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Leaving / Chaotic times - Notice of temporary leave
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:11:36 pm »
This is an announcement that I will be taking a hiatus from the game and forums for about two months.
During my hiatus please private message other members of staff as I will not be able to return your messages. ^^

So, I've had some massive life changes in the makings for most of this year. I am going to be moving across the country later this month and be out on my own. My plans for this ended up clashing with unfortunate and unexpected circumstances that have turned my move into my move and my family's move both occurring at the same time. I couldn't cancel or change my plans to move out and my family are forced to move before the end of the month as well so I have just been living in the nonsense that has become my life ever since the news.

This is my first time leaving where I've called home for so long, and moving to a new state so I am excited but I am also stressed. While I am packing and working out everything that I need to do before I leave, I am also helping my family pack and prepare for their move to a new home. This among other poor circumstances that we have been dealing with, has solidified my decision to take some time off of my responsibilities here at FeralHeart to deal with all of the chaos.

In the meantime, I wish all of you well. Stay hydrated! I hope to be back after about two months. Maybe a bit sooner depending on how everything goes.

Since I won't be around for this: Happy Halloween FeralHeart!

Game Help / Re: Multiple Models in Blender
« on: September 29, 2019, 10:59:32 pm »
When you install addons you just go into User Preferences > The Add-ons tab and then the "Install Add-on from File" button and then just select the .zip file (or .py file-whichever one you get when you download an addon) and Blender will install it for you.

However, I was not aware that that was the source of that add-on. I was under the impression that it was free, like all of the other plugins/add-ons I have installed. In that case I can understand where you're coming from. Thanks for pointing that out! Now I'm aware and won't be using it either.

There is another way that someone in the comments of that video mentioned that I tried out too although it is time-consuming....renaming the UV maps of all of the meshes to be the same.

Here is a video I recorded demonstrating how to do this

You can either do just one at a time like I did or rename them all first before joining. I recommend creating a backup before you do this so if you need to start over for whatever reason, you can :)

I hope this helps!

Game Help / Re: Multiple Models in Blender
« on: September 26, 2019, 03:02:49 am »
This here should do it! Worked for me back when I was having the same problem
The download link to the plugin needed is in the description c:

FeralHeart Media / The Official FeralHeart Facebook
« on: September 24, 2019, 02:27:52 am »

The FeralHeart Official Facebook page is back!
Have a Facebook account? Like and follow our official Facebook page to enjoy FeralHeart related uploads in your feed. When you like and follow us on our Facebook you'll get all the latest updates on the FeralHeart game, site events, registration openings, important notices, as well as other fun FH related media from screenshots, fanart, presets, videos, and more!

You may remember FeralHeart having a Facebook page back when the game was first released. However, with KovuLKD's departure in 2011 and the Facebook crew's disappearance in 2012 there hasn't been any activity on the page since. For several years, staff were wanting to revive the old page but learned that none of the original Facebook crew that staff reached out to still had access to the page.

So, the decision was made to create a new page to carry on the legacy of the old, lost page. Come and check it out!

FeralHeart Facebook Team

Community Activities Hub / Re: Bloo and Likuu's Screenshot Contest!!
« on: September 24, 2019, 01:09:14 am »
Wished I had time to participate. :C Everyone's screenshots so far look amazing. Thanks for putting this together you two!

Game Opinions & Ideas / Re: Operation "Revive FeralHeart"
« on: September 20, 2019, 11:28:14 pm »
I don't think getting a new coder is that easy, its more of Raz would have to trust them. Which he has stated why he hasn't really gone forward with getting one.
This is exactly right. With a position of this importance, we need people who we can trust completely. And not only that but someone who xSpirit feels comfortable working with.

Game Help / Re: I installed feral heart, and i ran malwarebytes,
« on: September 07, 2019, 08:30:07 pm »
If you downloaded the game from the Download tab on this website, it's 100% not a virus. It's false positives from MalwareBytes.

Game Help / Re: Erm... Map Crashes in Map Maker
« on: August 24, 2019, 09:58:51 pm »
Glad to hear the problem was solved. Going to lock this up for ya! ^^

Other Mods/Creations / Re: Oddonelynx's Realistic Textures!
« on: August 21, 2019, 05:55:11 pm »
These are beautiful textures. You combined them well. Good work!

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