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Leaving / Late
« on: June 04, 2018, 02:21:22 am »
returning was a failure

i no longer feel safe

Screenshots / Vespian's Miscellaneous Captures | Update 08/14/2017
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:31:01 am »
Hello, there! Me's figured to make one of these, seeing as how they're relatively easy to create and show others the creator's perspective of FeralHeart as a game.

I do not have a lot of screenshots as of current as it isn't entirely in my nature to capture a bunch but I'm happy to provide what I do have!

Without further explanation, let me put them on display for you all.

08/11/2017 : The Start of This Thread

08/14/2017 : Hanging Out with Two Very Special Pals

Vespian's Personal Favorites
[These screenshots have quickly become screens I will save until the end of time... and for good reason.]

The two screenshots above have not been captured by yours truly but rather by a good friend of mine, Divantio, also known as Brent. The featured character is of another good friend of mine, Hermaphroditic, also known as Desdaemona Jalphet, on her character, Kashshaptu Uruku. Tearless' eye textures have really given the oval eyes a true look of realism, hahaha. Now, poor Kashshaptu cannot be as intimidating as he once was with this tainting his reputation.

This screenshot makes me laugh every time I see it. It features my character, Sul Oren, pestering a good friend of mine, WitchKing, also known simply as Witch, on her character, Erredin. Sul Oren doesn't take too kindly to being ignored or neglected so insert him sliding up like so with a look in his eye that says, "Notice me." Witch made the comment that Sul looks strikingly similar to a clown with his face paint and I agree, he does.

Here, we have my character, Vespian, being seen with my wife, Khoshekh, also known as Teivel, on her character, Teivel. These screenshots are nothing special, simply Vespian and Teivel hanging out. However, if one were to get to know Vespian, they'd come to realize just how possessive he is of Teivel. Doesn't matter where Vespian is seen, Teivel is sure to be there at his side.

While revisiting an old map belonging to a role-play I used to run, dubbed Galdu Arima (2013-2014), Brent (username provided above) started to glitch on the side of a climbable, fallen tree. Vespian grew quite alarmed with the situation and in the background, you'll see Teivel (username provided above) springing high into the air mid-flight. More than likely bounding over to see what the commotion is about.

As if the situation could not get any worse, Vespian then fell into the tree. Entrapped by bark, it would have been a frightening situation but at least Brent (username provided above) was there to keep Vespian company.

RIP Vespian J. Blackwood (2013-2017), sacrificed by fire to the unseen gods above. Ritual performed by Brent and Teivel (usernames provided above).
The first screenshot was taken by me but the second screenshot was taken by Brent as he has FH's default animations.
That look of angry betrayal on Vespian's face in the second screenshot, though, hahaha.

A screenshot captured by Brent (username provided above) of his character, Divantio, and his discovery of a small dinosaur in Red's City Map.

Things Users Say
[These screenshots features comments I have found either a bit strange, amusing, or funny. The users who've made the comments have been blurred and the following is not meant to be offensive in any mannerism.]

When I read this, I won't fib, I did chuckle. The term Hyenawolf caught me off guard.

Again, I was caught off guard. Rabbits... they're quite dangerous, aren't they?

Nice Presets
[Very few presets impress me, but there have been a couple.]

Why, hello there, little rat. What a lovely smile you have there.

Friendly Faces
[The following are screenshots I have taken with users who've recognized me on the forum or vice versa.]

I didn't recognize them at first but they sure did recognize me. The user, RoyalCyantist, approached me in Ficho Tunnels and we had a lovely chat about philosophical thinking. I quite enjoyed it.
Teivel is again seen curled up at Vespian's paws, listening in on the conversation.

[This is where everything else goes. They do not (yet) have a category.]

Vespian sure does have some freaky eyes, if I do say so myself. However, as creepy as they appear right now, he's actually very relaxed and in a docile mood underneath the cover of that vegetation.

I love it when item packs make items appear wonky on other users who do not have the same pack as I, hahaha.

A couple of tongue/mouth glitches.

While revisiting an old map belonging to a role-play I used to run, dubbed Galdu Arima (2013-2014), Brent (username provided in Vespian's Personal Favorites) started to glitch on the side of a climbable, fallen tree. Screenshots of the incident was a must. Insert Vespian and Teivel (username provided in Vespian's Personal Favorites) expressing a bit of curiosity. Maybe concern?

