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Community Activities Hub / Hide&Seek Friday 08th July Afternoon !
« on: July 06, 2016, 02:28:52 pm »
Good Afternoon , canines/felines friends !
I organise a big hide&seek!

EDIT : I will not be here the 07th , so I'll do it 08th July !

Every informations will be given  there , if you have any question , ask Kage No Hazashi/Shadowsunshine In Game (I'm connected for now) ! Or here , it's easier to have your message ;)

General informations

It will be at 3:00 pm , on the map Ficho Tunnels !
I will ask you to be a little in advance (between 10 or 20 minutes) to be sur everyone's there !
This activity is for everyone who want to participate. I don't how many parties there will be , it will depends on the number of participant.

How will the game take place ?
First , I will invite every players in a party. So we can chat here, but it will mostly be for the information like "Gnagna has been found by Gnugnu".
You can also roleplay during the party (with the players) if you want ;)
I will name the big bad wolf/lion (BBW/L) of the party. No one exept him will know it. The BBW/L is going to remove name chat and the map. This ins't funny if he/she doesn't ;)
Then , I will name a savior/traitor. No one execpt him will know it. The savior/traitor is going to do the same as the big bad wolf/lion. But contrary to the BBW/L , he/she will have the choice(1).
When this is done, I'll start counting. You'll have 1 minute to hide without neither the BBW/L nor The Savior/Traior can catch you. As well , they must go "hide" too , if they don't , people will maybe see it ;)
The game stops when everyone has been found by the BBW/L or Savoir Trator , OR when the BBW/L has been killed by the Savior/traitor.

(1)What choice ?
o Find the BBW/L , kill him/her , and take the party to its end.
o OR Find the BBW/L , kill him/her , but continue and kill everyone else.
o OR (yes) If the Savoir/traitor find the BBW/L , make an alliance , kill everybody , but not the BBW/L. If they do so , neither the BBW/L nor the Savior/Traitor have the right to kill each other.
To tell the BBW/L you want to make an alliance when you finded him/her, you'd have to be in the local chat , and type "~~". If it's done , BBW/L has to send me a message (the same "~~" is okay) in whisper. I'll tell it in party to everyone. (No name will be given in party)

-Everyone can see the tag , exept the Big Bad Wolf/ Lion AND the Savior/Traitor.
-Every speaking for the game are in party , exept the "~~" for the alliance , in local.
-No one will no who's the Big Bad Wolf/ Lion AND the Savior/Traitor.
-No one except them have the right to kill/catch anybody
-If you have something to say to me , whisper is the best solution ;)
-EVERYONE CAN JOIN ! Don't be shy !

If you think something's missing , or you don't understand something , tell me , I will re-explain or add it !

Good Afternoon to you , my friends !

Participants :

Game Help / Help for making activities In Game
« on: July 06, 2016, 12:33:02 pm »
Hi dear canines and felines !
I wanted to know where can I tell if I organise activities in game ?
Maybe can we open a topic/thumbnail/something for it ?

Thank you for attention and awnser :3

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