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Game Discussion / The mixed future of FeralHeart
« on: September 20, 2019, 04:52:07 pm »
So this could be a touchy subject for some people, but considering how many times it has been brought up by the community, I think it's about time to actually get an idea of what people see in the future of this game. Not many people post about how okay they are with the game dying, perhaps it's because most of them left. I am personally okay if the game shuts down, I've had my fun and at this point I feel like we are beating a nearly dead horse. I think ever since General was taken away the number of players has slowly been in decline and made worse by the sudden bursts of drama that we get. For example: the hacking, NoModOctober, new maps, staff drama, etc. I'll be honest, I am not online or in game a lot, but I check the forums everyday and haven't found too much action here like there used to be. Constantly 2 or more pages of new posts, long discussions over simple things just because there was a lot of people. Not many people seem to be in game anymore either, any time we get into the hundreds it is exciting which is depressing considering how booming this game used to be. Easily peaking at in the 1,000s on summer weekends and making the game crash, it was frustrating at times but looking back on it now, I laugh about it.
Now I know many people think we can still revive this game and pull it out of the pit that it is in, and maybe we can. We have xSpirit now who has already done amazing, ground breaking work. This post is not meant to discourage all of that progress and all of the plans for the future updates, this is the first time in ages that we have someone who can finally do something with the game itself. So much time and effort has been put in by him and the staff alike to keep this game running, knowing that it's almost a decade old. Although during that time trust levels have become quite unstable between the community, staff, and Raz so no one seems to really know what's happening with this game. Registration has FINALLY opened up after all of this time and that is amazing, without that the community would just continue to shrink. All of these amazing things are slowly happening but that doesn't come without the approval from Raz. The staff cannot seem to express their ideas and opinions about updates and issues with the game without the watchful eye of him. Nothing can be done without getting his approval first, which is very scary considering it is one person that has the yes or no vote on everything that happens to this game. Yes, he has kept this game going for so long, using his own time and money to keep it up, but there needs to be some form of democracy.
There are a lot of great ideas always being thrown around by the community and staff, but if there is not enough people around to implement those and others to enjoy them, is there really a point? I hate to sound harsh, but so many of the same ideas are being repeated and it seems like we are just going in circles. Everyone knows things need to change, but when will they? Is it too late? How many of these new accounts are actually new? Are these just members making more accounts? Will those joining stay for the long run? Will FeralHeart ever be as big and active as it used to be?
There is a lot to discuss and a lot of questions that should be asked, I'm not looking to change minds, but to give a space for serious conversation. I know the minority who wish for this game to pass on have stayed pretty silent for the fear of their post getting removed or getting bashed for wanting our childhood game to end. Hopefully this will give them the courage to speak up.
Thanks for coming to my Tedtalk.

Game Help / Troubleshooting glitched the game
« on: June 19, 2019, 03:47:48 am »
Hello everyone, I had just gotten done making my first preset and I took a few screenshots of it. When I went to check out the pics, it had only taken a portion of the picture, not the full image. So I Googled and tried to fix it but no solution. The only way I could get a screenshot of the whole thing was to play in full screen mode. I tried troubleshooting it and now the loading screen is super tiny and so is the mouse icon. Even when I enlarge the window, the mouse stays itty bitty and so does the font in chat. I've tried changing the rendering system, video size, and troubleshooted a few more times. Nothing! I really don't want to read tiny chat and focus on a tiny mouse. On the upside, the screenshot feature now seems to be working.
EDIT: Troubledshooted it one more time and saved the settings. The cursor and chat seem to be fine now, but I am back to getting just a portion of the screenshot and not the whole thing...what is going on here...?

See? it just takes a portion of the screen...

Commissions, Trades, & Requests / Gimme your requests! (2/2)
« on: April 04, 2019, 09:59:59 pm »
Hola everyone! So I am looking to practice my skills and try to get a style down. I have been messing with my new computer for a few months now and I would like to try drawing your characters! Most of my work is collaged together in one picture so it might be too big to post lol. I tried doing some more realistic looking art but I think a more toony style suits me more, like what is on Thyme's ref sheet in the Biography post (link in signature). So the first two pieces will be my struggle for realisim while the rest are going to be more toony and shaded.

Anyways, here is a little forum I have!

Picture/Reference sheet:
Pose/Facial expression:

I'll try my best to do your characters justice and to make them look as best as I can!