As if the situation could not get any worse, Vespian then fell into the tree. Entrapped by bark, it would have been a frightening situation but at least Brent (username provided in Vespian's Personal Favorites) was there to keep Vespian company. Such a beautiful, doe-eyed boy.

The ritual (as foreseen in Vespian's Personal Favorites) has gone horribly, horribly wrong.
First screenshot taken by me, second screenshot taken by Brent (username provided in Vespian's Personal Favorites) as he has FH's default animations.

A screenshot captured by Brent (username provided in Vespian's Personal Favorites) of Vespian and his character, Divantio, having somewhat of a cuddle in Red's Cinema Map (yes, on the pillows meant for felines, hahaha). Poor Divantio, Vespian doesn't seem to be into it.

That's all I have to offer! Thanks for peeking in!

Okay, well, it looks like I'm doing this.

The name's Sabrina but ever since 2013, individuals both of acquaintance and close friendship, even strangers, have called me by the name of Vespian. I'm a 20-year-old cisgender female who currently resides in the United States of America.
The name, Vespian, has become a part of me, both the name and the character, so much so that it's very strange to me for people to call me Sabrina when they also know I respond to Vespian. There's been a couple of times where someone would call me by my birth-given name and I'd question, "Whose Sabrina?" They'd have to remind me. There's also been multiple instances where I'd subconsciously address myself as Vespian without meaning to.
The few online friends I've had the privilege of visiting call me Vespian, a few friends I have made while in high school continue to call me Vespian, basically the only people who call me Sabrina are my family and those unaware of Vespian's existence.

Will I ever change my name from Sabrina to Vespian? No, because I will never abandon the name my parents have bestowed upon me. Instead, Vespian serves as a pen name similar to J.K. Rowling's.

I've joined FeralHeart during the summer of the year, 2011. A friend of mine, who no longer plays FeralHeart, talked me into downloading it and giving it a try. I was only 14 at the time. Back then, I devoted myself to role-play, albeit my writing was terribly simplistic at the time, and since FeralHeart is a game that promotes role-playing, I fell in love with it instantly.
As I grew, I've made friends as well as a couple of enemies but that's okay. The friends I have made here, I still keep in touch. Actually, we've become inseparable and we all share the same dream of visiting or living close to one another. They say that friendships up to 7 years means they will be your friends for life. Well, my connection with these people are close to 6 years if not already. I will never leave them as I know they will never leave me. I love them with all my heart and would gladly throw myself into harm's way to ensure their safety, but enough of that.

While I am certainly not around as much as I used to be, which was practically daily, I do loiter here whenever I possibly can. Back then, I didn't have work or college weighing on my shoulders as priorities.
Currently, I work at an institution that tends to the needs of children. While I do not handle the patients myself as I do not have a professional license, I am an assistant to the nurses. It isn't much but it helps me get through college.
Speaking of college, I'm majoring in biology while minoring in literature. I do love to write and my writing skills have been praised ever since I was in high school. However, what I do write can be a bit difficult for people to interpret as my specialty lies in vague yet disturbing descriptions and the use of metaphors.

Here's an example:

The rats, the bloody rats...
He hears them, squelching through the trunks of the trees. It was preposterous to mishear them.

Squeak, squeak, squeak, they went.

Miniscule voices, drowning, compressing into one another with the occasional screams of a rodent. Could man even hear such a thing? It were so high-pitched, so rampant, an anomaly for rodents did not deserve to scream as insects did not deserve to speak.
Frenzied hands, disgustingly mutated, pressed together tightly in prayer. Thus, did angel skin peel back from hog teeth but no words came forth from the blackened tongue. They couldn't. He did not deserve to speak for the angels instructed him not to. A vow of eternal silence in compensation of the mercy of the Eldritch Truths. The insects did not obey. Rebellious traitors.
The rats, they grew louder. A thousand eyes saw them, saw their heads by the masses writhing with jaws agape. They kept screaming, screaming, screaming, they wouldn't stop.
He pressed another set of hands to his ears and so did he bray like a great terror not matching the description of vicar much less prophet. A boisterous scenario.

. . .

