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Presets & Markings / PrEsEnTaTiOn MiChEaL
« on: October 22, 2020, 10:47:19 pm »
I haven't posted my preset here yet, so decided to do so before the Halloween party!! It's not for Halloween, but I wanted to go ahead and put it here. It'd mean a lot if you downloaded it!

(Dressed up for Halloween at the moment but a screenshot!)

You'll also need at least the preset lineart code I think. I believe you can find them here:
(Put these in media>materials)

"Whether you have traveled far from the urban cities, or were born among the green and nature filled fields, you are now home, as a small, somewhat nomadic group of cats welcome you to their family."

Welcome!! Hearts of The Wilds is a fairly new in-game roleplay where you take the role of a feral cat. The main goal is to have fun, be creative, and be welcoming to both new and old roleplayers and users!

Any RP style is accepted, so whether you don't know much about roleplaying or if you write like a professional author, or like to use a script way of roleplaying compared to a novel style of roleplaying, everything's allowed! All we ask is you don't post cut (posting your part before someone can finish their part if it's too long to fit all in one message.)

Semi-realistic characters are welcomed, there's no need to get everything 100% down to a specific cat breed or anything. Just be reasonable and you'll be fine!

We intend to roleplay in the in-game maps. No need to download a bunch of map packs! A nice first home would be the den near the shore of Seaside Grove.

No Discord server right now, if we make one at all. One may be made for organizing and keeping track, but there will be no out of game roleplaying beyond what 2 or so users take elsewhere/to whispers/DMs.

NSFW roleplaying/behavior is strictly prohibited. Mates/crushes/interests may be alright as long as they are not taken to extremes and both roleplayers are comfortable with it. Please be mindful of unwanted romantic interactions.

Fighting/gore, swearing (though keep it at a limit please), and other subjects may come up in roleplay.

I'm most active around noon/afternoon EST (12 PM to 7 PM at latest, usually 1-3 PM), so that's about when I'll be on to accept any join requests!

Thank you for reading, I hope to really start this up more soon. ^w^

A few concepts I wanted to make my own post about as I don't think I have done so yet and have some new thoughts! ^v^

Multiplayer Map Maker

Up to 5 or so people would be able to collaborate on a single map. One person hosts it and the map is under their name with the highest permissions.

  • When someone decides to start the map project, they can make a new map or load up one they've been working on. All they have to do is go into the map maker, click something to go into a multiplayer mode, log in, have an option to host a map, and then give a code out to any users who want to help. All a joining person has to do is go into the map maker, click the multiplayer mode button, log in, have an option to join a map, and then put in the code they were given.
  • OR users could invite people from their friend list. This may be a lot simpler for people.
  • Joiners will automatically download any files within the host's my_objects folders upon joining so everything is compatible. Joiners cannot use their own objects if the host does not have them.
  • The host could set permissions, but by default (or if it's impossible to allow the host to set permissions):
- Joiners would not be able to save the map to their own PC, only the host can save and export.
- A way to set an object as "Is Important" so the joiners cannot move, rotate, resize, or delete it.
- Basically any Map tab and World tab settings are forbidden to joiners, only the host.
- They cannot change the portal destination or add a portal.
- Joiners CAN add/move/resize/delete normal objects.

Material Maker

An easier way of making .Materials in game.

  • Users put in a texture/image and can edit from there:
    - Can select for transparency.
    - Can add movement like a lot of tree leaves have.
    - Can also add the pulsing "glow" movement.
    - Also I think there's a scroll animation?
  • Possibly an extension of the Object Maker (like Effect Maker is) instead of it's own whole thing.
  • Can be exported once finished into my_objects as your own material to use much quicker in the Object Maker without having to restart.
  • Maybe even a fancy opacity and hue slider?
  • Option to repeat texture so it shows up finer on meshes.
  • Ability to choose what mesh to test the Material on by either selecting an already saved object or putting in the mesh name.