2.) Queen_Innocent






Game Help / How big is FH?
« on: February 22, 2019, 04:01:35 pm »
Hola everyone, I will be getting a brand spanking new laptop very soon. It will be some version of Microsoft Surface Pro probably, looking at a 2017 or a 2018 one. I'll be going to Best Buy tomorrow to talk to someone about which one would be best, and I would like to know the size of FH. Idk if that would be like memory size or what, I'm not that tech savvy lol. I can't imagine FH being that massive to where it can't run on the new laptop but I wanna make sure cause I could be wrong.

Game Help / Terrain/Mask crashing game
« on: February 02, 2019, 06:41:35 am »
Hey guys, so this seems to happen with every map that I make since the newest update. I have both files as .png, both are 513x513, both single layered, and the mask is set in RGB while the terrain is in Greyscale. It's how maps are done right? Named the Terrain THTerrain.png and the mask THMask.png, both are saved under the Terrains folder. Well when I try to open up the game, I get past the two loading screens before it crashes. Even if I delete the two files, the game still crashes. Any ideas?

Game Discussion / The loss of a character
« on: January 24, 2019, 07:27:08 am »
It is currently 2:17am and I have begun thinking about the many rps I have done in the past 6 years. It has almost all been between me and my BFF and we have a small group of characters we choose from. Well in the past month things have gone quiet due to mental health and just growing up, I guess. I never thought in a million years that I would feel...neutral about never rping again. We are still the best of friends but she sees this month long rp silence as a break from it, meanwhile I see it as the end of our storytelling days. I haven't thought about any of my characters in at least a week, I used to think about them half of the time that I spent awake. The weird thing is though, with all of this in mind, I don't feel that bad about saying that my characters might have reached their shelf life. I've been through at least 20 OCs and now I am down to a soild five, one of them I have had for four years! Thyme is my fursona...I don't really rp her, so she is safe.

I guess my question to you guys is: what do you do when your character has been burnt out and how do you know when their time is done?
Just delete them and move on? Get tribute art for the final goodbyes? Sell them to someone?
How do you feel about it? Are you guilt-ridden or glad to have them off your hands?

Any thoughts or opinions on this?

Game Help / Cannot load into maps
« on: December 15, 2018, 05:49:14 pm »
Okay so I have tried resolving this issue myself to avail, I'm not sure what is going on. It started after the latest update, I installed it and things ran smoothly for a while. Well recently FH has decided to stop working for me. I can login just fine and select my characters, but then I get the pop up telling me that "Feralheart.exe has stopped working." Now it doesn't always do this. When I reinstall the game it works for a little while, where I can get into a map and run around in it. But after many a day or so, it stops working.
A good example would be just this week. I created a new char and when I was trying to test him out a few days ago, it didn't work. So I reinstalled the game, everything worked fine. Jump to today, maybe two or three days later, and now I cannot get on.
I've reinstalled the game maybe three times now, checked for any "01" files like particles and stuff, I've deleted all my custom maps, and I have restated my computer a few times. I don't think it has anything to do with the markings or items packs I use, because I have always used those. I even used Red's tutorial to speed up my game like I have always done and that didn't work, even when I stopped using it nothing changed.
I've tried searching online to find a solution but I cannot seem to find anything that matches my exact problem or maybe I just haven't searched deep enough.
Any ideas?

Forum Games / Change my mind...
« on: November 01, 2018, 09:05:35 pm »
So basically you give your opinion on something and the next person gives a reason why you should change your mind and then their opinion on something.
Person 1: Sweet potatoes are disgusting, change my mind.
Person 2: You can make delicious fries out of them, better than regular fries
                  College is not worth it, change my mind.

Get it?
Okay so....

Zelda is the best game ever, change my mind.

Commissions, Trades, & Requests / Easy enough, maybe?
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:59:59 am »
Okay so I am just now realizing that I have had Thyme since 2012 and I do not have one piece of art of her...I feel like I have neglected a child lol So I have gotten into the groove of requesting art when I can and trying to make a cleaner ref for people.
I will accept headshots, sketches, fully body, background, no background, feral, furry, abstract, literally like anything lol. I think one person made a piece for her AGES ago which I forgot to save so sadly I have no idea where it is and I cannot find it anywhere...BUT I will be saving every piece of art I get from now on!
Accept my challenge! (or don't, that's okay too lol)
I pay in nuzzles lol

Characters / ~Thyme~
« on: October 04, 2018, 11:20:32 pm »
UPDATED: 1/27/2021

Old Biography
Here is a link to her previous bio, it's pretty long and the pictures don't load because the thread was made way back in 2012. Being that old it is also quite cringe for me lol.