Hundreds of great feathers trembled as the eyes opened. He felt them, the worms in his stomach. They gave him... a rather warm feeling inside. He no longer felt empty, it made him smile. Nestled they were, far in the back of his throat and if he were to open wide, anyone would be able to see them. Careful, he must be! He'd not want them to escape. Not like the moths which fluttered on wound-up wings.
There was a buzzing in his eardrums, all four of them, as the unsightly beast rose from his collapse. His skin, it was peeling off. It always has and he'd have to stitch it back together to shove himself back inside.
He had lost his crown long ago so at least his head were lighter. No longer was it a struggle to lift nor did he have to worry about a tangled mane. Repetitively, the thought cycled through his head, "Give me my halo and take your rusted crown."
Problem was...

The Earth sung to him that noontide, not yet swept away by the starry ocean. How kind it was and yet, so very cruel. Massive bones popped and cracked, a reverberating gnarl escaping clacking jowls brimmed with teeth. It was low like rolling thunder but had a shrill edge to it. How frightening.
The animals knew better than to be in the presence of one whom stared up into Heaven. Scarcely were they spotted around, especially so when his skin lay in shambles on the grass cuddling his limbs. No, his company were the insects which buzzed by his ears. The birds didn't like him very well, perching on the eyes. Voices flooded his head, each different and each assigned. The hymns, he dubbed them. He listened to them, sometimes. He had no choice but to.

An accursed creature, idling in the field. Some may find him weeping but do not get too close. The worms are recorded of being fiercely protective of their host. Sometimes, he'd die momentarily but only for five seconds. Then, the eyes opened again. A constant cycle.

My love for biology and the world's animals are also in adoration. I hope to become a Marine Biologist and spend most of my time out on the sea once I finish college.

A fun fact to share, I've inherited my great grandmother's sixth sense. She had psychic tendencies whose dreams gave her messages and strong hunches and ever since I was a child, I've exhibited the same gifts. It's very rare for my hunches to be incorrect and as a result, I'm a strong believer of the vibes I pick up from people or the vague tellings my dreams instruct upon me overnight.

Another fun fact, I used to live in multiple haunted houses so if you're looking for a genuine ghost story, I'm the person you can speak to.

I guess I can share some of my likes and dislikes now.

I like...

` Full Moons
` Rainy Days
` The Ocean
` Fireflies
` Cincinnatus, My Pain-In-The-Butt Sister
` Warm Tea
` Gothic Architecture
` Flesh
` Friendly Faces
` Philosophy
` Dark Humor
` Music
` Horror
` Deep Conversations
` Anime
` Sacred Places
` Eyes
` Cheshire, My Saint
` Lush Forests
` Memes
` Animals
` Bird, My First Mother
` Bones
` Men In Suits
` Haunted Places
` Tragic Stories
` My 200+ Anime Sons
` My Fandoms
` My Assortment Of Characters
` Art
` The Bloodborne/Dark Souls Franchise
` Deformities
` Teivel, My Wife
` Desdaemona, My Second Mother
` Brent, My Child
` Religion
` etc.

Things I dislike...

` Judgement
` Cocky Attitudes
` Individuals On High Horses
` Smoking
` Drinking
` Unfriendly Faces
` Hot Weather
` The Sun
` Loud Voices
` Pollution
` Junk Food
` Crowds
` People Who Hunt Animals
` Unnecessary Drama
` Bullying
` Inconsideration
` Know-It-Alls
` Immaturity
` Stupidity
` etc.

I believe I've covered everything... but if not, anyone is free to toss me a question on my Ask Me thread!
It's a bit old but it's still relevant and I dislike making multiple threads of the same purpose.

In-Game Roleplay & Group Advertisement / God's Not Listening [DELETE]
« on: July 20, 2017, 01:15:57 am »
Delete this.

Introduction / Vespian's arrived.
« on: February 27, 2017, 07:12:57 pm »
Hey, guys. It's been a while, huh? A long, long while.

The name's Vespian, Vespian Jakael Blackwood. I used to go by a different name here on Feral Heart but I've always been known as Vespian.
Since I'm making this introduction, I've been thinking lately on returning to Feral Heart. You might have seen me being a wall flower in-game on my username Creux now changed to Vespian. Sorry, I've always been acutely shy.
Anyways, here I am. As one of my closest friends say, "It is I, the frenchiest fry."

I've tried to return once before to those who remember but my anxiety became shot. Social phobia, it's not all that fun.

