Author Topic: IMPORTANT NOTICE (Regarding Account Usage)  (Read 42844 times)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE (Regarding Account Usage)
« on: February 07, 2013, 03:53:17 pm »
Something that has been brought to our attention lately and that has gotten more common is users acquiring accounts/login information for accounts directly off various sites on the internet maybe even "friends" or contacts.

The reason of this is either because of lack of patience when signing up for an account here or trying to avoid restrictions placed on their account due to their behavior in the game in the first place.

We want to point out that doing this will most likely not help you, rather doing the opposite. Since these accounts are NOT yours and most likely used by several users before, the account is most likely already banned for breaking the rules in the game.

As we have written in the rules, "Your account, your responsibility" means more than just the accounts you have, as much as you are meant to keep your login information safe and not share it with other users, the same goes other way around, you are NOT meant to use other users accounts to play the game, and if you still ignore this and getting all your accounts restricted from playing the game, it's your action and we will not lift the ban.

So I repeat:
- Do not acquire and use accounts that aren't yours if you want to stay clear from issues
- Do not lend out your accounts to other players and users if you want to stay clear from issues

Your account is for "you" only, please make sure it stays that way. The game rules has been slightly modified to make this more clear and I hope the rest of you members can explain this if it would be needed for someone. Why we are saying this here is to help everyone, not to restrict users from playing the game as they would want to.

If you share your account or sign into random accounts that aren't yours, you are taking that risk alone.

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