for mapping and that you guys can even use yourself in the map maker(the way it should've been from the start), importing the old maps they probably would either not have all the objects or they wouldn't be placed correctly or interfere with names of the new ones, which essentially means you'd need to re-decorate them, and in that case you might as well make a better map as a whole.

There's a second thing to, and that is that all maps had no thought of actual location to them or where the destination was. You ran through portals and gates and it never faced you in the right direction, there were no sense of heading or where you were going. Minimap was not used properly, and really it was just random worlds connected by some black portals, not an actual world you ran through like it is now. If you head east, you end up east, if you go north, you end up north, that was not the case before. If these old maps were added that would also need to be taken into account, and somehow in a frankenstein creation way placed inside to make sense with the rest, not to mention how every single map except ficho or last cave, being caves, had super visible "invisible" walls where the world ended just like it was flat, or you could see the ground get cut off into nothingness, all the maps present now have some sort of distant landscape to cut of the maps and hills around them to give some sort of sense of a world for a player running through, but it also has the effect of feeling small, even though they are sometimes much bigger than their counter parts(with an exception of fluorite plains).

A snow map was always planned from the starting gate for the patch, same thing goes for climbing maps like AI as well, it just that time started to really tick and instead of throwing out rushed or empty maps it was put on hold until a future update that sadly has taken staff a lot longer than I at least intended it for. It's just that the design was really a seamless world that slowly changed in look to colder or different climates instead of a random teleport to a random universe every time you went through a gate like in the old game, to give a sense of travel and exploration. I'm sad to see we still haven't managed to get people that, just as well as I'm still longing for an actual Savannah map that was planned as well to be released in a future patch.

At most I could see to see a re-worked version of something like FP as a throwback to old times with maybe some iconic locations like a stone bridge in it, but then it wouldn't truly be FP. But there's no use throwing in an old map like that unless it had the same old spotlight like it did in the old game, where most maps were quite empty and the layout of the world didn't have much paths for exploration.

There's many reasons why some of the old maps never made it into the the patch that happened many years ago, and it always haunted the update that it didn't hold the same nostalgia. From a technical standpoint I have personally no issues with bigger maps, snow maps, maps looking like FP or based on ideas around the old ones, but they were empty, had little to no detail and connected in a broken way along with disorganized object groups that just added extra clutter to bring with the new clean game. The biggest problem I really feel now with the new game is The grounds and how possibly I should've made it more simple and made in such a way that people don't want to sit right next to the portal, and instead more flat space in the middle to appear more like old bonfire. And appeal to that kind of playerbase.

It could be worth to bring back some features that people really liked or remember, but certainly not whole maps similar to what it was.

News Archives / Re: Welcome to hmm
« on: September 27, 2018, 05:13:53 pm »
Returned to help, that's all I wish to say in here, going to leave a more personal post elsewhere.

Nice to see familiar names in here.

Leaving / I think I deserve a vacation
« on: June 27, 2016, 02:13:58 am »

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