Anyways, for those of you who do not know of me, I'm an oldie (20 years old now) whose in college majoring in biology and I am a part time freelance writer. I enjoy the company of friendly faces and roleplaying. Guess that's what attracted me to this game way back in 2011 and what keeps me lingering back like an obedient hound dog.
My 'sona is Vespian. I've had him since 2013 and I love him dearly, albeit he's as mean as a hornet. You might see me lingering around on him or you might spot me on a different character. It depends. He underwent a drastic makeover so he doesn't look at all like the 2013-2015 Vespian, haha.

It's nice to meet you all, old and new. Let us see if my nerves can handle the return this go round.

Introduction / I lied.
« on: September 19, 2015, 02:43:39 am »
.//slowly digs up the mad one with tremblin' hands.

Seems like I've missed ye guys too much. Been so long, yeah? No? Not really? Well, me guesses t'is time for an introduction.

The name's Vespian Soule (Vahlok). Otherwise known as the Mad-eyed Devil or the beast who stares up into Heaven with a thousand eyes. I was once a daily member here but certain happenings led me to the decision to leave. Now it seems that my head instructs me to pay a visit after rememberin' some of the members I've encountered here. Permanent return? Can't precisely say. Me's forgotten most what I once knew so forgive me on that aspect.
Me already knows I've got a lot to catch up on and me guesses ye could say I return with a clean slate and a new set of horns atop my head.


Leaving / Time for the Devil to crawl back into the ground.
« on: May 28, 2015, 04:03:18 am »
Basically, Vespian's leavin' for good.
No doubt as of late, some of ye users have noticed Vespian's activity around here and more so in the game has been... well, nonexistent. Vespian can thank educational studies for that followed by the ever so stressful High School graduation. However, while Vespian has crossed that border from High School life into College life, I've decided t'is the time to declare the Mad-eyed's stay here to expire. Time for him to crawl his way back into the layers of earth till I need him again for future works of art and the occasional story tellin'. Things are only goin' to get more busy and more stressful for I. Thus, here I type, biddin' the community I have grown up with a farewell.
Me's not too good with goodbyes, as I haven't gotten myself into many situations where I had to say many of 'em, but this shall be my own to the rest of ye guys. I thank the staff team for lettin' me work alongside 'em the amount of time that I had.

Art Gallery / A surprise traditional gift for Wolfie.
« on: April 01, 2015, 05:28:41 am »

Me guesses Vespian got the courage to actually post a piece here. More so, it bein' a gift for Vespian's friend thedumbmutt, as they are addressed nowadays here.
The reason for this is cause the floof has been nothin' but kind to I and has drawn Vespian more times than I had ever expected. Thus, as a result, when I received an e-mail from them of a drawin' of Vespian wearin' bunny ears and their character, Wolfie, urgin' him on to collect Easter eggs with they, I've decided to pay back the kindness for once 'n draw their character ridin' on Vespian as if he were a horse.
Granted, this will probably be the only time he will let anyone ride him so ye're in luck, Wolfie! I also decided to give Wolfie's character a halo and angel wings just in contrast to Vespian bein' a Devil of sorts (and friendly payback for shovin' him in bunny ears), so. Yeah! Hope ye like it!

I'm still quite new when it comes to shadin' so excuse all that grey crap I slapped on there.

Praise / Happy Birthday, Fox!
« on: March 03, 2015, 02:27:56 pm »
Well, their birthday was actually yesterday but I figured one day late is better than nothin' at all, aye? So here Vespian is, forced into a party hat only to congratulate one of my closest buds (whom I often address as brother) and a user ye all know as FoxPhilosopher a happy birthday!
Me hopes that party ye went to last night was one most swell and that ye got spoiled with attention 'n ate cake, cake, and more cake. Vespian has a present for ye, aye, but it's still bein' made so gotta be patient with me.
Prepare yerself for this weekend, though. We're gonna hit the town and raid them cake shops.

Again, Vespian says heartily,

Introduction / What Belongs in the Intro Board?
« on: February 07, 2015, 06:51:42 pm »
What does belong:
  • New users, whether it be in-game, on the forums, or both, who just joined the community and/or the forum side of the community and wish to introduce themselves and their arrival.
  • Old(er) users who have taken their leave for an extended period of time, and have now returned.

What does not belong:
  • Users who never actually left the community but rather did a forum name change/username swap out/etc.
  • Threads announcing a user's return after a very short amount of time, like a day or a single week, etc. or announcing a user's return when he/she never actually left in the first place. Notices of the former and latter are best kept imprinted to one's signature or any journal entry located in the Member Bio & Journals board [click here].

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