Forum Games / The Original Meaning
« on: January 22, 2020, 11:21:06 am »
I had a little idea and I don't know if it'll work or just completely mess up, but might as well try.

The idea is to post a sentence but put through at least a few languages of Google Translate (Ideally 6 or more, some languages also mess it up more than others.) then back into English, then have the next person guess what you were trying to say or what they think it means. It's mostly just fun to see what garbled mess comes out of it rather than an actual game, but either way, I hope it helps pass the time nonetheless.

I'll start:
Second, the article need not be clear.

Finished Maps / Darkglow Swamp || Public Fantasy Cave Map
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:01:01 pm »
Greetings! This map and some others I have made have been removed for copyright reasons. Please respect these choices and do not repost this maps or others that have been removed. A compatible version of this map specifically will be remade in the future, so don't worry!! Thank you all so much for your support on this map, and I hope I can make its new version even better than the original! ^v^

« on: November 10, 2019, 08:38:06 pm »
Code: [Select]
Capabilities:: VertexProgram: YES
Capabilities:: FragmentProgram: YES
Sound:: Initialized: YES
ERROR::SaveFile:loadz: WaterMillGates.cfg failed!
ERROR::SaveFile:loadz: fhPodiumGates.cfg failed!
ERROR::SaveFile:loadz: fhPodiumWater.cfg failed!
ERROR::SaveFile:loadz: WaterMillGates.cfg failed!
ERROR::SaveFile:loadz: fhPodiumGates.cfg failed!
ERROR::SaveFile:loadz: fhPodiumWater.cfg failed!
WARNING::LoadFile:Overwriting Particle Template: StarAura
WARNING::LoadFile:Overwriting Particle Template: WaterSplash
WARNING::LoadFile:Overwriting Particle Template: WaterfallSmoke
WARNING::LoadFile:Overwriting Particle Template: Fire/Campfire
ERROR::SaveFile:loadz: fhCapeOfWorldsWater.cfg failed!
WARNING::LoadFile:Overwriting Particle Template: StarAura

I was trying to get a map I made to work in the new version and all was well until it started crashing after trying to fix some textures that didn't show up, including the ceiling being white and an object being black. I didn't see this log here because there are actually two log files I had no clue about and I kept viewing the wrong one, so even after reinstalling the whole map again without trying to fix the ceiling and object, it kept crashing.

I've looked for duplicate particles but unless I'm doing it wrong, I don't see any? Sorry if this is an obvious fix and I have no clue what I'm doing.

I've been playing a lot of this game lately and saw no one's talked about it on here I think, so I introduce you to Drawception.

Drawception is a multiplayer game where you are given a prompt to draw or have to describe a drawing, then the next person describes your drawing or draws your prompt/description. It's a bit odd to explain, but I'll link a couple examples. ^^

Here's a pretty decent example:

As the game goes on, there's a good chance of it getting messed up like this:

The results vary, and sometimes if one is really well drawn or funny enough, they can even become a Top Game:

This is one I hosted recently where someone had to draw Fluorite Plains: I didn't realize at the time the palette had no blue, so I might redo that one. >.>

You can always skip things as well if you don't like them, so you won't have to draw/describe things you don't want to draw/describe.

There's also a game limit, though the more you play, the more games you can be in at once. I forgot what the default limit is, but I'm at 32.
If you sign up soon enough, there should be a Zama Grotto prompt you can draw, or at least be able to join in the game. ^^ Do let me know if you sign up. Thank ye!

I'm just curious how often people use animal objects in maps. Would they only do something small like the butterfly in Eastern Pass, or make a whole flock of sheep despite them not moving/having only in-place animation?

I think they look nice, but awkward. Wouldn't ever stop me from liking a map though.

Finished Maps / Animal Crossing Cafe (Small Map)
« on: September 30, 2019, 08:18:25 pm »
Greetings! This map and some others I have made have been removed for copyright reasons. Please respect these choices and do not repost this map or others that have been removed.

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