Reference Sheet

Thyme (not like time, the "Th" is pronounced) is my fursona and also my internet avatar for most websites and forums. A few people have actually questioned who she is cause I use her for my main email account lol. She is easy enough for me to just throw around and keep my real identity hidden. She doesn't have a backstory or any kind of development as a character, I hardly ever rp her. She is basically just me as a Zouyu lion thing. Why did I choose her colors? Her large ears? Her mane? Her name? I have no idea, I think I just liked them. I have a fursuit of her that I made but I hardly ever wear it, I am proud of it but living in the humid heat of Florida, I don't think I would ever buy a professional one. I even got round glasses and a spiked collar cause of her; having a character for this long has really made me happy. I didn't realize that I had kept her all this time until a few years ago then I got really into drawing her, making the fursuit, and eventually commissioning art and a figurine. It's a bit funny because she was originally not my fursona; she was a very dull bookworm who didn't care about talking to people. This was way back when my first fursona was a black, white, and grey wolf. Eventually I got on Thyme so much that a couple of my friends pointed out that she doesn't act like how she is supposed to, meaning I was being myself while played her and didn't use her personality, so I tossed the old one and used her. But even with her as my fursona, I tried giving her some kind of story; she was originally a demon with a mean father, a spoiled mother, and an over achieving sister. I hated that idea after a while and eventually made her a Maneki Neko for like a week before just trashing any idea of what she is or her backstory. At some point I started searching mythological cats again and came upon Zouyus, which I connected with real well. So I modified her body and was able to rationalize certain unnatural aspects of her. It took a lot of fiddling because I wanted her to have hands but not creepy ones, I wanted her to be self sustaining so I had to figure out what hammerspace was and make limitations for it. I am a perfectionist at heart so it was a whole lot of stress trying to get her exactly right and even now sometimes I wonder if her anatomy would make any sense in real life, but I reason it enough with myself and move on for a while lol. That's a big reason why some of the info on her ref sheet is so vague, so I can twist it a little in my mental favor lol. I plan on getting a tattoo of a few herb thyme stalks on my leg at some point, just as some sort of subtle nod to her.

Now I have 50 pieces of Thyme, some I have commissioned others I either got for free or as a trade. I won't be showcasing all of them because a couple of them have gore, alcohol, and religious themes, but I will display some of my favorite ones. I have also printed them all out into a small book that has the order I received them, the artist, and the price. Her reference sheet is included in the book so now everything on that is officially cannon, this prevents me from constantly tweaking her. I also printed out my four seasonal pieces of her and use them for my holiday decorations lol. I have never paid more than $50 for art, without a limit I would be broke lol. I also had to resize a lot of these images to fit a little better, but some of them are still giant.

3d Model
So after I finished with all the art that I wanted of my gal, I thought about all the other things I could get made of her. Of course a plush came to mind, then a pin, a fursuit, etc. Well after all my thinking I figured a little statue of her would be best. I would never touch the plush or pin out of fear of dirtying them, a fursuit would be too hot in Florida, and everything else I thought about just didn't work for my paranoia of accidentally ruining whatever it was. So I decided I wanted it 3D printed, that would give me the most accuracy, but finding an artist who could do that was a challenge. I wasn't quite ready to fork out the money for one just yet but I was getting a list of people who would be able to solidify my dream. I found one person I was interested in but after a few months they vanished off the internet so I kept digging. I stumbled upon Furry and the Beast and emailed them to get a quote, well I never heard anything back from them for a few months. But in September of this year, I decided what to do with some of my birthday money. I emailed the company again and they got back to me pretty fast. After a number of emails back and fourth, I sent the money and the modeling begun.

This was their first draft of her, I was honestly surprised by how nice she looked already.

The second one, with revisions and details added that make her who she is, like her hand paws. I wanted faint outline of her markings but when I saw the result I wasn't a fan, so I had those removed later on.

She was so close to being done! I just wanted her backpack a little smaller.

A short 360° clip of the model since embeding doesn't work anymore.

She is in! I am in love with how she turned out, smaller than I thought (54mm) but I am in love with it! She was worth every penny! I have so many ideas to pose her and just honestly take her around with me and maybe get her printed again in different materials or use this as some kind of mold if I ever get into resin. Also sorry for the lack of great photos, I have a cheap phone and a fish tank light lol.

Don't mind my grimy hands lol

The company was very nice and quick with their responses. What I love is that there is no minimum order number and they will reprint your model for you if you don't have a printer locally. They don't paint the figures and some people may find them overpriced, but if the figurine comes out durable and detailed, I think it is worth it. If you decide to look them up, be warned that some of their stuff is NSFW.

Nothing too grand, just a simple outline of the herb thyme and the year I made her. It's about 4in long.

I think that's just about it. I don't plan on getting anything else of her so I hope you all enjoyed!

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